Awesome Script of Angela P. : We are pioneers of Awakening. As you go out into the world this week, celebrate that awakened state. Even if you are not happy with your job, your old ways, your beliefs or any other way of living that prohibits your fulfillment you can still celebrate your emergence as a Spiritual being that is leading the way back to our inner yearnings.

This script of Angela P. and the late scripted Interview with AAMichael and Steve Beckow to me lay foundations for this “Period of Interim of Stillness” in order to integrate all the new energies of the beginning Golden Age of Gaia in our new crystalline structural bodies. So I’d like to point to some very practical advices here in this post when Angela tells us to surprise ourselves with some never-done-before-activities when going out and mingling with outside social life. And here it is what I want to share with you simultaneously with the advice to read the script of the Steve ‘s Interview with AAMichael as well on his blog of Golden Age of Gaia where I found this article of Angela P. as well. ( Gaia).

When I am browsing through the Internet I am always looking for something given in simpler words for all of us to understand easily for I feel a certain kind of responsibility towards all of my lightworking fellows and also those with still asleep laying minds to depict matters easily to understand but with greater effects of awakening out of their slumbering-state. I believe this to be the small very “niche” of my own for doing my individual Lightworking job: how to act for laying new fundamental structures being a common ordinary private person in this very period which is (according to the last message of Sheldan N.) a sage interim state of stillstand according to divine decision in order to give us time to integrate all the new energies.

So, please, take some leisure and still time of your day and read what I share here with you and if there is some more time of restful reading left in your daily scheme go to the GoldenAgeofGaia Blog of Steve B.and read the script of his last interview with AAMichael as well. All we need for our daily change to some new pattern of life is laid down  in these two posts starting with the advice of changing our inner structures of thoughts followed by outward activities.

As always with compassionate & unconditional Love from yours


Angela Peregoff: On Target

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angelaperegoffAngela Peregoff: On Target

By Angela Peregoff – January 28, 2013

In the latest phase of readiness for your 5D beginnings, humanity stands within an entry point that provides a “window of opportunity” to delve deeper into your own Soul wisdom and maturity.

Evolution in this arena of the universe is expanding in every direction and that process will impact all of us in a variety of ways. My guides are speaking regularly to me about the planetary actualization of every wo/man’s dream. Good, bad, for all, against all, into Soul expression and opposition to Soul consciousness.

This will be the year that we get to see it all as the old external world is gone and each begins to busily create within the new domain.Please understand that this domain in the universe was created specifically so that we could experience duality and polarity so it will become important to remain impartial to what another is connecting to. It is crucial that you understand that the Soul and its earth incarnation will be swept into the reality of its most vibratory compliment. The spectrum of light and shadow here was designed with the Still Point of the Creator’s Love as its center and the pendulum of duality was to swing back and forth from positive/negative, masculine/feminine, the Light/Shadow, the yin/yang.

Remember, throughout the course of existence we have swung further and further into the land of polarities, so far that the Earth is now in the process of returning to Center, into its proper, designed spectrum of balance within the Light and Shadow. This journey back to Original Greatness challenges all Lightworkers to daily decide what serves as your priority right now? Do not fear that the infinite intelligence of the Creator doesn’t have a perfect plan.

Even though so much has been rearranged and changed during the transition phases you are still in deep connection with your True self and with Source. Because we have moved into unfamiliar territory while still conscious you can become confused, unclear, off-track, etc. Your brain is constantly challenged to keep up with the acceleration of Gaia through new dimensions of energy. You must hold to your Soul most assuredly knowing exactly what is happening and what the plan is, and this is why it is of paramount importance that you invite an intimate relationship with the expansiveness of your Soul.

All experiences and manifestations from here on out are being directed by the Soul. If something is not lining up or you feel you are being blocked, it is because the Soul is not allowing it. Rather than being perplexed by it, get into the core of Self and figure out the message!We are in a time period that is stabilized for new growth.

Take this week to be curious and try new things. Be adventurous and bold like an entire planet that is re-creating a few jillion things! Be extra aware and bring in new things that feel refreshing so that the soul has room to spread out and give you Its nature in new and different ways. Take yourself to a new restaurant or café for lunch, skip the pilates class and join in a Shiva Ray session instead, try wearing a color you have in your closet but have passed over so far this season, dazzle yourself with the latest issue of Popular Science, etc. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you take the time to surprise yourself with something new.

To know the Soul one must command its attention. Taking yourself into new experiences will assist with figuring out your unseen potential for 2013. Remember you are now running on a crystalline framework instead of a carbon one and you want to learn how to operate this network in the most beneficial way possible. Another benefit to trying new experiences is that your inner guidance will steer you in the directions of greatest support.At this evolutionary pivotal point we are truly a work-in-progress, each with their unique special-ness.

We are pioneers of Awakening. As you go out into the world this week, celebrate that awakened state. Even if you are not happy with your job, your old ways, your beliefs or any other way of living that prohibits your fulfillment you can still celebrate your emergence as a Spiritual being that is leading the way back to our inner yearnings.

You are great and mighty my friend. There is great hope residing within the consciousness of those who have been awakening. Take your Perfection, your Power, and your Grace into the world and imbue all that is within your domain this week!

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