Read what Kauuilapele wrote about “Stickiness” of the last days !

I have experienced it aso many times that Kauilapele resonates so much with my feelings and this time more than ever before … as I had to to go through a battle inside of myself yesterday and the day before …. and today some writing of KP flew into my inbox describing exactly was I fwelt the days before … so I wrote a comment to KP (1st time !) which I want to share with you here and also the post of reblogged from KP’s blog.

My Comment:


KP you always express what I am feeling in my very life … it happened so many times that I felt sort out of my own order or self and one or two days later I read from you the same and giving this queer state a proper name i.e. this timne : “stickiness”
From my experience I felt impeded, hampered, in a way depressed which should not have been the case with me and my thought thereupon were the following: “Ascension has to be won by making clear solutions of awareness … in a repeated sort of way” … so when I sensed this in me I did not give any space nor way to it but decided very consciously that it was not my decision and did not let me dragged away by this sentiment but tried very much aware to focus on further ascension steps which did not belong to this queer state of mind at all …….

Thank you KP – reading your updates and about your experiences on Java Rock and else is such a great relief and proof to me that there are many out there too going through  similar life-sensations now as we all derive from the ONE! Thank you agaIn and blessings on behalf of me and all alike-thinking people to you !



Kp Message… Today’s (well, now it’s “Yesterday’s”) Energies… “Paradigms to Release and Blow (Up, that is)”

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syrup_thick_oozing_spoon_only[1-22-13] The energies of this entire day, from beginning until about 5 PM, has felt “thick”. Sticky, stuck, compacted, crowded, hard to move around, would be other apt expressions.

It just seemed everything was sticky, starting from my getting up (later than normal for a Java Rocks day), to driving in to town (felt in a daze), to Java itself (the parking spaces I normally park in were being used for construction), to driving around town (all this traffic was jumping in front of me, and going slow as h— all around me!).

There was almost no inner resistance to this “stickiness”, but it took some conscious participation on my part to NOT become a part of the “stickiness”. I had to consciously practice being “the observer” of what was going on, all around me. And not “the participant”.

[Kp note 1-22-13 11:08 PM: Okay, I’ve officially pooed out. Body is calling for bed. Now.]

[1-23-13] So only after about 5 PM [on 1-22] did this “stickiness” seem to dissipate. Or break. Or go away.

So what about all this? All I am going to convey is what I “got” was that this was a “all humanity” thing. There was a big “plug” of something “plugging up” the works. And I eventually got that it was the “holding on to paradigms and concepts that do not apply anymore” thing.

The message from Heather which came on 1-22-13 at 1313 (love the 13′s there) hit right into this. And for myself, the primary message was/is this…

“Consciously choose TO LEAVE any and all expectations, self-interest, special interest, ego, and fear in a corner in a different room (physically do this if you choose…get a bag and writed those things on separate sheets of little paper, put them in a bag, seal it tight, put in corner in another room and walk out…you can always go back for them later if you choose to (heart)”

And MY OWN message from this is…

“Release your hold on each and every paradigm that has come before… Blow ‘Em Up if you have to…”

Now, just to be pointedly clear, this does NOT say that certain paradigms won’t come to pass (maybe they will, maybe they won’t), but the essence of all this is, fixing the mind to any of them, saying to inner self, “This has to happen, in this way, by this time, in this way”, limits growth, expansion, ascension… all that stuff.

So here’s a few of those paradigms that may (or may not) fit this category, that come to my mind, at least.

  • Everyone ascends and disappears on 12-21-12 (okay, we got past that one).
  • St. Germaine is in charge of releasing funds for the Prosperity Programs.
  • NESARA has to happen, and exactly the way “they” said 10-20 years ago it would).
  • The One People’s Public Trust has done everything for me so there’s nothing for me to do anymore.
  • Pretty soon “the Galactics” will show up and shower everyone with gold coins and silver dust and Treasury notes. [they were going to use gold and silver bars, but their supercomputers calculated that might be a bit painful… to most humans, at least]
  • The Galactics will all show up in the sky, all at the same time, and scare “the Hell” out of people and thrill “the Heaven” into all people on Earth.
  • Vrillon will show up in person at my door (try a search on Google or YouTube for that one).
  • I’ll go up in a ship, but it has to look metallic and have flashy lights and large headed beings in silver skin-tight suits.
  • For me to believe in galactic ships, I have to see it with my own two 3D eyes.
  • All ships have to be 3D.
  • I must enter an Agarthan Light Chambers in Inner Earth to prepare for Ascension, and to get my Light Body in absolutely “proper” shape to ascend.
  • I am a 3D-4D-5D being.
  • All currencies around the world are going to revalue at the same time and so I’ll make a profit if I invest in the right one.
  • The Iraqi dinar is going to revalue… for sure… (especially because okie and terry k have said so, again, for the 1,367th time since last May).
  • Barack Obama is the savior of this planet… so I’ll just sit back and watch MSNBC and see how he does it.
  • The Golden Age is going to be here by ____________ (fill in a date).
  • Java on the Rock is the only place one can enjoy coffee (that’s a Kp personal one there).

Well, that’s a list from my perspective. The great thing is, at this moment in planetary evolution, even if you don’t release these and other paradigms, they’ll eventually probably just blow up in your face (12-21-12, anyone?). Then you’ll see them for sure. And get another chance to release them.

For me, I have been reminded several times recently that all of this “Prosperity Stuff” is within ME. It IS me. I mean, it’s all energy anyway. Gold is energy. Silver is energy. I am energy.

So for me, my own experience at this moment is my own favorite demonstration of “prosperity”. I’m living here, in Hawaii, with hardly any income at all, and yet, I have it all. There’s avocado, papaya, banana trees next to my house, occasional assistance from certain people and certain programs (government ones), and every so often, a gift comes through. Often from one of you, for which I’m very grateful.

And, most importantly, I have Java on the Rock!

Maybe you have a few of your own “old paradigms to release” you’d like to share. Feel free…

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