Greetings from Herak Sirius dated 01-21-2013

Channeled by Frank H. Scheffler

With Each New Day the Energetic Field is Changing.

Greetings to you “Beloved Siblings of the Stars” !

There are profund increases of energies which are racing towards you now and as we are able to measure now at point of this momentary  message the energetic field around Gaia aggravates exorbitantly.

All magnetic fields are about to change completely which of course will affect the energetic field within your body powerfully. As above so down below, as inside so outside !

As there are more vehicles from various quadrants of the universe additionnally entering your solar system we may presume that there will be further increases of great energy influxes!
This is why we asked you in our previous message to pay close attention to Sound, Light, and Grades of Tone!
And those which followed energetically with their given homeworks without judgement will know at once what I mean.

All energy-node-connections of your cellular network are starting to resonance with the crystal grid of Gaia.

What does this mean in a concrete sense ? Cystalline structures of your body may now be able to link themselves to various frequencies of the grid-network of your earth, i.e. the adjustment of Lady Gaia towards 5-D has been done already and this goes likewise for the critical-mass-number of those to which all lightworkers are included. Thus the rest of mankind may be enforced additionally and to be joined respectively.

All your minor processes of energy are now being integrated in the network of the morphogenetic field, the crystal grid of Earth,
You are now permanently placed in a so-called energetic equalization with your planet, i.e. the crystalline structures of your bodies. You may imagine a procedure like wkith your PCs when always new updates are elevating your system to the latest status.
It is here that processes are being activated putting your signatures into some symbiotic relationship with your planet.

Thus it is the challenge for the period to come : Keep on keeping furthermore centred and if possible go into some floating meditative state of being in order to be able to transform all these energies.

For the activation of your body it is important to synchronize both your halves of your brain. This will effect a greater capacity of your brain since if both the halves are co-operating together to an optimum this will induce some great inner-centred alignment. Your mind will no longer be compelled to jump permanently from your left to your right half of your brain and this will prevent confused energies to come into existence – some fact – eminently important for some optimal adjustment and awakening of yours!

However, your conscious co-operation is also be asked in order to reach this state of perfection so that you will continue with your awakening from your permanent and deep sleep.

Note of Channel-Medium:

Well suited the following Audio-Techniques of Meditation appear to me which may be reached by following link: 
(assumedly for German speaking readers)

Herak continued

This procedure of your awakening will be impeded furthermore by the heavy influx of all kinds of radiation on your planet (Note: “W-LAN, ELF, CHEMTRAILS, HAARP etc.)

For this reason we deem the a.m. auxiliary technique most advisable and good for your further evolution and stabilization of your spiritual energies and that of your bodies.

We fully trust in you progressing on your further road into the World of Golden Age so that this step consciously chosen by you may be manifested in this Period of Change.

With great attachments of Love, Peace, and Confidence I’d like to greet you from the GFL and especially from spaceship PROMETHEUS 1

So Be It.
SELAMAT Herak Sirius

Channeled through Frank H. Scheffler
Translated by (Contra)Mary

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