Pam Junghans: Astrological Forecast from Jan.21. – 27. 2013

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Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
January 21 to 27, 2013
By Pam Younghans
Today’s photo: Lime green auroras over Lake Mivatn, Iceland on January 19, 2013 (photo by Park Jongwoo)
WE’VE MADE IT through another round what I’m calling “the eye of the needle” planetary aspects — anytime the faster-moving planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) come into confrontational contact with Uranus and Pluto.
Faster-moving planets always act as a trigger for the effects of the outer planets, which move more slowly through the zodiac and so represent longer-term influences. Mercury and Venus have played the role of “trigger” since the beginning of 2013, as each has been conjunct (aligned with) Pluto and square (90 degrees away from) Uranus.
FOR THOSE OF YOU who are signed up for my teleclass this Thursday, I’ll be using that “eye of the needle” image throughout the slideshow. It will appear every time the Pluto-Uranus square is triggered by other planets, so that we can keep track of the effects of that ongoing influence in our lives.
My hope is that tracking those specific “trigger” times will help each of us understand more completely what karmic patterns Pluto is asking us to transform, and what fears Uranus is asking us to rise above. This is an ongoing process, of course, but each time we take a step in the direction of the growth being required, we become stronger (Pluto in Capricorn) and more liberated (Uranus in Aries).
Think of it as a nutritional plan that uses a dietary cleanse every few weeks. Because, in truth, that’s what’s going on!
THANKFULLY, this week begins with Mercury in easy relationship with both Uranus and Jupiter. This should provide support for us to find new solutions for issues that have arisen. We may also find that our thinking is more inspired and optimistic than it has been in recent weeks — which is a relief after all the worried thoughts and scattered mind-chatter!
Even the somewhat uneasy semisquare aspect between Neptune and Venus on Tuesday is not very problematic. The main effect of this aspect is a greater sensitivity than usual — so be sure to keep your boundaries in place, even while allowing the exuberance of the Mercury aspects to help you engage with others more fully.
THURSDAY provides both an opportunity to reinvent ourselves (Uranus sextile Sun) and a push from Spirit to stay on track with our evolutionary journey (Mars square the Moon’s nodes). This latter influence could manifest in ego-based confrontations, when everyone concerned wants their own way or threatens to leave the building.
The challenge for all of us is to remember that our current growth path involves moving from South Node in Taurus to North Node in Scorpio. We are letting go of attachments and resistance to change, which then enables us to eliminate from our lives and our psyches whatever has become stagnant and is only serving to deplete our energy. We are also moving from the unyielding stance of “I don’t need you — I can do this myself!” to the softer understanding of the gifts we receive when we support others and allow them to support us.
OUR FULL MOON on Saturday is in Leo, with the Sun conjunct Mercury and squaring Saturn. This planetary configuration indicates that it is time to confront the fears that block us from sharing our ideas and truth with others.
The Leo Moon is very expressive, and can find great joy in the creative process. But, it can also become overly concerned with how others are responding, rather than fully enjoying how it feels to bring inspiration into form.
OPPOSITE that Leo Moon, the Sun-Mercury alignment in Aquarius is proud of its unique ideas and doesn’t necessarily need or want to fit in. But, it can become too distant, too unengaged, which means its unique — and often very helpful — perspective is not brought forward and shared with others.
What fears have been holding you back? Fear of judgment? Fear of being vulnerable? Fear of looking “odd?” Saturn’s involvement in this Full Moon should help us see even more clearly what has been stifling our creative self-expression, especially those emotional issues that often lie just beneath the surface of our awareness.
I’M EXCITED for our teleclass this Thursday!
If you’ve already registered for class, I look forward to “seeing” you there! If you haven’t yet signed up, please read the announcement below for more information.
Everyone who registers for the class will receive a link afterward to the replay of the audio, as well as access to the PowerPoint slideshow that will play during the class.
That means if you cannot attend “live,” you’ll still be able to hear the replay and see the slides at your convenience at a later time. 
Here’s more information about the class. Or, if you want to register, just click here:
The First Six Months of 2013:
A Changing Perspective,
Phase 2
Date: Thursday, Jan 24
Time: 4 to 5:30pm PST (7 to 8:30pm EST)
Cost: $25 USD
Announcing my teleclass covering the first six months of 2013! This class will be held on Thursday, January 24, from 4 to 5:30pm PST (7 to 8:30pm EST). You can attend live at that time, either online or by phone. Or, if you’re not able to connect with us at that specific time, your registration fee ($25) will provide you with a link to the replay after the class.
During the class, I’ll take a look at what’s going on astrologically for the first six months of 2013 and share my interpretation of the events. Highlights include:
  • Early February: a powerful alignment to enhance our spiritual or creative process (Neptune, Mars and Mercury conjunct in Pisces, all three square Jupiter in Gemini)
  • Late March: a time of potential with the Aries Equinox on March 20 occurring while Mars (ruler of Aries) is conjunct Uranus and square Pluto, followed by a Full Moon on March 27 with the Sun conjunct Uranus, Venus and Mars, and square Pluto
  • April and May: a rare three eclipses in a row (instead of the usual two) to enhance our stepping into the next evolutionary phase
  • Late May: the next exact Pluto-Uranus square to further catalyze our awakening and help us release the restrictions of the past
I hope you will join us! Here’s the link for more information and to register:
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