High Vibrations from Marix Sirius dated 01.19.2013

One of the messages from Marix which I cherish very much. I’d like to draw your attention to the end of it because of some revelation which are so apt to this time-line. It is in my view a most wonderful read and I trust you will enjoy it in the very same way as I did.

As always with compassionate and unconditional love from yours


High Vibrations from Marix Sirius dated January 19, 2013
Channeled through Sarinah

Time of Waiting is over – as Time of our Joint Action Starting now !
Really arduous was your road into the new era and now that you have reached the opened portals you do not dare transgressing them.
Some of you are still waiting for some directives and want to see proof in the outward world!

However they themselves are authorized to ask for everything they need – it is no longer a question of asking “Please” – but more likely to step into your very own realm of power !

This, certainly is not easy, filling in one*s divine being with life since you have been stoned with anyhow media-scrap for such a long time only to keep you away from getting to know who you really are.

So it appears that there will be a new start from now on which however entails that everything burdening you must be thrown out before – everything that would impede or hinder this new life in this Golden Age. Very often this is the case with your most beloved relatives or friends who present you with your extreme limits in situations in order to teach you to get a firm hold of your very own powers.

What do I truly want to achieve and which are the targets,when I do send out my thoughts, feelings, and via my tongue ? Does all this align truly with my target or do I have to alter anything ?

How, for instance, do I wait until a difficult situation will be cleared on its own? Since this is solely a challenge to resort to some certain intention? How do I want this situation to be cleared and how do I send out this my intention ? Do both of these parts (my intention/wish and the difficult situation) really match each other ?

If intention/wish and sending out such do not correspond this will create some empty space and consequently there will be no effects whatsoever for some time. We did mention already that now you are “Self-Masters” which did not mean anything else then that you are dearly connected now to your Higher Godselves !

Still this also entails that you do no longer act like students but fill in completely your Being of Masters ! And it goes without saying that all universal laws will be honored by you !
We, our team of first Contact of the GFL were so much surprised when we saw you ascend and much more touched when we sensed your hesitations and caution when transgressing these energetic portal.

Some of you paused even before these widely open portals in order to observe those transgressing so to be able to ascertain what would happen to them. They wanted to be sure and to be able to return any time if there was anything not appearing coherent to them.
However such pausing before the opened portals will be counted as decision to re-live once more experiences of the old time-matrix.

However, whatever you experienced in this period after ascension – please keep in mind that all has been necessary to fulfill your soul-contracts and to learn about unconditional love whereby this is not the correct expression since actually it is the matter that you live out yourselves unconditional love and be it with all yourselves!

Truly this is some masterpiece because it is often a matter of letting go of a beloved one which is done by stepping out entirely of all evaluations, expectations, challenges and limitations regarding this very person and her/his situation of life.
Those loving animals or having a pet will know what we are talking about because those animals repeatedly lead their human foster parents into situations of unconditional love of letting go entirely for the sake of the animal’s soul !

When there were great expectations that there would certain matters be flattened out in life and the outward world by themselves – there will have been surely some extensive disappointments!

Since we have mentioned in some previous interview it is your issue to form the inner core of the new structure and to fill and manifest the new era with apropiate life !
Whoever has waited for some proof will have certainly have to prove her/himself first. Whoever has expected something great – will have to come up to great expectations her/himself first in the meantime.

Whoever has been centered in her/himself during this period and has accepted the permanently aggravating frequencies into his inner being – these will surely sense the beat of their inner sacred hearts and have long ago started to fill their divine beings with life.

With regard to First Contact we‘d like to ascertain that we shall not appear thousandfold in your skies since we do not want to raise any fear ! We shall come in a gentle and tender way to you, individually and in waves.

This does not mean anything else that our First Contact with you has started already. All what you are waiting for, beloved ones, the big events of media, announcement of our peaceful coming to you from part of The Ascended Master as President, all these are matters which surely will become reality !

However what we last described are the outer great events – now it is first the matter of uniting vibrations of the collective mankind so to enable these great waves to become realities.

Perhaps it will be easier for you to follow the matter of this individual first contact if you can experience it from a human perspective. This will be done by Sarinah and her true-life-story how she has experienced her first contact with Marix:


“First of all I sensed somebody touching me, I thought it was AAMichael with whom I am having many conversations yet these touches felt differently.

Touched by our galactic friends are somewhat cooler quite so as from other human being – yet very much lively.

Since channeling is no longer necessary as the exchange is being done by direct contact it was easy for me to accept the experience of my individual first contact via my senses. Never was there any fear in me since my heart was so full of love and joy – not love as we know it – but this “WOW”Love-light churning and burning inside of us!

So I thought: “My senses, yes ! It is a matter of my senses!” And thus I sent out my calls to Marix again and again via my heart, my feeling – I called out to him and I wanted to see him as well ! For quite some while nothing happened until it came to my mind that it was because of my own vibration which must be of some high frequency. Then and only then automatically – this what I have disposed before which I want to experience – will appear.
I am like so many readers more guided by my common senses and am rooted firmly with both my feet on the ground. However, whoever has sensed this unconditional love in her/himself so powerful she/he will know it is so easy to recognize the connection to our Creator as we are all part of Him.

To cut a long speech short: only some hours ago I succeeded really to see my interview-partner Marix via my third eye and really clear ! —–besides, this fellow looks really more than handsome!

Whereby training the third eye may be really very essential since as always it is a matter of confidence and how high the frequency of your vibrational being is levelled.
Thus it might be some substantial possibility to leave this position of waiting now and to fill with life with what our Galactic friends call the “gentle individual First Contact” or “The Waves in the Core, inside of us”.

I am wishing all my readers a wonderful entry into the Galactic Age!





Thank you Sarinah


Translated by (Contra)Mary
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