Integrating my daily life into the new Matrix of “Post-3-Dimensional – Life” ?

I am single – in the very sense of this expression. After a life of full professional work as a Secretary – always trying to cope with life’s issues – married three times – raising a daughter as well  – I eventually singled myself out when finalizing my working professional life – as I felt so much fed up with all that haste and trying so hard to come up to expectations from all these parts of life of our former pressures of 3-D-Matrix.

I felt so-called “burned out” of all this but by that time when I really could retire and live “the life whichI wanted to have for myself entirely all these previous decades” I was nearing the age of 70.It was then when I really singled out according to my own wish – trying to become what had been prevented by all former challenges of life – a completely self-reliant person dealing at last with all spiritual and beloved works of art and evolutionary knowledge to further my inner progress by elaborating on possibly all experiences of my former life. It was this time when I finally was able to spend enough time to deal with the fragmentary pieces and left-offs of my of before-life since I always had to exert my physical and psychic powers up to last brim.

And this finally – in order to round up my incarnation here to a full circle turned out to be so difficult and I had to struggle this out for quite some years as customary daily habits had left deep ruts in  me which I had to abandon first.

Some of the essence which then became visible was my awareness that I always had conducted my life as a sort of a “still dreaming lightworker on search or quest for the  hidden target of all my inner yearning”…. So I woke up at last and managed to thrive with all my newly won knowledge to work for the spreading of the light and love of a new arising matrix of upper realms of light.

After completing the last year – I like so many others – I am to cope with new issues – creating and manifesting a complete new matrix of life with all the facts so much desired by us. It is like a vast empty field stretching out itself before our eyes and is all  left for us to create and manifest as that enlightened life with all the sparkles of happiness we so much desire. What a responsibility on us as we are told we are the ones we have been waiting for so long! And with regard to me – so much singled out of former life by my own will – how should I go ahead – as we all have to start on our very own way of conducting our new life now!

These were exactly my thoughts during these two weeks of this new year. “How and again how could I integrate new spiritual effects into my very own life?”

Reading with intense inner participation the Advice of the Angela P. Blessings and that of AAMichael via Ron Head I started looking for left off ends and fragments of my former life …. and found straight away the very matter:

“All my life I  batted with coping of my household-chores and it came so hard on me to keep on to some system of order and tidying my home around me. I had to pull so much of my strength together to keep all tidy in my own way since when I did not directed my attention to it … material matters always came to some life of their own in my home and I felt sometimes so overwhelmed and overrun by them –

It was just one of these things which asked so much of my physical and psychic strength which I simply did not have –

So I started to tackle this great problem – you may laugh but it was one of my major problems of my former life – I started to tidy up my home – in what I thought a very new way matching the new transcendent kind of our new life-matrix.

First I gave the whole problem to AAMichael – asking for his help –  then in the morning on waking up I pondered which corner of my home would I like to do … and asked my inner peaceful spot … I never regarded any fixed time when to do it – I  only knew it would have to be done until this day was over …  This very day I destined for this very special job without any pressure … and funny – I could do it with any of the past feelings of a “Must Do” !

I also, at that time of every morning, I visualized that all these issues – before always beladen with so much stress on my part – are to be done in a whiff by me as if I had a magic rod of transmutation –  and I again visualized the final outcome of all jobs in hand with the image that I would go through my flat marveling and cherishing “A Tidy World Around me” ….wondering how I did it !

Believe me … it is one of the miracles of NOW ! After a few days I have reached this stage of my visualization …it is .like a Miracle … what I succeeded only with such a great ado and stress in all of my former years – this had been done in a free-lance and peaceful way with any “Must-Do” and so I proved to myself one of the characteristic new features of our new Matrix for an upper realm of life.
Thus I could integrate into my new life something which constituted  a former grave problem to me – by coping with it from a different spiritual angle that had never ocurred to me before. Placing myself under Angelic custody with everything afflicting my life of th Now – not letting any thoughts of mine blockade or impede my doings – but being in divine harmony with all matters around me – I was able to erase everthing not suitable nor matching with the serene surrounding I wanted to live in.

This was my humble but ever so great revelation trying to integrate my daily life into the new Matrix of Now.

And I am convinced if we all of us – each one for him/herself would follow in this very way with his/her own life-issues and left-overs … we shall as a ONE succeed to manifest the wonderful life we have waited for so long !

Wit Compassionate and Unconditional Love as always yours


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The Years of Life tell me that I am old - My Inner Heart tells me that I am young - it is proof that I still live in Duality and as I decided to outgrow this Matrix I am prepared to ascend into some other realm leaving all the old and shabby patterns behind me pluck up all my courage for the New Age with shining lights so Golden of Promise - And take with me nothing but love - peace - harmony and one only virtue of 3-D density : staying a pioneer all my lifes ... ready for another adventure ... with the Help of God Almighty...