Greetings from Herak Sirius dated 01-11-2013

Greetings from Herak/Sirius dated 01.11.2013

Channeled through Frank H.Scheffler

Greetings from the GFL for the New Year 2013
Dear Siblings of the Stars – we are greeting you !

First of all our most loving wishes from GFL for the new year 2013 on earth!

Lady Gaia has performed with you her leap into reality-time of your universe and the hologram – as reported previously before – has been removed. You thus have returned to the complete mode of energies of your universe so that sounds, colours and sonority will be harmonized by and by in your energetical bodies in the months to come.

The path is being progressed on with every new day and all intitiations of recent times will be more manifested for all those creating their their own inner knowledge from their hearts to their outward life.

This very new year will be characterized by its complete unfoldment of “Love from Inner Hearts” and it is with you that these lines of energy will be fed into the morphogenetic field.

Do not let yourselves be ruffled – it all looks in this dark season that appearently all cards are on decline again but yet all lightworking humans focusing their believes on Light, Love, and Peace are solidly progressing onward.

All separating matters of this illusion do try with persistance to retain everything, however in forthcoming months and with their pertaining great solar activity this impact of energies will increase considerably.

Once a train has gained speed you cannot stop it again ! Even if appearance is betraying – you will never fall back into old patterns of behaviour or limitations of recent times, since you have decided yourselves wholly from out your entire inner core.
Therefore, keep on keeping on your course and do not refrain from increasing your vibrational frequency and do not let your energies to be transferred to those which never were of service to you – not beforehand nor afterwards !

As mentioned before solar activities are tranquil at present so that our main issues are presently to survey dark activities – meaning military actions on your planet with eventual interference of us.

Recently more weapons could be neutralized regarding the conflict era of Israel and Syria.

All our attention furthermore is being dedicated to go on cleansing extensively your atmosphere.

A great number of ships are presently in orbit of your sun in order to supervise all next coming solar activities and also to stabilize them.
With white-golden light of Christ we submit to you our very best wishes.
So be it .
SELAMAT  Herak Sirius
Channeled by Frank H.Scheffler
Translated by (Contra)Mary

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