Reality were “consciousness is your only eternal treasure” according to Angela Peregroff in her ‘Morning Blessings of Today’

… and here I am again with one of my favorite wayshowing channeled message by Angela P. since I – despite of all channeled pieces of advice that I read – I am here at my place alone for myself trying to pick up my very own life shackles still with me after  being through the viral date of 12-21-12 with some sort of visualization issues to manifest  for a forthcoming Golden Age.

This is left to me personally as I am one of the 99,9% – no more no less –  like many many others here on this beautiful Earth Planet Gaia.

So what can I – I myself – do here in appropriation to my very own circumstances of life ? That was the prevailing question which remained with me with a very big Question Mark?

Starting on my own very small circle of life here at my flat according to my physical and newly-won psychical ( so we are told from every side) powers to manifest new ways of life as the first issues of this new era….

I have been struggling the last year with left-off-ends of my household chores not being able to restore some kind of tidy order here and I felt an aggravating uneasiness all the time … this lasted for more than one year since I was so much focused on helping ascension light to be spread far and wide. There was simply no spare strength left over for any other task – this I know now.

After gone through the new great Portal of December 2012 and with the great new influx of light-energies I related in my reading mainly on Angela P.’s Blessings and the messages of AAMichael of Ron Head as sorts of wayshowing signals for my very own life

…and I started clearing the untidy – left-off shackles of what I recognized now pertained to the old Matrix and the period of Transition.

So I thought: “if we have gained our “Self-Mastership” recently and are in possession of immensely great powers. we should try these newly achieved facts out on our own small private scale without being conscious that we are exerting the tiring endeavor with it of past experiences that these labors entailed under the last 3-Densitiy Matrix.

I told myself: “Find out about it, Eva dear!” So I did, each day in the morning I manifested with my thoughts what could be done this dawning day – taking no effort whatsoever – just manifested it spiritually for that coming day as an issue to be completed when the day would be over – to be done at any time I felt like it with not strings of special time attached to it. And I made it a point that I’ll do that special job only as long I felt fit to do – leaving everything off for breaks when I sensed some frust while working on it. So I was free all the time and did not feel any pressure so much known of the past!

It worked – and how it worked ! Never at doing I felt a “Must Do” – and I do not know now how fast and expertly I have done all what I did ? It appears to me now as if I had little people as helpers to do the chores ! I have done all by yself  though that was roughly needed and I shall go on starting with the many more minor issues in the very same way …. manifesting my very own life in a more enlightened way……

And when the today’s blessings of Angela P. reached my blog today I read and recognized its truth of what is said there: as creators of our own reality  we have to be aware that

we can choose the reality were “consciousness is our only eternal treasure.”

So I started from this very divine source and cleared the shackles that were still very near me and bothering my daily life. This I completed – hooray – and I shall go further drawing bigger circles around myself to clear more and more: This I found left for me to do …not starting big projects but remaining in my own private issues of life … to clear everything which has been left from the bothering facts of the old matrix and prepare the space and more room for my very own Golden Age to settle down. And this all in full awareness and consciousness as our own eternal source !

And here it is the wonderful wording of Angela P.Blessings of today.

With Compassionate Love and Consciousness as always yours


The Morning Blessing

“Consciousness itself is only a bridge of transition, it is Spirit becoming

partially aware of Itself before plunging into its normal trance of

luminous superconscience.”  – Sri Aurobindo

My dear Grounded One, may I remind you that one of the biggest challenges in 2013 will be to remain aware that YOU are the creator of your reality. As such YOU can create a reality where you live in the survival mode and “do without” in order to ride out the storm or you can choose the reality were “consciousness is your only eternal treasure.”

You and you alone will choose the level of consciousness to which you calibrate your experience of daily life. These experiences will be relatively the same to the eyes of an external observer. However, in your experience, the same reality perceived through different states of consciousness can feel worlds apart.

2013 is a year of mastery and spiritual strengthening within the material plane. Everything will be directed toward becoming the master architect that has the mental and heart energy to gain mastery over thoughts in order to create your world. What do you say to yourself when you confront a challenge? Are you able to feel your fear, release it and rise above it? Can you remember to feel, accept and integrate the abundant resonance of unconditional love that is increasingly streaming into your life just above the limitations of the third dimension?

To choose an external guide from whom you are separate and to whom you must always be subservient, you will choose to remain in the third dimensional paradigm of the Piscean Age. On the other hand, should you choose instead to find your spiritual fulfillment and illumination deep within your Multidimensional SELF, you will choose the new harmonious paradigm of the Aquarian Age.

Eva Maria I know how you are awakening. More and more souls are remembering who you really are, both in their physical reality, as well as in the many other planets, galaxies and dimensions of the expanded SELF. You are now coming home to your true state of consciousness. Before you react to the illusions of fear and loss, see each challenge as a mystery to be solved, a message to be translated.

Trust your inner SELF. Whatever leaves you at this time will do so because it cannot align with the resonance of love in the fifth dimension. Hence, let it will serve as anchor until you are ready to release it. In Divine right time you will be ready to pull the anchors into your heart to be unconditionally loved as the harbingers of change. Look through the tattered veils of illusion to accept the sweet, comfort of unconditional love. In this manner, the veils of illusion will become thinner and thinner as the truth shines through brighter and brighter.


I am the Self-Force of the Divine Being, one of the many hidden within

the One. I am a phenomenal force of consciousness that resolves Itself

into a movement of energy that assumes more or less material, more or

less gross or subtle forms for self-presentation to its own experience.

Because I am the freest form of insight birthed into existence as a creator

I am imbued with an inherent nature of impulsion to movement. I claim

and decree that matter has to be the most intelligent result of the particular

property I AM. The trueness of me has eternally created forms. This

lifetime is but one cycle of my Eternal Creativity enjoying life in a physical

dimension. I no longer remain limited by the balance between my waking

conscious state and matter for I know there is a sovereign intelligent

principle of action that I can employ beyond ordinary use. I expand my

awareness of self-identity to include all forms in my world for it is all

my creation. I can release any experience or form that contradicts the

manner in which I intend to live. With the pure action of love these falsehoods

are now freed from my Presence so that they may travel on to their next

rightful place of expression. I become a dominant habit of the true state of Mind,

the one and all sufficient sense of Force that is free to apply its creative movement

to building an identity between that which knows and that which is known. I now

live in the state of common self-existence and all that emerges from me gives me

great joy, contentment, and delight.

I rejoice in the splendor of Truth that all problems of existence are essentially

problems of harmony. They arise from the perception of an unresolved discord

and the instinct of an undiscovered agreement with Unity. The accordance of my

conscious mind with my conscious will aligns with the Nature of the universe to

create forms that simply marvel me! And so it is.


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