Re: My Post of 3 Dark Days – relating to Channeled-Message of AAMichael Yesterday

As I received a hint of Ron Head that my post describing my personal “Three days of Darkness” was in close resonance to his channeled message made me go on search for it and …. here it is ! Ron was so right – that is exactly the same inside topic being dealt with by these two posts: mine and now the message of AAMichael!

I’d like to invite you to compare these two and therefore posted the message of AAMichael of Jan.06.2013 hereunder.

With Compassionate Love as always yours


Archangel Michael via Ron Head: Remember to Add “Or Something Better” to the End of Your Prayers

confident-strideAs channeled by Ron Head – January 06, 2013

It is our joyous opportunity today to report to you your remarkable progress. You have taken stock of the true situation in which you have found yourselves and. as always, have reached down into the deepest reserves of your being and discovered the amazing strength which resides there. You have stood up and are ready to stride out once again upon the paths you have chosen.

True, some have still not been able to do this, but your examples will show them that things are far better than they appear. There was a very steep and dangerous stretch of the journey which needed to be covered in the last few years, and you all have succeeded very, very well. Now many are discovering, as they assess where they are, that they have not only grown immeasurably, but have gained some things they never thought they would.

This is why some tell you to always remember to add “or something better” to the end of your prayers. There is usually something better when the goal is limited to what you can imagine. And many have begun to leave the “how” part out of their prayers. This is wonderful, also. Believe us, any “how” that you can dream up is nothing but restrictive compared to all the possibilities at the universe’s disposal. Your conscious mind is finally learning to tend to the business for which it was designed.

It helps a great deal when you discuss with each other the successes you have and what you learn from them. Something which may seem small or unimportant to you could well be the next big thing another needs to think about. Your progress does indeed change the whole, but your sharing directly might save another quite a bit of effort.

As always we offer our support in all things. Call on us and on your personal guides much more than you do. It is, after all, what we are here for.

Good day, dear friends.

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