Greetings from Herak Sirius dated 12-30-12 “Letting go in Changing Years”

It was a great joy for me when this message from Herak arrived yesterday here at my inbox since when reading it I felt so much affirmed in all what I tried to describe since the crucial date of 12-21-12. All my senses which I tried to manifest here before receiving this message were in the right direction and this I regard as another success of light in order to believe my inner senses and following it in due course to come.

So read this and take the contents here to your inner core and let it pervade body and soul !

Channeled through Frank H. Scheffler

We are greeting You from our Hearts, dear Siblings of the Light!

Letting go when Years are Changing …..

There are three challenges essentially important for you now in order to proceed with the light-ascension furtheron:

1.) Which is the inner evolution you have undergone so far ?
2.) Look at the Light with awareness !
3.) Listen to the Sound with awareness !

We do not want to explain this in more epic proportions since this I have done already to some extent in some of my previous channelings.

First of all I’d like to state too that there was a great deal of disappointment with lightworkers and visionaries after the date of 12-21-12. With allowance of our channelmedium we may mention that we also recognized a slight disappointment in him.

Since we – from the GFL particularly – have always especially pointed out to our channel-medium and to you that the date of 12-21-12 never was to be regarded as a fixed date nor fixed point but that Lady Gaia will transgress with you into the 5th dimension in a gentle and smooth way. There would be no switch whatsoever to be activated in the universe which would be make you experience the process of change at once or “stante pede” from “just now to now” as you like to express it. This cannot be done also and whoever wanted to convince you of such fact – was solely telling stories !

And furthermore we could ascertain or were able to note some relief of those still underway that this planet had not perished at all.
Thus so many liar- media had tried to make you believe it and for the one and only purpose to raise your fears considerably.

Both of these fore-castings have not happened now ! But what has happened still ? What we’d like to state here is that there were and still are quite enormous uploads of energies in the morphogenetic field which are apt to change completely the plasma-field.
Presently however there has entered some relative breaks of rest until end of next month which however will change for increasing inflooding energies. We may ascertain on board of our space-ships that all changes for you and Gaia have been already completed on a higher level of energy.
And now we relate back  to the three main focuses described above:

Re: 1.)
What kind of development were you able to recognize in yourself? Did you notice any changes during previous years ? If so, did you develop a feeling of having yourself adapted to this new contemporary timeline? If not please go on asking yourself which are the obstacles in your way impeding this evolution ? Everything is in yourself and this explains the following great question :


If you have progressed energetically in huge laps you will note that you have become much more permeable by the inflooding energies since matters which previously disturbed you in past and presence do not affect you any longer. And that is why it is so essential to recognize to let go of everything not being of any use nor service to you. This is the reason why we chose the title of today’s message.

Go on getting rid of your ballast ! To ascend in this universe is by getting rid of ballast and some of you have mastered this issue very nicely. Others are still on their way !

Be persistent and follow your decisive minds – use patience and you will find it so easy to let go…

Re: 2.)
In this universe light is the elixir of life for each and every being and therefore be aware and attentive to the light-intensity of your days and anchor this fact very consciously in your body-cells. If there are sunny parts of your day go out into nature and use the light-energy of the day taking the shining solar beams into your inner core wholly consciously (sungazing) since your central star gives you everything you need!

Re: 3.)
If in these changing energies you will note changes in yourselves one or the other will have noted also that there are differences in frequency-levels in your listening behaviour. You will differentiate single sounds. And when your filter opens up further you will note also this particular sound deriving from the energy boost in the universe. And this sound will harmonize your inner processes.

These are the three criteria which will determine your further path – this may sound childish and naive – you will say, however this is the only true way to enter the subtle levels of higher dimensions.


As I  mentioned already from those not epic explanations you will proceed on your further path which is now the place where you will experience your elevation of Ascension. Systems of Rigidity will break down and Given Paradigmen will dissolve. Look, when you become more and more permeable this will expand also to all levels of your life and destructive energies will no longer be fed so that all systems will break down which were conditioned until now.

We’d like to extend our thanks to all lightworkers, pioneers, visionaries and here especially to our channel-medium for their incessant task accomplishment in order to procure a new consciousness for yourselves, for this planet and eventually for the entire universe.


So be it.
SELAMAT Herak Sirius
Channeled through Frank Scheffler
Translated by (Contra)Mary

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