Merry Christmas – Essence of the Christos

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The next few days will be quite busy for me, so I wanted to post my Christmas Wishes for all my friends and family worldwide. This is a remarkable year in ways that will soon reveal themselves. By the time the New Year arrives, our world will have changed in unexpected ways, some obvious, and some not so obvious but it will be better in so many ways both great and small.   How much so will depend on each individual.

May all your christmas wishes come true, may your new year bring happiness and love with it. May you find the way to love all you meet every moment of every day unconditionally. Remember that as you give so also you receive. Be happy, and keep near those you love. But if they or you are far away, hold them tight within your heart, prayers and meditations.

Let us remember then the essence of the Christos upon which the this holiday is based.

The Master Yeshua (Jeshua, Jesu, Jesus, Issa, etc, depending on country and region and by many names through the ages and many lifetimes)  taught a very simple way of living.  What he taught was never intended to be a religion, but rather a way of life for all people regardless of religion or belief.

He gave to us 2 commandments that replaced the 10 commandments of old.  They are quite simple but do require of us a little thought.  For he stated (though these words were not widely recorded over time) “Unto Moses was given 10 commandments, because you were a stubborn headed people, but this day I give to you 2 commandments, in this is the whole of the law and there is no other.”

1. Love the Lord your creator (God) with all your heart, mind and being.

2.  Love your neighbor as yourself.

Let us think upon these 2 commandments, for if we love our creator, will we not also love that which is created.   Will we not also take it upon ourselves by our love to nurture and care for all that is created, taking only what we need to maintain our lives.  Likewise if we lover our neighbors as ourselves, do we not also see that first we must love ourselves unconditionally, then love our neighbor equally.     If we use these 2 commandments as measurement of every aspect of our lives and every challenge we encounter, will we not see more clearly our greater path of action.   We simply ask ourselves, if I do this or if I do that, is it loving of my creator, loving of myself, and loving of my neighbor (or brothers, sisters if you wish)?   And if we can answer yes, will we not always be upon the better path?

Yeshua also taught many things, through his parables that are of a practical nature.

He taught that the laborer is worthy of his hire.  (I wonder if any multi-national CEO’s are listening?)

He taught that all people were his brothers and sisters, he did not place himself above any.  Yeshua, was born for a purpose, and that purpose was formed over many lifetimes.  He was not the only master but one of many and even now they stand together, holding the light of love for humanity.   While he was born to the purpose, as a young boy, and a man, he had to endure and overcome the limitations that all humanity faces.  He was tempted and challenged, and even discouraged  There was not guarantee that he would fulfill his destiny for he had to overcome his own human nature as Yeshua, in order to fulfill his destiny of embodying the Christos.   In his later adult life he spoke not so much as the man, but as the Christos.

So what is the Christos?   When the Creator, created, all that is was/is created out of the essence of the Creator.   Therefore the spirit and mind of the Creator exists within all of creation.   Christos is one of the names, sounds or verbalization that humanity has given to the essence of the creator that exists within all creation.   Ultimately all of humanity will manifest that essence, but Yeshua was one of the many Masters who manifested it first, so as to be a way-shower for the rest of humanity.    It has been written many times before so I merely repeat what others taught before me, but Yeshua, the man was the wayshower, the Christos is the way.

In years after the ascension of the master Yeshua, much of his teachings were, changed, or altered to give power to those who sought to control humanity.  For so great was his message they could not allow it to run freely among the people nor could they destroy it, so they sought to alter the understanding of it, therefore making a religion.   Yeshua made no religion, merely a way of life for all people regardless of religion or belief.

He taught that we are all gods.  (Yes that is in even the modern scripture).

He taught that everything he had done in his life (even the miracles) we could and someday also would do.

Yeshua’s message was always one of love.  Always one of caring.  Always that humanity was tied together by the Christos within us all.   That the potential of the Christos was part of who we are and who we would some day be and realize.

Time and time again he stated “Love you one another even as I love you.”

Yeshua never taught fear of God.  He taught rather that only God, the creator, had the Omniscience (all knowingness) to be capable of judgement.  He spoke only of loving God, not fear.   (For whoever speaks a message of fear is a false prophet, for in the Creator there is no fear but love, and in the Christos, which is the creator within us there is no fear but only love.)

Yeshua taught that we are known to our God not by our words, but by our actions.  For it is not enough to claim our faith and our love, for words are of humanity and have no meaning outside of our lives.  But our actions are the greater for they are energy, even as our Creator is energy. They are what we truly live, rather then what we claim to live.  By our actions, not our words, are we known.

Yeshua’s message was always one of love, of hope.  It was always about our becoming like him, living expressions of our creator through our lives.  Children of the divine, all children of our creator.

The essence of this holiday is not the teachings of the churches and religions, it is the essence of the Christos, the essence of god our creator within is, the essence of love.

It is simple and it is for all people.  It matters not by what names they call it, or by what beliefs they espouse their understanding.   It matters not if they find it through Yeshua, or Buddha, or Mohammed, or through a shaman or druid master.  It matters only that they find the way and live it.   It is by our actions of love that we are known, and the words and names do not matter.

I tell you truthfully the masters of the ages are legion, and they wait for us to awaken.   That time is near at hand if you are ready.  If you will accept the path before you.  A path of actions not words, a path of love.  But if you don’t accept it now, fear not, for the creator is infinite in his patience and love.  When you are ready, you will ascend into the understanding you have not yet reached.   But that ascension, that awakening, is a process, a constant process for ascension is a constant process for not matter how far we go, there is always more to discover and learn.  After all we have all of infinity.   We are the children of the divine, the children of the Creator, the Children of an infinite and loving God.  We exist to grow and we will continue to grow infinitely.   There is no limit.

The essence of the Christos is to grow in unconditional and unlimited love.  Are you willing?  Now is the time.

Brother Dave – Shak’ta’i

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  1. Thank you Brother Dave for sharing these deep thoughts about Cristos Essence here and the beautiful X-mas pic ! All my likewise wishes for you and your family for this very special Christmas of this year and much gratitude !

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