High Vibrations from Marix Sirius dated 12-18-12

Channeled through Sarinah


The Gift of Christ-Light is Love, Sensuality, Joy, and Inner Serenity !

— and while more and more human beings are awakening, time is on a race ! Thus to accept this light of Christ is indispensable for many citizens since without this influx they would have to conduct a far more difficult life than they do anyway now.

Sometimes when watching earth from our angle we are filled with love for you and very proud about you too since you are doing your service of light in an excellent way!

Just those being still in professional life for example which is dominated fully by duality – these lightholders, -carriers, do achieve heroic acts in a way while going to work daily again in some almost tortured way although it is their deepest wish since long ago to be freed from all these efforts.

Beloved, whoever reads these passages and wherever you are at this very moment we’d like to assure you that we do love, admire, and honour you immensely.

If we talk of you that you are “Self-Masters” it is because that you are in closest link to your Higher Godself!

Thus all this is joining that belongs together and the more light in-floods into your earthen vessel the better it is since you may thus give out more light to your fellow beings.
How the interior so is the exterior – changes and relevations from the outside are pushing into your reality!

Keep in mind that you are divine beings and that all in universe are observing you since this process of elevation of Mankind with Earth is a unique one !

The veil of forgetfulness having been attached to you for such a long time is thinning out until shortly duality will disappear completely from Earth!

Perhaps you will have noticed that there are parallel worlds building up and that you are becoming more and more observers – not being capable any more to relieve other people from their learning issues or even their self-reponsibility.

It may be sensed like some comics when you experience that there are still people in deep sleep going on to live furthermore in their illusions although they could have it much more easier.

They play their game of forgetting so long until they get fed up with it. And besides although you will not notice it, your donations of light will always reach out to all late-comers.

Thus there are some speedways of light in the constructure which again permit angels to shine more of their light frequencies to those “sleepers”.

As it was your wish that as many people as possible will take part in the shift. Comprehensible, as happiness lived out will become much bigger when your neighbour will be able to share your wellness .

Thus you will wake up on 21st of December and all is well and normal- Your planet Earth having always carried you so far – will be still carrying you. Still divine elevation and inner clearness should be sensed in a good way.

Surely many readers here will expect that all the golden gifts will be brought forward to them – ready to be unpacked.

Don’t worry, dear friends, you will experience virtually miracles with yourselves and with others too, but in a more gentle way since a full impact of loading would go beyond your leads endangering you to be lifted up entirely.

Besides your delight will be much more intensive if the golden gifts do not rattle down on you all at once. But being in that favourable position to share them with others. Do enjoy dear family, so thus you may be enthralled always about the next day because you feel there will be another matter rising up which is to be unpacked and fully discovered !

Again we realize that words are not in the least enough to describe the splendid times which are in the offing for you and how wonderful it is to share our mutual lives and unconditional love with us.

To be One with the Galactic Family, with your Mentors, with your Angels, and with your Friends from Inner Earth and last not least to be united again with those which you had thought to be lost through their death for always.

Not to know only by your mind and intelligence that we always have been with you but to feel it with all your senses too.

Nothing is more wonderful than to live up really the union of loving people.

Dear friends, the Galactic Family, all of us, are wishing you a most wonderful start into the Golden Age, with a most blessed Christmas in Peace and Love, and so much delight when diving into your true identity !

Thank you Marix



Translated by ContraMary

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