How do we feel now – only a few more days to go ?

Sunday again – time seems to be running like on a beach sands are running thought litte children’s hand …..

and we all have only some few days left to go until the big and great date of 2012 which we all had in our focus for passed years …. what will it be like for all of us ?

I think it will be of various nature – suited to each one of us in an individual way – such as life had been created for us as a mixture of soul-contract and free will for our incarnations under the 3-D-Matrix of Duality – so wisely schemed by Divine Decree of Our All Creator (The formgiving God (Shakti – The Mother-God).

And we… Human Mankind of Gaia – all in the middle of it (all are meddled up in that Divine Big Urge of Ascension) !

Long ago I previewed a particular image before my inner eye:

The relation of numbers to us: I

If No. 4 is dedicated to Earth and all above and around and in it ….. then No. 8 is the image of Heaven and Earth and the cross-over of lining the upper and lower field this is the point where one realm ends and the other is starting anew. Heaven and Earth !

I once wrote some verses about it that this marks the point where human mankind stands with its free spiritual-will (I did not know about ascension then) – on the cross-over between Heaven and Earth. As already mentioned I did not know then anything about the “Great Torso” which is common knowledge to us of now.

At that time – around 1987 – 1993 – I was on search questioning everything and foremost GOD from which I had known all my life from childhood that in times when I felt so much linked to “God My Highest Father” I also felt that my tiny life was in order – if not – everything went worse from my inner feeling having lost my prescious link to My God – sensing abandonment, separation, loneliness …in short:  “deep in the darkness !”

As little as I was I knew this was not the way I wanted my life to be and always tried to get out of this black and evil hole again and remake my life to become one firmly linked to my  great light by the name of God. Practically minded – simply because one made me happy and the other one didn’t!

These thoughts are crossing my mind of today, Sunday – the 3rd one of the sacred Weeks of Advent and only some days away from Solstice.

— the Turning Point of Gaia and the beginning of light rising again here in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth and what has been scheduled far far ago by the “Great Majesty of Light – our All Source” to become our “Ascension Day” when we may conclude the Big Game of Duality-Testing Matrix once and for ever.

Keep well, my dear Family of Light, do not relax since being so near!

It is all over when it is over ! So keep on shining with all the light you have already now and add thereto all the light in-flooding still these last days !

Don’t let this opportunity pass by !

It has never been done before in all the multiverse! We from our little beautiful Blue-Green Planet Earth are the first ones!

We are the pioneers of God Almighty  – His Powerful Sparkling Ideas  – fulfilling our Soul-Contracts now and here …. (still unbelievable !)

Way-showers of His/Her Eternal Love and glueing universes with our newly re-won Light and Love to Unity !

Keep on Shining Dear Sisters and Brothers and unite with All-There-Is !




Nimm all die Farben dieser Welt …

Nimm all die Farben dieser Welt und streich das “Grau” heraus, die dunklen Schatten der Vergangemnheit, die Essenz des klaren Lichtes hälst du dann in der Hand.

Abandon all the shades of grey fromout the colours of this world, they are shadows of your past dear life – leaving only the essence of the pure-clear light  with you .

…zu schön, zu leicht, schwer zu ertragen in der Materie dichtem Raum —- nur wenn wir wachsen – vielleicht in fernen Tagen ? So lassen wir uns los – ist wohl nur ein Zeichen vom Göttlichen in uns, denn es nur stellt die Weichen.

…so much beauty, so easy too and mild allover, indigestible for us in the material density realm —- perhaps in some far off time when grown up to it ?  thus we leave ourselves and let go – recalling this as signal of the Divine directing  our life-train then.

Ich learn und web’ und knüpf das Denkgebilde, strukturier’ und baue es ganz neu. aud fern-fernster Weisheit kommt es sachte ans Licht, und gibt hier den Dingen ein zweites, ganz anderes Gesicht.

Learning – weaving -. and knotting tightly structures of thoughts – in the building of matters so new – and sage wisdoms will gently rise to Light of life – endowing a diffferent face to matters here.

Wir stehen im Punkt, im Schnittpunkt der Welten, unfassbar die Formlos Eine, uns Ursprung und ewiges Sein,,,,,

Standing in some point which also is intersecting worlds – incomprehensible without shape and form one because of origin and eternal being ….

und fest erstarrt in Form und Zeit der andere Materie-Kreis der Erde, dazwischen steht der Mensch – bewusst und bereit – im Achtzeichen “8” der Zeit, dem einz’gen Schnittpunkt zur Unendlichkeit.

and firmly frozen in time and form – cyclic matter of all earth prevails – Mankind is in the between – consciously and prepared – safeguarding the middle of the Eight “8” at POINT-OF-CROSSING-OVER TO ETERNITY for us the only one !

Der Mensch ist hier die Brücke nur hier allein – trägt in sich jedes Teil – und nur mit selbsteig’ner Kraft löst er den Riegel, wird bewusst er dann zum Punkt … zur Brücke, entsteht durch diese “Ich-Aufgabe” eine Lücke, die Heil gebiert für die Veränderung der Erde, ausgleichend die Schwere zum unendlichen Werde.

Mankind of Earth is solely bridge himself – bearing al parts of it – and it is solely owned self-powered strength which will make him break  the bolted door, transforming him to Zero Point of Love in consciousness – adding himself part to some enlightened bridge –  functioning from throwing off all Ego-Issues from afar … this is the creation of the only gap giving birth to Earth’s Salvation in equilibrium of density to light.

Uns wird gesagt, vom Dienst dann aufzusteh’n, und ins Friedensland zurückzugeh’n. Punkten gleich von Licht … so fliegen wir nach Haus ! Vom Rad des Lebens ruhen wir dann aus! Im lichten Sein – im Brahm-Element, wo jede Seele nur die Höchste krönt und unermüdlich mit des Vaters’ Kraft unendlich neue Welten schafft.

Then we are told  to leave this weary service and return to our “Land of Peace”.Points of Light we are when flying home again to where w’re from ! And may rest some while again from under wheeled carnations’ lives so wearing. There where life is only in the light of love – in the element of Brahma-Light  – it’s where each and every soul crowns the Highest of them all and will be never tired to create new more worlds with the help of God Almighty.

German Original written in  02.28.1991 by Eva Maria … English Translation by (Contra)Mary 12.16.2012


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The Years of Life tell me that I am old - My Inner Heart tells me that I am young - it is proof that I still live in Duality and as I decided to outgrow this Matrix I am prepared to ascend into some other realm leaving all the old and shabby patterns behind me pluck up all my courage for the New Age with shining lights so Golden of Promise - And take with me nothing but love - peace - harmony and one only virtue of 3-D density : staying a pioneer all my lifes ... ready for another adventure ... with the Help of God Almighty...

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  1. Oh Mary isn’t this exciting? just the anticipation of the blessings of that day and from now on is just the best there ever was…..I am loving it! SO MUCH LOVE ETERNALLY, Joey

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