High Vibration from Marix Sirius dated 11.28.2012

I am greeting you all my readers and friends in light !

Just before you are going to read this very last message of Marix – take a deep breath please and listen to what I have to say here:

The messages of Marix just on first sight appear to be gentle, soothing but in the least way to what you are used to on the American Continent and this is why many of you in the past months did not recognize the true inner sense or meaning of these. This I am able to tell you from personal experience.

Still I am telling you to be aware of that within these messages there are some deep pieces of truth hidden as secrets which are often not being recognized as such. This is also why I am writing this pretext to make you aware of such secrets: “Please when you are reading use great awareness of your awakened condition.! Since there are some matters touched which will surprise you with the essential meaning.”

This is why I want to make you a bit more attentive to the passages of this not too lengthy message.of Marix from Sirius in service to the Light of AAMichael.

From me it is as always with great Love to your Inner Lights

Om Shanti



High Vibration from Marix Sirius

Channeled through Sarinah

dated Nov,28.2012


 Vibrations of Love

The influx-wave of Unconditional Love and Peace has not even reached its highest peak and there are already responses of those ones which once praised themselves to hold up high the flag of shadow gamers until the very end!

Not to mention the many human beings accepting light anyway as it appears that the latecomers have had saved their reserves of power just for this very timeline and era.

If we – your Galactic Family – are observing how you react to the waves of love – our hearts start to beat vividly from Love and Yearning for you !

For we know just too well, if any train starts rolling, there is no-one able to stop this move lest for the Creator Himself! Still HE is acting with your consent since your call for blending together is not to be overheard !
Since your entering the Golden Jerusalem has been made certain so is your victory about those which had placed themselves above you without acting for your well-being, breaking their oaths and having been prey of greed for a long time.

It is by no means our intention to judge or even to sentence them since they will judge and sentence themselves which is punishment enough on its own.
Please keep in your mind this has  been and still now is an arrangement in love to let human beings – as many as possible – ascend including those ones finalizing their dark works just before the eventual end!

This will be some phenomenon of this lap of time that everything you are able to perceive in your inner sight will not be confirmed to you in the outward since the MainStreamMedia are still under arrest of those with their opinion that they will be able to control all the world!

Since the high vibration of the divine beam however is crumbling directly everything not being in harmony with all inflooding and vibrating energies you may very well assume that all this veiling will break open!

Thus we are asking only for one sole matter: “Do not keep away from your works in light and do not give up sending your love in true consequence thereof – for you are incredibly successful in it!”

As the train of ascension is gaining speed – unstoppable but still in some cautious way – such is the movement of Earth returning back into celestial dimensions.

We are being asked quite often who is to ring up the reunion with your Galactic Family and we always respond then: “this will be done by you, yourselves!”

This will be followed by someone heading some national government in reaction to your wish!
Now the latter is happening just now and again it is upon the light-bearers bundling their light-energies and sending these out in a most helpful way and thus enable the Ascended Master clad in human robe to fulfill his issue !

Thereby our grade of protection and safeguarding you is an enormous one ! This may be sensed as if you are afloat – or better put – swimming in such deeply heartfelt sense of unconditional love!
Our-All-Creator himself has given us permission to  interfere so that nothing will be able to disturb the very days before our mutual re-uniting .Thus we are permitted too to assist you with arising physical complaints.

If we are being asked to assist you we shall gladly oblige without asking for any recompense. Certainly on reading this the hearts of all will beat with joy for quite often this help is given while you are dreaming since your soul has called us for help!

A little courage will be required to call for our medical help when being awake since eventually it has been tried often enough by ways of mind-controlling to convince you that we are considered to be alien or even of some threatening character !

We do come in peace and unconditional love. Never should we do anything against your Free Will!

How could we do anything like such as you are the beloved part of our family having separated itself to settle on Earth and to return Gaia and all her inhabitants alive back into heaven!

And again we have been made aware that our words here cannot express how wonderful it is to see you in the robe of Self-Masters! What beautiful shining beings you are and how much we love you … how much ….

Thank  you  Marix

Translated by ContraMary
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