Greetings from Herak Sirius dated 11.23.2012

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I have to explain something in general: I started working on PC-Internet abt. 1 1/2 years ago because I wanted to do something with spreading light. Since then I have been so busy that I did not find the time (due to lacking funds either for courses) to learn more about posting and transferrking photos from one blot to another etc. This lacking ability finds me always again when I translate a message with photos e.g. with Herak which today again has some wonderful pics in the original.

Fact is now again: I cannot transfer these pics on to this blog with my translations.

However since this message may be considered of vital essence I decided to post it without its wonderful pics but marking locally where these pics are to be included.
This was on advice of AAMichael as he considers the contents to be the most vital part of this message. It is the beginning also of disclosing secrets hitherto hidden as Herak points out also in this message. So let’s go ……

Greetings from Herak Sirius dated 11.23.2012

Channeled through Frank H. Scheffler

Our Blueprint

Greetings to you dear Beings of Light,

Today we ‘d like to report on the upcoming events of 12/12 Alignment and the Winter-Solstice on Dec.21.2012 and also on “all NOW to be disclosed secrets of the universe” which are to be found in yourself as well as in outward life.

The title of today’s channeling refers again to the book of “Keys of Enoch” explaining again one more time the importance of all Pyramidal Structures in the Universe.

Photo 1                                                         Photo 2                                  Photo 3
Pyramide in the Bermuda Triangel          Pyramide on Mars                  Pyramide in Bosnia

This entails also our call-up to learn how important is the Sacred Geometry now:
Key 314 of Enoch explains it as follows:

Passage 70
I was shown how the present electro-magnetic program controlled by the Council of Nine is being symbolized.

Photo 4
Pyramids of Gizeh

Gizeh is constituted as the region of the “Council of Nine” presented by nine pyramids hooked into the “Pyramid of Cheops” which contains all codes for the basic cornerstone named “Eben Shettiyah”. This pyramide is a tetrahedon (within some octahedron)
forming a perfect model of some carbon-atom – the very model of the material grid for all living organism on this planet.

Draft 1                                Draft 2
Tetrahedon                        Octahedon

Draft 3

Passage 72:
Furthermore there – on the pyramidal grids of Gizeh –  are all code-models of all physical constants of the solar continuum on which our physical evolution is built on.

Passage 73:
All spiritual amd mathematical knowledge has been modeled in the Great Pyramid. It is also the point of convergence of all sizeable Space-time-curvatore-areas of all the world. Therefore it is where at this very point of earth all geo-magnetic grids of Earth
do converge in order to receive the keystone.

Photo 5
Globe of Earth with Matrix (Grid in Triangles)

Passage 74:
The Great Pyramid affixes very  precisely the “direction of our galactic move” stating the meridians where there is a unity of the Galactical Pole, the Heavenly Pole, the Ecliptic Pole – in the precession ( Change of direction of some axis of rotating bodies)
at Equinoxes. The last expression depicts the day when Day and Night are of equal length of time on all earthly locations.

Photo 6                                              Photo 7
Galactical Pole                                  Pole of Skies

Passage 75:
Thus the Pyramid of Gizeh sets the very example for its recording cell, known to human kind as 7th Chacra; since it is there where the Masters of Light have coded the necessary information in order to retrieve eventual coupling of human evolution.

It is also the Great Pyramid from which Mankind must note the significance of On which stands for the academy responsible for building all temples along

Passage 76:
It is also the Great Pyramid from which Mankind must note the significance of On which stands for the academy responsible for building all temples along the magnetic centers of our world.

Passage 77:
8. Chacra
“On” represents the 8th Chacra being the creative power needed when transplanting creation from one level to another one. The academy of On depicts the Spiritual-Scientic Synthesis in preparation of the Worldly Astronomy to accept the energy-capstone.

And this very stone will be returned eventually to the Great Pyramid of Gizeh and all its centers adjusted to it.

Passage 78:
On, City of Sun, on the mouth of the sacred Delta, it is the key to the Divine Deka-Delta-Sytem ( a very unique network of pyramidal  energies) which is planted into human experience by its knowledge.

Photo 8:

Passage 79:
According to Enoch Priest-Scientists had been sent out from this academy of On to build Stonehenge in order to construct a world-wide network which was to be centered in Gizeh being the largest chronometer of the world.

Passage 80:
6. Chacra
The 6th Chacra (the intellectual grid) accordingly is manifested and symbolized in Memphis the “Town of Ptah”. Memphis has to be contemplated in view to the “White Wall” constructed to safeguard the Delta – the headpiece !

Photo 9                     Photo 10
Memphis                  Ptah

Passage 81
Astronomical seen Memphis depicts the 24 sacred sarcophaguses of the “Apis-Taurus”, representing Taurus-Orion and its 24 Elements of Mind behind those Worlds of Throne and Reign.

Photo 11                          Photo 12
Apis-Taurus                     Taurus-Orion

Passage 82:
Memphis is the town of re-birth since re-birth has to go through the Deka-Delta which is divinely embodied in the “10 Gret Masters”
elected to safeguard the Delta.

Passage 83:
5th Chacra
Then the sacred realm of the 5th Chacra was shown to me (Grid of Voice-Resonance) by name of Abydos and dedicated to Osiris with following words: “You are the Great-One in Abydos, you are the Morning Star in the Sky, to whom  Horus of Tuat has given his body”!

Photo 13                       Photo 14                        Photo 15
Abydos                          Osiris                               Horus

Passage 84:
Abydos represents the grave of Osiris whereby the vibrations of the Word of God revives the body – and rising from the dust in order to set up the immortal Crown of Light granted from the Masters of Light on Orion.

Passage 85:
4th Chacra
I was shown then that Karnak is where the 4th Chacra (or Heart Chacra) is located since this “Heartbeat” has been depicted in the 5th cavity of the Great Pyramid and demonstrates the “Golden Ratio” (a certain mathematical division ratio of some section or certain other size) built in all main temples of the world.

Passage 86:
The alley shows 40 figures of Sphinxes with ram-headed sphinxes standing for the Gematrican 40. “Forty” stands for the mystic number of the perfect victims (40 days of Fasting). This being given for the ram and symbolizing the Pleiades, the Sacred Blood,
taking the place of  sacrificing human blood. This alley represents the activation of blood crystals by solar rays which are depicted in the body of the “Solar Lion” (Human Mankind) .

Photo 17                                           Photo 18
Ram-headed Sphinxes                     Pleiades

Passage 87:
The grave of Prince “Amun-Herkhepeshef” at Karnak – opened – shows the transition from the ordinary cycle of light in to the manifested living light  and the story of the transformation of the Life-Substrate to some pure body of light!
Truly, Karnak represents the transition from ordinary (decadic) logarithm to the interplay of the Living Light!

Photo 19
left : Prince Amun-Herkhepeshef at Karnak

Passage 88:
3rd Chacra
Later I recall that Thebes appeared to me being the 3rd-Chacra-Realm ( the Navel connecting to the cycle of Earth); for it contains all underground graves and crypt ways in the graveyard of Queens and Kings and Nobles in the Valley of Kings.

Photo 20

Passage 89:
I saw this also as the visceral tract processing all functions of life and death between Upper- and Lower-Egypt

Passage 90:
2nd Chacra
I was demonstrated thst Abu Simbel presents the 2nd Chacra. It is here where the Hall of Columns and the area of the Towering Colossi and Re-Harakhi represent the fertility of Earth – being bsthed in the golden light of the sun. The towering Colossi are demonstrating that we are offsprings of God vis the Masters of Light.

Photo 21                                       Photo 22
Abu Simbel                                   Hall of Columns

Passage 91
You are standing in the Center of Earth just in order to suggest the cycle of human transplantation amidst the giants of the universe.

Passage 92:
1st Chacra
Finally I was shown the 1st Chacra in the area of Abu Dis. This is where the very first location of changing energy in the Human Blueprint is located which is on the basic point of the spinal column.
Abu Dis represents in crystal the doctrine of Ptah and the Gods coded. Abu Dis are the texts of quartz-crystals illustrating piezoelectric (exerting pressure on a particular crystal) effects. This is activity that shows that crystals (original energy) may be used for some necessary stimulation of the consciousness to enter and to abandon bodies again.

Passage 93:
Thus “beginning and ending” are actually coded in the pyramidal structure of Earth.

Passage 94
All these eight areas of “pyramidal conjunction” demonstrate the physical ionization of human mankind which Man has to undergo in  order to rise again and thus be able to overcome beginning and end to reach the pure image of Living Light.

Passage 95:

Some finalizing words from Herak :
We could not describe anyway better the sequence of Human History ! You will be shown now slowly all these pieces of truth!
You will realize in the duration of your process of consciousness of what powers you may be capable of.

And it is herewith I want to greet you from Spaceship Althea with adeep bow.
So be it.
SELAMAT Herak Sirius.

Channeled through Frank H. Scheffler
Translated by ContraMary

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