Your Guide to Planetary Energies from 11.26. to 12-02. by Pam Junghans

…and after perhaps read the former spiritual awakening  words of Angela Peregroff I
I’d like to add what Pam Junghans explains about  what our STARRY FAMILY depicts for us with their energies displayed for the coming week too. CM.

Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
November 26 to
December 2, 2012
By Pam Younghans
 THE LUNAR ECLIPSE this Wednesday is a powerful one that carries the themes of Awakening, Healing and Change. At the time of the eclipse:
  • The Moon and Sun are in harmonious aspect with Uranus, providing the opportunity for us to expand our consciousness even further into new territories and other dimensions. 
  • Chiron in Pisces squares the Sun and Moon, challenging us to heal and release the fears that have inhibited our trust in life and faith in positive outcomes.
  • A powerful Pluto-Mars conjunction in Capricorn ignites passions and our desire to fulfill a greater life purpose.
  • A Saturn-Venus conjunction in Scorpio provides the foundation for a new beginning in living our lives in accordance with our deepest, most heart-felt values. 
WITH THESE ASPECTS in effect at the time of the eclipse — especially that potentially volatile Pluto-Mars alignment — we will need to call upon our higher wisdom to guide us in utilizing the energies in positive ways. The symbolic imagery associated with the Moon’s location in Gemini seems to support us in doing just that:
“An old man leans against a spreading tree by a well and smokes his pipe. Approached by a boy about a problem, he spins out a story that relates to the boy’s situation.” (from The Zodiac by Degrees by Martin Goldsmith)
In this image, both the old man and the boy represent aspects of our own beings — in other words, we have what we need to find the solutions we seek, if we are willing go within and trust the wisdom we find there.
A FEW of the descriptive phrases that accompany this image are: “Natural wisdom that is available to everyone who pauses to tap into it”; “Stilling the mind in order to connect with one’s inner wellsprings”; and “Getting at the essence of a problem by reflecting on symbols and images as they arise from the subconscious.”
This last phrase reminds us of the benefit of interpreting life symbolically rather than always taking things literally, even after Mercury goes direct on Monday.
ALTHOUGH the Pluto-Mars alignment on Tuesday may ignite fuses that are already short, a Saturn-Venus alignment in Scorpio (exact on Monday) can help stabilize the situation. The key to positive outcomes will be a willingness to discover and embrace our own deeper motives and needs, a commitment to the heart-centered values we espouse, and the integrity to act in accordance with our truth, guided by our values. 
The solutions and truths uncovered during this eclipse week will assist us for many weeks to come. Saturn and Pluto are now building to a helpful sextile aspect, exact on December 26, that supports us in making important, perhaps life-altering changes while also maintaining a groundedness through a connection and knowing of both our deepest truth and our highest purpose.
NEXT WEEKEND, we’ll be working with a yod (“finger of God”) configuration formed by Jupiter, Venus and Mars. This astrological formation may at first feel confusing, as we are challenged to think in new ways and may need to discard old, long-held beliefs as we adapt to the new reality before us.
And yet, because Jupiter is at the “apex” of this yod, we should have the optimism and confidence needed to take the leap of faith required. The sense of being “divinely guided” is increased, at the same time that a strong Saturn helps keep us grounded in earthly reality.
May your Eclipse Week bring you all the insights, perspectives and solutions you are most needing at this time!
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I trust to give you herewith something like a full picture what will be in front of us these coming period of the last lap of our ascending path and thus make it a bit easier for you to
find the right individual sequence of stepping forward on it ?
Be aware of it that I am on the very point of you all trying to adjust my whole self to my  utmost essence on this very lap of race before reaching the cruxial benchmarks of
ascending Earth … loving and trusting Her “Our All Mother”  from my deep inner Self !
Om Shanti
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