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As this is the beginning of another week so close to the given cruxial date of ascending Earth I had the idea given by my spiritual guide to share with you from now every Monday the most deep and spiritual guiding words from Angela Peregroff to which I subscribed and found they are a most helpful blessings for my inner preparation and labour to reach ascension date of my very own at an utmost of mine: für Reverend Angela Peregoff (

Morning Blessing: 11.26.12
Moonbeams Soothe The Self 
 “I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.” – J.B. Priestly.
Expanded awareness is an absolute must for making sense of what is occurring in today’s world and beyond. Interesting, awesome and strange shiftings have become an every day event, but this week the mists of evolution that enfold us are of a harmonizing culmination. While all energy transpires on multiple levels of reality, producing numerous probable outcomes my guess is that by the time we are witnessing the full Moon lunar eclipse (11/28) later this week we will be able to say, “it’s a good week”. The lunar shower that is arriving will bestow Gaia with a “spa effect” of vitality and rejuvenation. She is ready to step into that space of deep relaxation and total peace that happens when we pamper ourselves. To be in harmony with her this week I suggest creating pampering of your own and avoid any undue stress. Take each day as it comes and flow through your week as a component of Universal Harmony.Along the way notice the responsibility you have to serve yourself, learning to receive as much as you give. That can be a challenge to embrace and embody as you have been taught that it is selfish. Consider though that selfishness is not the same as serving self. Selfishness does not consider every soul in the experience but serving Self does nothing but that. You have a responsibility this week to assimilate the balancing harmonizations that have settled upon us recently. If you make dedicated time over the next weeks to give yourself what you need your earthly experiences will be lived with a great sense of ease and embodiment. Pay attention to what is happening within you and around you and allow your internal authenticity to balance the external.In my home country last week we celebrated Thanksgiving. For many of us it was a day of appreciation and gratitude for the blessings in our lives. As your ambassador of cosmic castings each week I would urge you to also include a thank you this week for the galactic adventure we are on as we follow the tracks of the Sacred through the vast regions of Ascension. I know that I can wholeheartedly give thanks for the forever technology coming through my House of Light (the body) that is anchoring the foundation for the Age of Peace. And I appreciate of all my Spirit-Soul friends that have also commanded It in. Together we have created a flurry of excitement in Universal realms as we have worked to allow our internal experience to balance our outer realities. As a result, Divine creation is pulsing like never before and Ancient portals are steadily opening to manifest properties of Divine Connection that have never been experienced by the human element before. Not that we have never ever ascended before; o-o-o-o-hh we have that knowledge, we have just not done it in the manner we have mapped out this time around.
Which is why our species is living in disordered times that can be complicated, distracting and demanding. Tasks always feel awkward when done for the first time. Remember your first attempt at riding a bike, or driving a stick shift car? And when you have an emotional investment that highlights the event you can become quite discombobulated about the whole thing. Remember your first sexual encounter? It’s the same now, you just might not be aware that your Soul has quite an investment in getting the allotted Ascension taken care of in a heavenly manner and as graciously as possible.In order to be an appropriate channel, a connector link, a precise Infusion of Light you must consciously awaken to many qualities of the Eternal Nature that have not been recognized before. As propellant particles of human anatomy that are desiring to evolve beyond our current density we are allowing energy to move through and with us in great depth for internal/external transition. The reward will speak for itself as Life with Spirit will fuse easily and quickly in the Earth plane and for that I am grateful. I sincerely and willingly integrate the crazy energetic surges and physical adjustments as we collectively agree to have Spirit as our first skin and earth as our secondary. No longer an earth-dense production but a system of molecular content with Divine planning flowing through uninhibited.Thus, when we count our blessings this week, seek to keep company with that Divine Essence that sees the Divine at all times and in everything. Recognize that everything in your life is here to uplift your consciousness …. everything! In that truth you align with mastery of your I AM Presence.

Auspiciously celebrating the escalation of human evolution,


Out of emptiness God has made the world, it exists in the heart of
God alone. From this Great Void, love and joy came to visit the
incarnate realm as Eva Maria .  I am Life recognizing Spirit
getting to know Itself. From the dynamic emptiness out of which all
are born I have come to herald the coming Age of Peace.Every moment of my life reflects the Divine Action of God. My heart
beats a radiant, creative, love-filled pulse of Thanksgiving as my life flows
smoothly and effortlessly. My days are outpourings of unconditional Divine
Magnificence expanding upon a blue-green jewel in the Milky Way called
Earth. I Am as God Is and so is every being that comes before me this day.
In that knowledge, my interactions with everyone today are harmonious,
helping, and honorable. I move in Soul alignment with all that accomplished;
there is no discord at work, home, school, or play. What a joy to live as the
teaching of Source.I proclaim these words have a powerful effect on all people and being sanctioned
by the Law they manifest with spontaneity and celebration in this place. I thank
Spirit and the magnitude of Its illumination for the realization of all my desires.
It is all Spirit, in all ways every day. And so it is.


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It is my intention to assist my dear and beloved friends and readers of this blog in their endeavor to prepare themselves for ascension date of Earth in the most complete way possible …  as I found myself always be so much helped by these encouraging and deep spiritual passages of Angela P.

Be blessed my friends on  all your endeavors on your road to ascension and freedom!

Love and Peace to all of you from


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