High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius dated 11.14.2012

Not a warning but an advice to be very alert when you read this last Message from Marix especially the last passage !

Love from ContraMary

High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius

Channeled through Sarinah

dated Nov.14.2012


If you knew how successful you were and are

You truly have achieved great things and its history has not ended yet for a long time since the Angels of Earth in their human bodies have just started to settle down comfortably in the 5th Dimension.

And thereby your bodies are running with your highest capacity as the process of your crystallisation is at its peak running.

One could assume you had intentionally chosen this very last period of pupation at this time in order to create a particular tension!

Basically our Ceator opened the portals already in the beginning of this year in order to make the unconditional love and the immense healing powers available to the living angels and thus make ascension for them easier.

However it is often those incarnating on earth with “The Crown of Self-Mastership” who are in some sort of containment of self-elected rigidity!
They persist to stay with those sleeping which is a most honorable service in itself. And while they persist to remain in their old 3-D-lives they attempt to wake up all those still asleep.

Now this sort of service may contain also some sort of danger – as time is running short. Your earthen body needs a particular time to prepare itself for ascension. But besides the draft of ascension is an eternal one so if anyone wants to ascend somewhat later he may do so and this goes without saying.
Thereby it is not cruxial how old or young people are since there are quite a few very young humans which have stored already so much in their body- and mind-system and this simply needs time for dissolving and healing.

So if you have someone around you being drug-addicted or with physical or psychic problems – please keep in mind that this will be a service of love in order to remain so long in the surrounding of all those in need of some mirror (that is you) which is different from them and showing an alternating self .

So do not worry, everyone voting positively for ascension will ascend !

There is a whole army of Angels, Spiritual Guides and the Cosmic family on the stand-by particularly to help those humans which have remained in their old 3-D-life to its end in order to share their light with
other human beings.

Even us – the Galactic Family – we have been taken totally by surprise that your bodies react to each newly prevailing cosmic frequencies like a sort of Magnetic Cameleon!

The earthen cloak (your body) needs a little while until it has adapted itself to the transformation – still when this has been done the inflaring energies are like waves which you may surf as long as it does not make you sick!

(feelings as if you turn up in some upcut to the right), nausea, some domed abdomen on top of your solarplexus, needing less sleep, changing of body-measurements (often not disclosed on the scales), some feeling of being weightless, some deep inner stillness and feelings of unditional love : these all are signals that you have gone through your last stage of pupation and have achieved the capacitiy to live your very own God-Self !

Again we are very conscious that our words are not able to express in the least what a wonderful service at light you are and were doing so long since also the past incarnations served to the purpose of preparing you and all around you to this change of cycle.

Be assured it is not upon one single man to shovel free the path for First Contact.

It is you, the Collective which guides the Ascended Master in the Camouflage of the Presidential Office and triggers the point of timeline when anything is about to happen !

Thanking you, we bless you and bid you now farewell with: ” Until soon – beloved. until soon ….”

Thank you Marix


Translated by ContraMary

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