Ute Posegga-Rudel: Message from my God-Self – Know True Happiness!

This is again of great resonance to me so that I decided to make it available here to all of you.

We all know this element of our former 3-D in duality that formed a vital part of our life
– us racing from event to event under the illusion to gain even more happiness from the next coming one – and as we know now – missing the underlaying happiness of life in the now !

Perhaps we are all so tired – apart of what has been done to us by the Powers That Were – by this very race we voluntarily had undergone in this so called “Research of Happiness” forcing upon us such a wild race ……  ?

Still when a child I watched people around me and wondered how some of them craved for some event or to get some certain things and daydreamed about them – talked about them if …. and how happy they would be …. and afterwards when some “Now” presented it to them, I thought and expected then the foretold “happiness” !

They were happy for a certain time then and I – being a child – thought this would prevail. But it did not because soon afterwards there came up another issue which they craved for in much the same sense than before….

It was a never ever-ending circle they raced along and I being a child wondered …. and later discovered the very same traits in my own behavior … it is not easy for us humans to live complacently in the “Now” without cravingly racing behind some wishes  to come true or make real – we – captured in and from the Matrix which was pressed upon us from the Reigning Powers to use our great manifesting powers in some false way … dissipating us from our true spiritual selves to solely material matters.

Now, when awakening and with our new sight pervading the veil thrown on us all we are happily striding forward on our ascension path and I also got to know so much what was ruling our former life.

So I came across this channeled message of Ute and again like so many of her former ones there was such a resonance in me on reading it.This is another of our of old habits to let go as some remnant of duality – still following the old road but with more subtle matters which we have notified as “spiritual ones” …meaning this portal or next eclipse of some special stars and planets etc. which in all are no more than special events in our “now lives” which we crave for alike as in past 3-D.times.

These are solely changing fractals of an alike calculation deriving from old habits in the 3-Density-Matrix. Striving for ascension we still adhere to our former trait and search for more happiness – still racing from anyone event described as essential to another …. and do not consider the “Being of Love” as always present and being the greatest happiness of our true God-Selves ….

What do you think? Time to get rid of this illusory race ? We still overlook that we are repeating the very same and old attitude of racing from here to some event of tomorrow (which does not exist any more NOW) and which sounds so promising of still getting within reach of still greater happiness …e.g.:

” What if the “Great Bang” of Winter Solstice will not happen and we may have overlooked the happiness already to be gained in the “Now” of the gradual steps while walking the path of ascension?”

Ascension it is said so often is a process of proceeding and nurturing the inner growth of light in our hearts and might not come with a “Bang” but with a gentler and softer growing into the light of merging frequencies of vibrations.

Please, move these my thoughts in your hearts and read now this deep and sage channeling of Ute .

I daresay, you will know then what you have to be aware of if you want to get on and on …. it is all there – it has been all there all the time – the “Greatest Happiness of all” – always being in the Now – eternally !

It is the God-Self of each of us – it  is – it is – it is !

Om Shanti


And here comes this prescious message :

Ute Posegga-Rudel: Message from my God-Self – Know True Happiness!

As channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel – November 11, 2012


I AM your God-Self, speaking to all!

Beloved, in these times of high expectation for change, in these times of hope for a better world, and in these times of rising of conditional energy, most of you are lost in the search for a big event.

This event, so you all hope, will bring the great relieve, you think, where you can relax and be happy forever.

Is this really what you are looking for? Never-ending Happiness?
Then you are indeed looking in the wrong place!

You are on the run and your race now is not much different to your race in your old world, as long as this old world – even if not really loved, but mostly rather endured, – has not been questioned but was considered to be inevitable.

Please hold on for a moment and observe your running away from Me, your restless search for something better! Weren’t you looking all your life for something better?
Is this not a general, deep rooted human behavior, and do you think it will stop when you have ascended a bit more into a bit more loving world?

The one in the race however does not know Real Love. Real Love Is, and with True Love search ends. You are talking all the time about love, love this and love that. But as long as you are busy with your search it is a mere word, a phrase, a thought!

You are in your search not aware that your fullest satisfaction is already always present. I AM That. But running towards future and this and that event, makes you blind for Divine Reality. For the Peace of It, the Beauty of It, the Perfection of It. Truth.

Did you not know, that while you are busy with your search that you cannot feel My Beauty and Perfection? That the Reality That I Am, is never absent but always Exists, now and now and now. But not as a number of events, one after the other, but as one Great Event, beyond time and space.

Your little search of hoping for more information, for more light, for more love, for more satisfaction sometime in the future, or even “tomorrow”, does fully miss the mark! Because Fulfillment Is Already Here Before you.

Your adventure is all happening in your mind only and perhaps also a bit in your sensations, and – as you might have discovered already – in the mind many things, exiting things, awesome things, spectacular things and boring and ugly things can happen. They are all just reflections in your body-mind.

But My Divine Reality is never exciting, because It Is Fullness already. IT IS, It never changes, because It is the Substance of all the little realities of your endless search, in the good faith, you would find Real Reality in the stream of events, on the surface of happenings, in the outskirts of your experiences, as if experiences could ever really satisfy you, as you are breathlessly rushing for your next adventure.

When I Absorb you, a Sun rises that is the Origin of all splendid suns you ever would dream of, It is Primordial Radiant Existence, It is Me.

But as you are on the run, you are not aware of the heart-overwhelming Presence of Me, of Me-Reality that is Truly Divine and needs to be recognized rather than experienced.

When you recognize Me, your body might move, your mind might produce its content, but Me-Reality does not move and does not produce. It captures you in your heart first and then widens you beyond your body-mind in Love-Bliss, comprising All, past, present and future, Self-Satisfied, and you discover Me as Being the Ground on which all seeking occurs and all hopeful excitement for something better soon.

Observing this, you will understand the fruitless search and hopeful hopelessness as mere shadows, schemes, illusions, appearing here and then and always repetitive as patterns on My True Love.

With Me however you are exalted to the hight-less Presence of Radiant-Now-Reality that does not know depth. Because It is space- and timeless. It Is Infinity.

Beloved, even though there are these culmination points in your hoped for ascension process, they are still always like little sparks only on My Mere and Vast Being-ness.

I do not Ascend, I AM, but not as mind, as you think your I Am. I AM beyond mind, and I AM before mind arises. I cannot be thought, I can be felt, but I Myself are beyond feeling even. Senses ultimately do not comprise Me and even the ascended states of Masters do not contain Me, rather, I contain them.

They each to a degree have come to understand Me, but they are not Me, I Am them and I am you. But you are not Me, only if you truly heart-melt with Me and forget your name and form and all your separate belongings and thereby become One With Me. Your belongings might still exist afterwards but then you know they are Me.

The fulfillment you hope to find in your great search, even if most honorable, you will never find, as you run always forward and there is no end to it! Only when you come to rest, when you are willing to give up reaching higher and higher – you start to understand, that there is nothing to achieve, nothing to ascend to, because Truth is Unchanging and always Present, here right Now, mindlessly.

I Am found without search if you dare to simply accept Reality that does not Know excitement, but Absorbs you As Me to give Peace and Stillness and Utter Satisfaction to your finally tired heart.

My State of Being Is Wide Awake in the midst of eventful events and constant repetitions. I Am Pure, I Am Free and I Am Happiness without end. I Am Ultimate Consciousness.

If you would pause for a moment and breathe, letting go fully,- at that moment, in the midst of your illusionary search, a glimpse of Who I Am, could suddenly rise in your being, an understanding about Real Reality, about the True Waking in the midst of constant dream.

Then you might question your race for the first time! And you might desire to evoke once again that Glimpse of Me, because you start to understand.

It is this desire that will end your search, because you, for the first time, intuit True Happiness!
When you found True Happiness, everything is Happiness, trivial and more sublime things. But you are not searching them, they just arise while you Recognize Me in all of them.

Know that I Love you and Desire your True Happiness and that I AM You.

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

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