The Portals of 10/11 and 11/11 were flung open wide

This is as usual a very personal story of my very own experience.

Since I am not a very analytic character of summarizing and explainting –  synthezising a possible result of all thereof what I read and resolve with my mind .- I have to come to conclusions always through may own undergoings with my bodycells and thinking about these experiences.

This is why I always have to write about these my very personal experiences in order to clear out my resolutions for myself and to share these with you my readers.

I shall gladly then leave it to more analytic minds to find their summarizing as I am only one of all those offering gladly my lively experiences to all of you …just being one more perhaps as some proof what is happening to all of us in a personal way.

So this is my true-life-story what I underwent these days of Nov.10t/11th recently :

Considering the time lag from me to you – I underwent two nights before in my
so-called dream (which was not a dream) something which I may consider now only as a “Great Experience”:

I assume I was present on some great-portal-opening wide … I really can’t
retrieve the whole thing …but it was as if I was elevated somehow – like
floating – and there was something which was cut out or opened up and a huge mass
of gold-red flare were bursting out of it and triggered me to circle and vibrate
in a way too and it appeared to me as if I – with my bed – was turned and
twisted all night long …. sweating streams of fluids from my body – wetting my
bedsheets and nighties all through … as if being in a big sporting athletic
contest or strain …

Waking up in the morning my bed looked like a “battleflield” and in the midst of it was I (dripping all over)—- and I was still very tired sensing that I had gone through a very fierce battle or like a big sporting athletic event  buit I assume it was assimilating all the energy from this wide opened portal into my body that night. I assume still I do not know for sure.

What appeared to be the 10th and the 11th Day of November here in Europe it seemed
to me quite still and a great stillness and tiredness overwhelmed me (I even did not feel any urge to read my usual articles or channelings )and of course I had so much thirst – I was drinking all day long any fluid from milky-shakes to Green Vege Smoothies home-made by myself …. but – now today – I feel so much more refreshed and envigorated … it is amazing – it feels as if I start upon a new way of life – in a very quiet way.

All is still in a way I did not experience for a long time … Thirst is getting lesser and lesser but I still love my water bottle at my side …to reach out for it when I feel my body is thirsty again …
The wobbling of the past weeks have gone e.g. when I reached for something and missed it – so many things fell down and due to their material made of either crashed or had to be wiped up …. and so my household slowly went down to pieces …leaving me in the middle of more and more trash and not being able to restore any order again.

So I assume now I shall be able to restore a slight order of things here – even my tomcat retained from eating as much yesterday … sticking mostly to his fresh cucumbers in very thin slices ….(he loves his food with meat and fresh cucumbers as is a very peculiar cat).

This is how I got over the 11/10 and 11/11 and I feel that all the weariness of battling and fighting to assimilate energies during the last months have gone… Wow ! I am amazed and very glad!
Om Shanti

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