Greetings from Herak/Sirius dated 10.31.2012

Channeled through Frank H. Scheffler dated 10.31.2012


Balancing  of Energies for Change in 2012

After passing the last great portal of 10/10/2012 magnetic fields have broken down furthermore and this will mean that in various regions of your planet you are perceiving stars and  moon in different colours and not appearing in forms you have been used to.
Since the process of change continues transmuting your basic body-system from carbon to some crystalline system thus your body will soon no more be compelled to follow all electro-magnetic adjustments

Galactic entities create their body-processes via the command of crystalline structure deriving from Source which will be steering everything. In one of our next chanelling we shall refer back again to this very fact.

We’d like to express again our gratitude to our medium for having contacted us in some conscious way in recent months.

As I have transmitted to him only there has appeared a vehicle from the system of Orion suddenly when we had one of last meeting of contact. These entities have chosen this very moment of joining very consciously in a very calm and still moment of timeline.

Meetings with you like these are exactly choreographed within the framework of holy systems of timelines. There is nothing like accidental processing “in the game” as you might put it, it is the fact of some precisely matched “together” regarding space and sensors of vehicles concerned.

All vehicles of the Galactic Federation are co-operating in a very conscious way and there are no unconscious activities whatsoever.
Everything is running like a clockwise precision as you would express it.

This is why the process of awakening of humanity is not due to some accidental procedure, since there is a planned structure for all these changes in progression.

Release processes for the awakening consciousness of universes and your solar system have been precisely adjusted with the Creator of Father/God and Mother/Godess beforehand.
All this may appear very complicated to you but for us it is quite simple.

All patterns of energy repeating themselves in this universe are build and constructed in all spheres of life upon some continuously eternal procedure of cognition and Adjustment of Awareness.

Since more energy is available the more so will clarity pervade all fields of consciousness, truthfulness, love, and harmony
for all entities, planetary systems, galaxies, universes and thus the entire creation.

In order to assist us with the adjustment of energies further, our issues within the solar system will be enforced ever so more by various vehicles from various quadrants of Aldebaran and Orion.

Fine tuning for December 2012 has been already executed since some years ago – however, thus tasks to be dealt with have risen exorbitantly .

One part of it is – and here all members of the Federation are concerned still foremost us from the System of Sirius – to remove the
hologram around Gaia which has put you into quarantine. This has been disclosed to you already.

The other one is to make the necessary fine tuning in the energetic field of your planet – after this hologramm has been dissolved completely. This concerns as priority the system of Saturn since this huge planet is responsible for upholding the entire structure of your solar system.

As mentioned already in some recent channeling it was not by accident that the author Bergruen has – on Nasa photos made by the probes in the 70ies of last century – discovered vehicles of 40.000 km length in the Ring-Systems of Saturn.

With justification his book was rightly titled: “The Ringmakers” . We had and still have the task to support these rings with enforced
plasma in order to stabilize your solar system.

This was one of my main issues when I came to you from the Sirius System viz. to supervise the status of balancing the Ring-
System of Saturn.

Due to these tasks fields my responsibilities have increased considerably. At present I also have to supervise the balancing of energies in the realm of your Asteroid Belt between Planet Mars and Jupiter.

Intentionally in resonance to dark powers there has been created some further imbalance in the solar system. As mentioned also in some recent channeling this “missing cord” has led to all in all some considerable disturbances in the quantum-field. However such disturbances may now be compensated again.

The compensation is being done in so far since we are increasing the power influx to the Morphogenetic Field via the Ring-System of Saturn and thus enlarge the radiation of the Asteroid Belt.
As this planet does not exist furthermore we allowed to assist in the outbalancing of  this missing part of masses.

Naturally the process of the Cycle of 26.000 years ending is of great assistance for completion of our tasks due to an unsurpassed favourable  adjustment of energy deriving from the central Galaxy and its Sun by name of “Alcyon

This is only a small cross-section of our spectrum of tasks – other channel-mediums report of further transmutations on Gaia which are ever proceeding on and on..

With very best greetings from your cosmic family we transmit to you violet light for further support of your cleansing procedures.
So be it.
SELAMAT Herak Sirius

Channeled by Frank Scheffler
Translated by ContraMary

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