Awakening: Chapter 1 – In the Beginnning

We live in an amazing time these days but in order to understand all that is transpiring it is sometimes helpful to know from whence we came. I speak today not as David Wendel Robinson or Brother Dave, but as Shak’ta’i, a soul aspect of myself that remembers some of the times before earthly incarnations, I would call this my guardian aspect.   A time of being energy, a time of soaring the universe without limitation, a time of love, of freedom, of joy.

Let me begin by saying that not one of us began our lives in this beautiful earth planet known by its intelligence Gaia.   Everyone who is and has ever been is an infinite soul that has existed in various forms for all time.   We are all aspects of our creator but gifted with our own unique awareness.  We are eternal.

Each and everyone who has entered the “Earth” experience has done so with full knowing and awareness.  We who came did so understanding the possibilities of what may take place.  This is an important understanding.  Nothing that has happened during our incarnations, could happen to us unless we agreed to it or allowed it to happen by failure to think otherwise.

It has been written and spoken many times by many enlightened souls that “Spirit is the essence, mind is the creator and the physical is the result.”  This is important to remember for we are co-creators with the source.   Nothing can come to us unless we create it or allow it.

Some years ago, during a brief time of illness I, Brother Dave (Shak’ta’i), had a powerful vision/dream, in it I remembered myself, and I remembered soaring freely through the universe, I remembered many souls, including some of whom I have encountered in this life.   In my vision I saw these souls not as physical beings, but as energy but knew them as certainly as if I had seen them with physical eyes.   This was a very incredible and special vision but it was also difficult to remember for while clear to the sub-conscious and super conscious mind, the physical mind cannot perceive infinity, so remembrance took a very long time for the conscious mind to understand in any way.   But over time it understood by interpreting through symbols.

I, Shak’ta’i also remember a time when the one I call in human words, “Elder brother, first born light”, had looked upon the earth, upon Gaia and the souls incarnated in the physical sphere of Gaia and felt a great sadness, for Elder brother saw that the souls in this sphere had become so immersed in physical experience that they were lost and could not remember their true being.    Elder Brother then cried out upon the heavens and we heard across the universe of the concern for these souls.  And so we came, from every part of the infinite universe we came, we came to see, and we came to help, we came and a plan was formed to aid the lost souls.  For you see, no soul can save another soul but we can show an example that other souls may see and may choose to embrace.  So we came and we entered into physicality in that place.  We chose to lose ourselves, so that we could in the scheme of time remember ourselves and through our examples, inspire and lift up the souls who were immersed so deeply that they forgot their true spiritual being.    So you see, as we remember who we are, so also do our family who are immersed deeply remember who they are.

Some of these souls have become what you in this realm think of as “Ascended Masters”.   Others will not be chronicled or remembered in the greater scheme of physicality but perform their work more quietly and without recognition, but we all choose the role we will play.   What we do is a labor of love, so recognition or not, does not matter.  What matters is our remembering and sharing that with all who wish to listen.    We do not force our understanding on any but through our lives and our examples strive only to lift up ourselves and with that also lift up our family.   With our remembering we aid also the remembering of all here in this sphere.

Likewise there have been legions of souls and other universal beings who did not incarnate but served to help all those who did.   You may know them by many names but let me be clear that none of us are alone.   We all have a great universal family that we may recognize in many ways.  We may call them angels, or galactic family or many other names  but for eons they have been here to help us, to guide us, to aid us when we asked and to love us without condition, to keep us from falling too deeply and to guide us when necessary.  We have never been alone, nor will we ever be alone.   And never have we lost the freedom of our personal will unless we ourselves surrendered it.   We, each and every one are responsible for our actions and for what we experience in spirit or in materiality.   This is our greatest gift from creator.

Now many focus on those they perceive as the “dark ones” who are called by many names.  Let us be clear then that these are 3 dimensional perceptions of 3D minds.   There are no “dark ones” in truth for all who exist are children of the creator.   Now yes, there are those who turn their minds so greatly from the creative source and that they forget completely their true selves.   And there are those who lust so greatly for control of others that they deny themselves the love of their creator and the love of their infinite brothers and sister.  But all of these have a choice.  We all have a choice.  Even if we think we are subjugated by others, that even is a choice we have made, not in conscious mind but on some soul level, where we have allowed it.   But if you don’t like that choice you can always change  it dear brothers and sisters, through love.   Remember you always have free will, the freedom to choose.  And no one, not even the angels themselves can take that away from you.   We have chosen individually and as groups what we experience in this world.   Nothing has been forced upon us by any other, but there is much which we allowed either by choice or by inaction.

This earth, this Gaia is moving on though and we all have choices to make.  We can awaken and move on with Gaia, or we can choose any of an infinite other paths.  However since our first incarnations in this world it was agreed and planned that we would awaken and ascend with Gaia, our earth mother, that is what we came here for.  But we still have free choice, but our choice cannot override Gaia’s choice or the choices of those who wish to continue with her.   No one of us can control another who does not wish to be controlled.

Now many have spoken or theorized about souls “so dark” (who in conscious mind really understands dark and light, we think we do but we do not, only the our spirit selves can perceive the balance and truth).   Many have theorized about those who became the controllers, the manipulators, the “dark ones” and what will happen to them.  This I can tell you with certainty, they will all have choices.   Infinite choices, but their old ways will cease to have harmful effects on others who do not wish it.   They can change and return to infinite love with their consciousness or they can choose to forget their oneness with creative source and all life and eventually forget even themselves, wherein their great gift of consciousness will cease to exist as it is in absolute denial.  But in between these are infinite possibilities and infinite choices for them.  You see, even the dark ones are loved.  Creator loves all that is created, and there is no concept of “punishment”  in the essence of creator.   Only choices.  Gaia, earth, Terra, is ascending and moving on into more loving dimensional presence, the majority of humanity (we the ancient star children who chose to be here) will also ascend, awaken and move on with her.  This was our choice so very long ago.  This was our plan.    But if there are some who do not choose that, some who are so mired in lower vibrational consciousness, there will be paths for them also, but they will no longer be able to impose their concepts of limitation and control on the rest of humanity.

Now, many expect that on a certain date and time there will be a sudden change.   I tell you truthfully, there is a change, but it is not a sudden change as some expect.  Awakening, ascension, entering into the higher dimensions of consciousness is not a “moment” it is part of a continuing progression that never ends.  It is true on what many perceive in Earth/material human time as Dec 21, 2012 that there will be a “quickening of sorts”.  That date does not actually mark the beginning of the new, but is really a celebration of the ending of the old misunderstandings.   The new is a pattern of growth, and we will each follow that pattern in our own way.   But it is a pattern that is filled with love, patience and understanding and there are many possible manners of expression and  choice within it.

So do you want to accelerate this pattern for yourself?  It is quite easy really:  Forgive yourself the errors of your past.  Forgive others the errors of their past, no matter how grievous they seem to your conscious mind.  Embrace Infinite love and remember that in love all things are possible if you do not judge yourself or others.   Judgement is the basis of fear, and fear is the only thing that can hold you back.   In the words of an American President, Franklin D Roosevelt, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”.

My dear brothers and sisters, what has passed for all of us in the many thousands of year we have been within this earth consciousness no longer matters.  Learn what can be learned, then release the past and live now in the moment.  For it is the moment that you will know your awakening.   It is that which is NOW!  Not tomorrow, not mired in the yesterdays, but only in the now.   This is your moment, your life, this is your awakening,  Now.

I have come to you through this consciousness, known in earth experience as Brother Dave, but I am Shak’ta’i, one of the many keepers of the sacred flame, guardians of the eternal truths.   And I know you each and every one, for we are brothers and sisters of the same creator, same father-mother.

I love you each and everyone, just as your are, even as I am loved by all of you and our creator, infinitely now and in all-ways.

I will come again when the moment is now and share again of that which I have always known and you have always known, that we may awaken together to our true selves.


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  1. So very much to the point and well written in style and contents and from all there is a shine and vibrations coming overwhelming our inner hearts with such a huge loving light … I am very thankful for it …..

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