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Simply to re-blog some articles is not entailed in my like and so far I have always tried to avoid reblogging from other sites lest for a few exceptions.

But when I browse through some blogs and fall upon some scripts that reveal so much authenticity about their writers that my inner heart’s beliefs are stirred with so much resonance like this one from Kauilapele I simply have to share it with you my readers.

On reading it, one is surrounded with such a dense vibration of the situation described here that to me it seems like whirling me in a hush of a second to the writer’s side sharing his delight what made him write this beautiful description when he took his special morning coffee with his very own special delightful thoughts:

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This is one Reason I am Here

Posted on 2012/10/31

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What I’m talking about is the ships that are here. All the time. Sometimes visible in a cloud form, with Sol behind, sometimes not.

It matters not at all what anyone thinks of me or my perceptions of what’s out there.

The great thing now is that there is so much less of the question, “What’s out there?”, and a lot more of the question “What’s in here?”. Meaning, “What’s here within me?”

And what many used to see “out there” is really “in here”.

“They” are here (the Galactics, Angels, Higher Ones), because “They” are in here. “They” are us.


After this read I really wished to have been in an alike situation with Kauilapele – sitting at his side – not talking nor exchanging far and wide with many words our views – but silently sharing feelings and being near with our hearts flying up together into this beautiful sights before us.

However resorting to my thoughts of fantasy I may depict and sense myself at his side and  in utmost gratitude to our all source for sharing his thoughts here.

Om Shanti and with Blessings to all who feel alike me here !


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