The Weirdest Day of the Year : Samhain-Allerheiligen “HALLOWEEN”

our ancestors before Christianity celebrated this very day – when they believed during this night the gap between two worlds of Here and There is to open only once upon a time in the year and the incarnated humans on earth could thus reunite with their ancestors of The Other World (“There”) again for one night. This is the night when spirits, fairies, ghosts of “Inbetween Worlds” may come into the incarnated worlds of our lives here enjoying and uniting with us to still all yearning love when they may be near to each other !

And this feast of celebration and joining of these two worlds – firmly separated all the rest of the year has been transmitted when the old religions were abandoned for the Christian and other religious beliefs … this feast and this very day stayed on  and became Halloween or All-Halo-Eve … And you will be able to see from the German Name of it  .- the meaning remained unchanged : “(Eve) of All-Saints” as Halow is the old Germanistic or Anglo-Saxon Term of Saint….

In many areas on the European Continent – and it is the very old custom from their ancient time – people on this day go to their graveyards and lit candles in memory of their beloved ancestors long passed away …. imagine all the candles shining their lights on those graveyards as if the living world want to show the way to those passing the gap on to our incarnated realm! Lights of Love and Compassion to facilitate re-union of the living and (what we call the dead) the spirits.  This is the original and real sense of Halloween deriving from ancient timelines to us.

And this my poor writing here should substitute as a sort of candle shining on the way and bridging the gap between the worlds of “Here and There” for all those who would like to pass it in order to join us for one holy night of the year !

Singing the Welcome on Halloween’s Eve

the night when the veil is thinning …
it ‘s the feast we all are beginning – today —

Samhain the old pagants’name is given …
the veil tears a rip and shows a narrow gap …
of other worlds to open up the knitted net

And once a year we greet the “Other World” –
spirits and fairies and old families of ours —

Welcome,  welcome here,
to meet compassionately without any strain –
enjoy each other until we join again …
this is Halloween –
Samhain of our ancestors old …
with all the ghost- and fairy-stories to be told …..
In this very sense of mine –
my very best and loving wishes
for ♥♥♥ S A M H A I N ♥♥♥<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3  and for all those understanding German and English I’d like to follow the weird path of today and recite some German verses I wrote long ago in 1992 …..
which match perfectly to this very night and probably many thoughts of man of us :
Hex Hex – the Witch is not solely flying but singing powerful in hurling winds – Hex Hex
Hex Hex – Hexen fliegen nich nur hoch – sie singen auch machtvoll  ihr Lied im Wind – Hex Hex
Die Sonne flirrt,
ich greif den Strahl,
zieh mich hinauf
zum Himmelsgral!
Sunshines whirls
I cease his beam
and drag myself to all his grail.
und zischend fährt der Sonnenstrahl
durch mich hindurch –
zu enden alle Qual.
and sizzling does the beam go through myself
and ending all the pain of mine.
Mein Herz erbebt,
ein Quell schiesst hoch,
ergiesst sich als ein lichter Sog.!
My heart much quivers,
a fountain source is rising
and cascades down in sucking light !
und fliesst als reissend
Flut voll Glanz
durch Leib und Seel
in lichtem Tanz!
and tearing river it is full shine
goes deep down through soul and body mine.
Ich spüre schon das Drängen in der Tiefe,
es ist, als ob mich alles riefe…
I sense the pressure in my depth
of innerself and calling up to me …
versuch zu lauschen –
zu erfahren, was tief in mir
die Helfer sagen …
try so hard to perceive what is said.
listen what my helpers telling
kann die Botschaft nicht versteh’n
muss ruhig bleiben – weitergeh’n …
miss the very sense of all they call –
have to still my yearning – walking on my path …
Geduldig sein, wenn Sinne schrei’n
und zerr’n an festen Bändern
es lässt sich noch nichts ändern …
In patient mood –  with boiling blood –
all senses shrieking – I tear on ropes full power
still no change in sight – even from a tower …
Es kommt von selbst. wenn reif die Zeit,
wart nur die kleine weile,
dann bin ich bald in heil’ger Meile.
Time will ripen in due course.
wait along a little and I shall see
how holy will i become and be …
Erst dann begreife ich die Welt
und seh, was sie zusammenhält.
Es wühlt in mir und bricht ans Licht,
ich werd’s erschaun, wenn Tag anbricht.
And then I ‘ll know what is behind
all Worlds, which is the Glue confined –
It stirs in me and raised to light,
I ‘ll watch it’s coming in daylight.
Geduld Geduld, mein liebes Herz,
was kümmert dich die Weile,
lauf nicht davon in grosser Eile 1
Patence exert ! My dearestr heart,
do not too worry about the longer spam
and not take foreclose on wayward run …
Die Sonne flirrt,
der Mond scheint silber,
und gibt im Traum die wahren Bilder.
Sun is whizzling  and
Moon pours silver and
you will share his dreams
with truthful pictures…
Und kommt heut noch “Samhain-DIE NACHT”
wird es vollbracht
mit aller Macht !
And will there be this night “Samhain”
We shall meet and have all gain
in power without any longer strain !
Wir reiten dann im Mondesglanz
hoch hinauf zum Silbertanz
in funkelnden Kristallen…
vom Sternenschein,
von deinem Sein,
streust du in alle Träume ein..
We fly high in moonlight ‘s silver
to dance and sing of glistening crystals so clear
and glancing starshine
of all beings we spray so loving
into your hunan dreams.
Der Mond, der Mond, er kommt heut Nacht,
und magisch Tun wird dann vollbracht.-
The Moon is full – descends this night
for us to do its Magic Might!
Wir fliegen hoch im lichten Schwarm
und sehen uns dann Arm in Arm !
We ‘re flying high in lightning swarm
we ‘ll see each other one – from arm in arm !
Einmal um des Lichtes Rund,
einmal um den dunklen Schlund,
denn was hier licht ist, ist dort dunkel,
dort sind wir nur ein Sterngefunkel !
One turn around the Source of Light,
another one around in darkest might,
as all light on our side,
becomes the dark in “Other World”
and glittering stars we shine  there from afar …
Wir werfen von dem lichten Mond
die Funken vor die Nacht,
damit im Dunkel Licht erscheint
und Sehnsucht hell sie macht.
And sparks we take from moon in shine
cast them to darker walling nights
to give the dark a sparkling shine
of yearning hearts for light …
Ein wenig Tränenglanz in Silber,
ein Quentchen hoffnungsvolle Bilder,
Ein Zweig vom Schattenland der Seele,
ein Blick in’s Feuer eig’ner Hölle,
Das ist das Leben, unser Spiegel !
Heute Nacht erlöst sich unser Siegel !
A little teardrop in some shade of silver,
a little spoon of hopeful pictures,
Some branch from our shadow land of souls
One look into inferno hell we own …
that’s life – reflecting us as truthful mirror
and this Night will release for us
all bondage-seals for ever ….
ContraMary 1992 for German Original
31.October 2012 for English Translation
<3<3<3  Happy Halloween <3<3<3
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