What I am thinking now ….. being on the Road to Ascend ….

When it comes to me this Road towards Ascension has been a really long one if I consider that consciously I started it in 1987 after my mother had passed over.

Not that I felt being left alone …this feeling I had already when being a young child. But when I had completed all the ceremonial events of bidding farewell to her I was left – so I recognized – with a heap of débris concerning our so weird relationship of hate and love which so often occurs between the “Old Queen and the Uprising young Daughter” in 3-D.  This has been depicted so colourful in the Fairy Tale of Snowhite.

I realized – although we had made up in a big style (after which she died two days later) that there was still a great heap of inner issues left for me to deal with. And to start on this heap I consciously made a serious decision to review and recapitulate all my life and try to give it a very new start into some other direction. I did not know then in which way I was to turn, however I picked up my spiritual research which I had hitherto only done halfheartedly.

This research took me to many places offering spiritual help and enlightening – reading so many books of various directions promising absolute relevation etc.  I attended spiritual classes demanding to follow up rigid principles – and found out that all those societies of spiritual enlightenment which did not charge large financial amounts (which I did not have) were those I had to be aware of most as these wanted myself and inner being more than everything else.

And as I was on my individual quest and research what was behind the forward scenery of life I learned a lot about this part of spiritual scenery. As I had questioned and been reading and thinking many substantials of philosophy and religious subjects I tended more and more to deal with all themes myself in my very own way of questioning and thus were driven off and away from any organisation attempting  to gain one more disciple = me and shove me into the “Light” according to their own fixed prerequisites and norms. I found out, once and for all, and made it clear that I was standing alone and solely for myself in life. It is I – and no-one else -hat has to find and construct a spiritual path to my inner enlightment and revelation.

Thus I arrived here and reached this point of ascension where I am now. Getting to know all about ascension and all explanations about the “Divine Plan” and incarnations here as Starseed had given me the eventual and essential push to chose this path in great strides.

Thanks to channeling messages from Sirius and sharing vital knowledge of light from 2012 Scenarios’s Blogs I could achieve all facts I wanted to know.

And now in Zero-time on what is defined the final leap towards ascension I found out today the essentials of my very own “Road to Ascend” :

It is entirely mine, it is entirely individually confined to me and what I am, in conjunct to “All-There-Is”. No other message nor precise admonition what is happening to us all may touch and affect my very own way – apart from giving me some leads what other humans in a similar position like mine feel and declare. But it all rules down to me and it is exactly I who has to direct the way how to build my further life – still here before ascension and then after it. Thus I felt today a moment of full consciousness – it is not only to let go of all 3-D experiences entailing ethical guidelines – life-memories – experiences – habits — it is going deeper down once you have left all these former 3D-Issues of duality.

Looking out of my window I saw the small road before my eyes fully immersed in heaps of fallen leaves from the Lindentrees in all their colourful shades and mild automn-sun made them shining once more in all variety. There I was and all of a sudden it came to my mind that I had lost all my grounding and orientation of former life. Being so busy with getting rid of former 3-D-issues which were no longer useful – I had overlooked this subsequent effect:

Sailing with Gaia through space to new realms – without any of the former pressures and “musts” I was deeply impressed by a new existence of being volatile and utterly free without anything that I’d have to comply to for being grounded in some habitual way.  It came like a little shock to me at first and then I just focused on the new prerogatives of Love – Compassion – and Sharing. These I got firm hold on and kept them as “hold-ons” and I felt so good with them on my way to where I am sailing with Earth – my beloved planet – into our new destiny and golden crystal age ……

There was utter peace and security around me …. and this I wanted to share with you all.
This might have been the very moment of my personal and conscious final decision whether to go forward or return to old pillars of grounding being frightened by this newly gained freedom ……

I have made my conscious and final decision today …. what about yours ?

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The Years of Life tell me that I am old - My Inner Heart tells me that I am young - it is proof that I still live in Duality and as I decided to outgrow this Matrix I am prepared to ascend into some other realm leaving all the old and shabby patterns behind me pluck up all my courage for the New Age with shining lights so Golden of Promise - And take with me nothing but love - peace - harmony and one only virtue of 3-D density : staying a pioneer all my lifes ... ready for another adventure ... with the Help of God Almighty...