Greetings from Herak/Sirius dated 10.11.2012

Channeled through Frank H. Scheffler
Source of German Original:

Dear Siblings of the Stars – we are greeting you !

From our outer posts in your solar system we are greeting you and it is with satisfaction that we may report to you that all procedures of changing your world defined by Principles of Duality into a Galactic one are being renewed and persevered day after day.

This we’d like to manifest with an example. All of those watching their inner proceedings over the past recent years will have certainly noticed that their energies have shifted. Apart from the bodily side-effects deriving naturally from this transmutation you will have noted that you have become more sensitive, more aware of your feeling and brightly hearing etc. intuition and decisions by heart have elevated many of you to a stage where thinking by way of your mind and brain has been shoved into the back.

A substantial part of you has made decisions to change its lifestyle – be it for moving to other places or changing jobs.
All these movements within the range of the morphogenetic network are being transferred to other human beings and thus intentionally demonstrated – also converted and manifested into activities.
We’d like to give you some additional information about this morphogenetic network or plasma-field:

There are socalled sensoric activities which are carried out in this very field i.e. tiny particles are maintaining a permanent flow of energy. And permanently it is completely fed by pieces of energetical information by way of thought-impulses. These entail also great fears and destructive energies. And this is why for centuries plans of war by the Illuminaties could be kept alive since the collective energies of all Mankind could have revived this scenario repeatedly  and in a permanent way.

With regard to the massive change of your solar system we’d like to quote again some passages of Key 304  from the
Book titled “The Keys of Enoch”

Para 1:
This key elucidates that the human species from earth is in possession of some direct arc of light – a direct focus of light- steering biological rhythms. Soon man will learn that he is not dependent directly on the paradigma of the magnetic field in order to renew his biological rhythms and safeguard his life-system.

Para 2:
There is now another and new source of light reaching our solar system penetrating the magnetic field of Earth and thereby changing biological rhythms. Thus the human species on earth will be compelled to abolish its old time-cells of awareness of such levels as physical, emotional. mental and spiritual concerns.

Since the human “Arcs of Light” start to undergo a change also there is also another power of light starting to work with electro-magnetical powers and thus inducing cerebral cavities which will be levied to some higher mental frequency so that human beings will be able to perceive and receive “Whole-Light-Beings” teaching the program of the next following creation level.

Para 9:
Regarding the new electro-magnetical frequency constitutes an independent astro-biological threshold yet combined to a multiplicity of other atro-biological thresholds which creates a “waistband of living lights” with the integration of a manifold coloured thresholds of lights.

Para: 52
We have to conceive that geo-magnetic polarity reversals and alterations of electro-magnetic density form necessary ingredients for the recycling of human biochemical procedures when mankind takes on a new body of light.

However, with all these fundamental alterations we have to ascertain that from viewpoint of some singular relativity there is no fixed measurement of time for all this change. Time-factor will be related to some sliding criterion of events of galactical and planetary scope – matching the spiritual activity of some certain “Son-Universe” guiding the blueprint of “causal fertility”.

If you had a slight idea how many daily destructive energies of the mainstream media try to stop this process of re-modelling your planet !

And it is only a very small group holding the majority of mankind on this level of falsehood. If you only alter your way of thinking in your collective consciousness this would essentially speed up all change!

Being more conscious and being in the “Now” every day – feeling who you truly are in all reality … this would speed up “Change” even considerably more.

However, critical mass for change has been reached since long and therefore any return to the old conditions is no longer possible.

Financial markets go on losing ground and soon there will an implosion of quite some great extent !

We are repeatedly busy with cleansing your atmosphere and some of you may have noted that air has been partially improved to some extent.

Daily we are – via our sensoric vehicles – receiving information about the air-composition and thus are then able to filter air via our bigger vehicles and even enriching part of it with additional oxygen.

These vehicles are operating dematerialized and those energies may not be observed by your eyes. However, some of you succeeded to obtain pics of these vehicles with your digital-cameras.

You are facing – still within this month – more and greater masses of energy which will essentially increase until beginning of November.

Meditate – as often you may be able to – in order to encounter these energies in a centered and focused way. This is our advice: try to evade the hectic activities of your planet and allow yourselves moments of retirement and inner contemplation.

Leave it to Lady Gaia to affect you and do enjoy nature of this splendid and beautiful planet!

With the most-loving greetings from our different dimensions we are sending you white-golden light.

So be it.
Selamat Herak Sirius
channeled by Frank H. scheffler
Translated by ContraMary

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