High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius dated 10.13.2012

Channeled through Sarinah


Part of the “One Whole”

While – on one part – some deeply hidden inner issues of yours are boiling up to the surface, your individual process of ascension will – on the other side – entail a bit of imbalance and even sadness of your being. However these will be followed by phases of joy and clearance. Your field of consciousness is being widened immensely so that e.g. channeling will not be necessary any longer since you may be able to converse with us directly just like with friends.

It is very important that this a.m. almost automatical dissolving takes place since all these hidden matters may leave you only after you having seen them again or better: felt again. Besides you are about to let go of your “old life” and of course it has to do absolutely with something of the nature like bidding farewell for good. Thus are the explanations why you are feeling so tired and sad too. Since the energy of the Central Sun will melt down everything not capable of being taken on with you into higher realms.

Yes, there is an intensive update-programming running in your bodies which in turn is being noted individually, old patterns of programm are being thrown off – however not before asking permission from that individual carrier of a specific body.

Therefore it may appear that you are turning round and round again like in a circle regarding for instance addictions or certain illnesses. Still please keep in your mind that sometimes it is more advisable and necessary to carry out a transformation by installments since done otherwise would overstress your system too much.

It may happen that certain matters will show up repeatedly again in your memory and emotion involving also your customary habits which you thought having gotten rid of long ago …and there they are again ! Don’t worry because of it – you did not overlook anything, this is only one of the effects of a.m. installmentally dissolving of old issues meant to protect you from over-stressing your system and thus you may be able to come up to your daily duties and chores.

The final lap of ascension is a short one and all such realizations entail for you severeness – they are very prescious ones as knowing about them you will be able to help others to get up upon those very spots where you had stumbled too. Yes, even when you have ascended there will be challenges for you. Learning as such will never cease – or better put: “recalling memories” !

Since your ancient knowledge will be recalled and awakens during these days and this is why it needs more space on your HDD (Hard Drive Disk) so that everything not conforming to this ancient knowledge has to go off! And these are not “must-speedy” preparations for ascension itself but  for our First Contact too.

As you will observe there is some increasing light on the horizon and you will watch this well especially at night as this particular phenomenon has something to do with our places of light which are gently showing themselves into your reality.

As Gaia is moving smoothly but swiftly – diving into the realm of spiritual worlds, quite gently and calmly in her own way and does carry all her children to where they once started their voyage into the embodiment of their existence in duality.

Wherever you are just now while reading this message – we’d like you to know that we never have been separated from you ….never


Thank you Marix


Translated by ContraMary

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