High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius dated 10.01.2012

Channeled through Sarinah


Ascension – Fast and Save …

More and more powerful is the Call-up of the Golden Angel growing nowadays. You cannot simply miss hearing it. Even those having slept for long in the cold world of duality now set out on their quest to find out about the meaning of life itself.

Even in public life there are sparkles to be seen sprayed so that matters are evaluated in their shining lights which correspond to true life and not to what was pretended to be true. Since the mind-control does not work any longer once a certain limit of clearness has been reached. All those manipulating people still  have to keep in mind that people are joining together – standing up against them which do not act for the good and wellbeing of the “little ordinary guy” and in his very sense.

This is why there are explanations of solidarity are arising and citizens not in need are standing up for those in want and those which are compelled to savings cutting down their ways of living. Please, do not abandon such ways of activities – keep it up – since the more citizens are devoting themselves to such services of light the better it will be and ensure your success.

It could be well thought that there is some destructive power – still this is due to Law of Resonance although light from high above in a whiff of time will bring about just the very matters to those who have afflicted to all the people so far: destruction, dissipation, poverty, hunger and desperation. These very people have now to deal with such very energies confronting them today.

So now note please although those playing in the shadow cling to their power longer than expected – still they are now thus racing this old formation of domineering powers up against the wall !

It is due to them that the old system of duality is driven down with windy speed!

The old team of guards is kept busy with “saving the system” but this will affect nothing else than “crash of the former system”.
We do know about all the sufferance and all evil matters afflicted to you and we assure you that we intervene and assist you wherever it is possible.

Thus it is not – as was planned – upon the governments to announce and invite us but it is the group of lightworking people who does so! These lightworking people incarnated in masses here on earth some time ago in order to achieve just such issues and to do just these very things what they are doing now !

Lightworking – what an expression – it includes so many features : Keeping the Light, Beaming the Light, Spreading the Light etc. However the most essential and important matter is that you know : Your Service was and still is successful .. even so much sucessful !

Applause and congratulation of the Spiritual World and the Galactic Family to you because despite of all obstacles you have been successful to straighten up at the light not only yourselves but doing this to others too.

So thus now may follow what we all are longing so much to experience: “The Disclosure of our Presence and the real Re-union of our Families”!
What a joy and delight, what a feast to celebrate, and what kind of wonderful earthly angels you are! …. How much we love you …how much !

Thank you Marix


translated by ContraMary

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