Greetings to you – Siblings of the Stars, 8-21-2012

Message from Herak/Sirius
channeled by Frank H. Scheffler
dated August 21, 2012
Source of German Original:

Greetings to you – Siblings of the Stars!

Together with my channeling of today I am announcing to you a further
huge wave of photon-energy from your central sun. This has been
mentioned already in some other and recent messages.

This highly energetic wave will reach its peak on the coming next
weekend as this was submitted from the higher realms and is considered the
first conclusion of the central solar cycle for the entire universe. The
impact of this wave will be so huge that it will be sensed eternally in all

This wave is such profound that it will feed the morphogenetic field with
everything needed for the return to Source.

Entities not corresponding to your DNA structure will experience also
further degrees of risings. There will be a shift of evolution for all
all of the planetary beings and thus the eternal spiral of All-There-Is
will be conditioned in further ascending patterns.

Recently we took from your German comments that according to your
belief the number of ships in your solar system would suffice – still
this was a false assumption.

The process of – as you would put it – the increase of the associated
fleet – has nothing to do with instructions from commanding instances in
order to place more vehicles at disposal.

This is a divine proceeding – our vehicles are self-contained biological
entities measuring independently all processing life-cycles and
energy-patterns of the individual star quadrants.

In our last channeling I cited in cooperation with our channel-medium
once again out of the Book “The Keys of Enoch” and still also today
we are able to explain almost in a perfect way the work- and
task-process of our vehicles (mentioned in the last passage here) by way
of the keys from out this book.

Since we do not want invent the “Wheel” anew – only would like to turn it a
bit on since everything has already been achieved:

We are feeling that these texts from this book can not be followed on
always with your mind-level. Please when reading these lines try to grasp
it more with your intuition  as this will help you to take up this information
somewhat better.

Key 201 refers to the a.m. process of dealing with the energetic tasks:

Passage 20

As I was brought on the legion ship I saw that the conversion system was
assembled by ten pulsating pyramids of light of which five were
directed with their tips upright above and the other five vice versa so
there are masses of points pulsating showing the star-patterns (as seen
from the vehicle).

Passage 21

First a known model of the star system will be fed into this unity. Then a series of patterns ( in form of light-impulses ) of the stars will be coordinated between the pyramidal angles of the first and last pyramid. This is done by a particular system of light-sensors of the
starship which takes up pulsation of light from the vertical A-Line Vectors of the star in question. This will be thus received and be transmitted to the basic line of the first pyramid. There they will meet pulsating B-lines from Anti-Light-Measurements which come in as
vertical lines from the opposite vectors of the star.

Passage 24

Additional there will be another further procedure which is destined to
show magnetic and features of colors submitted by stars indicating
the exact aging life-process and the specific life track of an
arbitrary number of intelligent species associated with a star .

Passage 25

Thus this intelligent vehicle may interpret all sorts of light
apparitions deriving from a star – then placing the unloading particles
in a row and being able to ascertain undelayed following details:

How many species are living in a given density of light?
How these species are organized within communities and environmental systems?

Which is the energy and physical laws reigning over the environment of this species?  And many further geological, astronomical and metratonical formulations.

Now it is again the turn of Herak:

To put it simple we may talk of a procedure here which has given to us
from highest divine level in order to stabilize the space of universe in
the lower spheres of density.

This also concerns explosions of the sun which could not correspond to
the changes vital for maintaining a star system. This does not mean that
any imbalance in weight will be maintained. Also here energies are
dealt with as such to be balanced later. There is always an equilibrium made
to the light.

Dark structures may exist for long periods and may work out their
structures but eventually they are always conquered by light energies in
the run of the Game.

Thus it is happening also in your “Game of Duality” – the victory is always with the light !

So be it.

Selamat Herak Sirius

Thank you Herak.

German Source:
Translated by ContraMary

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