The Tone (Sound) – Wake-up Call for Mankind – High Vibrations from Sirius

High Vibrations from Sirius Message from Marix
channeled through Sarinah
dated August 22, 2012

The Tone (Sound) – Wake-up Call for Mankind

While the sun speeds up the physical restoration of human beings it is inevitable for those struggling through old disease patterns to stop their train of life for some moments in order to review it.

Yes we are definitely conscious that life must be felt often like driving on a speedway -to stop driving and getting off the vehicle is not that easy and will imply courage.

Now all days passing by until we truly shall see each other – they are essential for you as each hour there are programs running in your bodies evoking in those wanting to ascend that they become more and more subtle.

Thus on the day of our arrival a direct meeting will be possible without us having to throttle our frequency of energy. As being able to come to you with our full power this will facilitate immensely our dialogue with the old governments.

Not only that you are becoming more and more subtle, you are also on the brink of being healed in an integral way. This will also imply of course that everything will vanish from your old system connected to loss of body-cells, disease or destructive thinking.

It could be that there are certain body aches arising which were thought to have overcome since long ago. Please look upon these ailments as some programs of purification take place inside and outside of you and do consider these procedures not as something adverse but as a friendly apparition. It is essential that these matters arise to the surface since otherwise you will not be able to let go of them and thus even your ascension would be endangered.

Dealing with the subject of weight as this concerns many lightworkers and there are many questions regarding this topic which have reached us.

Now is the time that your body not only will become increasingly more crystalline but even lighter in weight which will happen almost automatically. Admittedly this could also evoke some food intolerance especially with all fine food which become intolerable to your body since it does not need it anymore.

It may happen that taking foodstuff not being of assistance to crystallization procedures is adverse to your body and it gets rid of these matters simply by excreting it – either by increased perspiration or having to go to the toilet more frequently or nausea. As you know every human has his/her individual reactions.

Your human body will approach into ideal condition you are losing weight or in case of underweights you will gain weight.

Please keep in mind that everything you decline will be sort of being glued to you returning to you in an apparently repeating loop of eternity.

Still – touching the subject of the sound or tone which will incite the earthen citizens to become more conscious and urging ascension.

This kind of sound – and certainly some of our readers have heard it already – it is a sort of assistance from the spiritual realms to install masses of human beings with some clear consciousness in which this very tone is a safe staircase to get home alive and sound – returning to heaven!

Furthermore this signal and wake-up call – since this is it very nature in reality – announces the First Contact and everything connected to it!

This is the Clarion calling – together with all Colors of Heaven in its mighty divine frequency in which Earth bathes her children – calling awake in all living beings – the remembrance of eternal truth! Every soul will know when listening to this call and every human citizen of earth will know in his/her inner heart that there will be something very important “ante portas”. This is to prepare for the coming event of our meeting!

We are here ! Dear friends, we, your Siblings of the Stars, Ascended Masters, Angels and many more, we are here and we have kept our promise!

Thank you Marix
Translated by ContraMary

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