Greetings to you – Siblings of the Stars, 8-11-2012

Greetings from Herak/Sirius
channelled through Frank H. Scheffler
dated August 11, 2012
Source of German Version:

Greetings to you – Siblings of the Stars

It is since some time now that we greet you as “Siblings of the Stars” and this we do because the Meeting-Point of us all is in the near offing.
The increase of energetic frequency in this cycle of suns and the central sun has been an exorbitant one and will be aggravated further until this month’s end.

Concerning us on the big spaceships we are given an interesting task viz. to support furthermore stabilization of the morphogenetic or plasma-field of your solar system.

Dissolving the Divine Decree of Free Will has been done and thus energetic justification of conscious interaction to stop the activities of the Cabals. has been granted.

As many times we could read on your Internet-pages the date of 8.4.2012 as appropriate for intervention of Galactic forces we again ask you to note that there is no relevance of daily dates with us here. We solely measure the energetic cycle of fields and on behalf of resulting figures we may conclude how to proceed further on.

This procedure based on the Sacred Geometry has been submitted in a perfect way in the Book “The Keys of Enoch”, to which we should like to refer hereunder :

First of all we should like to explain from Key 118 all what is proceeding presently in your solar system:

Passage 44
Henoch explained that the Brotherhood of Light will put a blue-white solar spectrum over our sun-system in order to prevent our sun going through collapsing stars ( please see former channeling dated 3.14.2012 in which we have explained the hologram more distinctly) while human species will be newly programmed in order to proceed as part of planned higher evolutionary process from a 3-dimensional crystal-field to a 5-dimensional one.
At this time again several spiritual entities elucidated by advanced grades of light will enter the next plane of being and become multidimensional beings of intelligence.

Passage 45
Lend your ear to these words and know that the Divine Light will disperse the solar mass when all magnetic chains of the stars are being dissolved.

Passage 46:
You, who are in love with God, may know that all lightnings sent unto the utmost borders of earth are divine seals.
God will set his Divine Law and His Councillors of Heaven above Earth.

Passage 47
Man will see that limits of intelligence are not basically fixed according to our solar system, on the contrary, limits of intelligence are carrying thence energies of their very own stars. They will blossom anew, wherever a Starseed will pass by.

Passage 48:
Progressing of a soul – and this goes for the entire frame of creation – only may be brought forward to all newly blossoming universes of stars if a soul has developed the power to move on. The inadequate psyche without evolution of its soul will not be destroyed – however like a drop falling into as vast ocean of light will be returned to new primordial eons – and there it has to start afresh with the more elaborated task of meta-material creation in its very own way.

Passage 49 :
Henoch explained : there is no end of the Divine Plan; even in our local universe everywhere life creates itself permanently anew “Man has been sentenced to become perfect”. And if you get aware of this fact, you will comprehend why there are so many apartments in your Father’s House. Amen

Key 116 of Enoch describes even more distinctly which is the present energetic cycle for Mankind:

Passage 21:
The White Brotherhood activates presently the magnetic spectrum and all electric-magnetic fields of Earth in order to work in some parallel phase.
This again will activate light in a particular solar system driven by parallel crystal fields to a higher dimensional moving of light to move on.

Passage 22:
This new crystalline field is constructed by way of light-codes over the vortex (programming of space-time curvature) with the effect – when the Merkabah Pyramid of light descends on the geophysical pyramid – that both pyramids will construct a crystalline Passage.


Passage 23
Thus the remaining seed which may be still existent in physical matter of human beings – yes, even bodies in death status of physical bodies – which have activated their crystalline Blood and/or Ego-codes (codes necessary for the blood-circulation in human bodies adapting itself to higher not blood-based systems of evolution which make the physical body emerge together with its corresponding “Light-Body) – may be re-awakened again with new bodies of light.

Passage 25
These harmonies of light will open up energies of the Third Eye and the grid of Chakra energies within the body so that the remaining seed will be shared everywhere at the magnetic grids on earth when we all gather in the Magnetic Grids of Salvation.

Passage 31:
Thus the Great White Brotherhood is capable to insert its energetic body in form of a blue-white system of stars beyond a golden-white solar system.
By way of energetic codes for resurrection it bestows human bodies with the very energy to be illuminated as fleshly matter of Orion.

Herewith and referring to the book “The Keys of Enoch” we should like to finalize the channelling of today. These passages are describing – even if not in words always easily to be grasped by human minds – precisely the procedure happening with you and Lady Gaia at present.

It is our task to accompany this procedure and we shall tell you more in one of our upcoming channelling when we may describe this issue again in more details.

Now it is your issue to purify matters of thoughts in order to move on on this high level of energy.

With LIGHT AND LOVING GREETINGS from us Galactic Federation of Light ( GFL ), Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, and your Cousins
of Inner Earth.

So be it.
SELAMAT Herak Sirius
Channeled by Frank Scheffler

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