Time to be tested…………………. High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius

Message from Marix/ Sirius

Channeled through Sarinah

dated August 10, 2012


Time to be tested …………

As the path on which we meet has been prepared and brushed clean since long ago, it is comprehensible that you often feel as if before undergoing a final examination. And thus it is so, however it is not you being concerned with this exam but the entire situation on the worldly stage is about to be examined. Everything not corresponding to the highest level of frequency will be dissolved.

As the power you are exerting being a collective is at least as mighty as ours – this is to be mentioned solely that it is worthwhile to demonstrate in the streets and for instance demand justice, peace, solidarity for others concerned or to sign a petition.

This does mean that if you join another huge majority of fellow humans in a much enlightened and mutually enlightened appeal e.g. by way of a co-operate meditation – all similarly pulling for the same issue – you will reach sucessfully your target.

At this occasion we’d like to thank all those reading these lines and also the ones who are already busy with support of these manifestations !

We. the Galactic Family, are not by any means inactive we are approaching you daily and our lightships overflying Earth become more and more distinctly to be seen so that they cannot be overlooked and ignored any longer by the public. It’s good to know nowadays that the dam has been broken since long and the golden floods are breaking their way through – thoroughly and unstoppably.

Thus everything will be washed off which is blocking the flow of the new age and for those carried by the flow into the new age this will entail that they have to let go of everything that makes swimming with the flow difficult. However, this once done the divine flood shall take care that they will be gifted with healing and abundance in every way.

We, therefore, ask you to be patient as everything is already in the flow since some time. We also request you to keep on with your so needed emissions so that we may open up the dams from our side in order to allow a current joint meeting of us all!

How beautiful and wonderful cascades of light arrive here and how magnificent it is to see how you stretch your arms out towards us – in such energetic way to which we respond at once. And how do we respond to you ? Our response is done by sending down to you our beam of levitation which is being felt like a lift ascending. Doors are wide-opened, dear friends!

Please, note that a little practice and training is needed in order to endure such high frequencies with your body-systems so that a reunion of families may take place when you pass this very portal !

We’d like to mention here especially that this is the matter of adapting frequencies i.e., transgressing portals has been done by you very often before, namely, when body and soul were separated by human death. This is mentioned to stress the importance of leaving sufficient time to your body-systems that is needed until the right level of high frequency is reached and adapted to.

We do our best in order to effect such adaptation as gently as possible for you ! Dear friends, please keep going on and join together more and more – build up some kind of network as mutually you are immensely powerful!

The crop circles are done in order to bring about more energies. They are telling some stories also including when and what we are planning and how the proceedings will be! We’d like you also to create the counterpart to our circles by manifesting in co-operation with other lightworkers your earthen-energetic crop circle. This will have an effect like a “socket and plug” to express it in simple words. This will close the circuit of currency and surely you will understand what is meant thereby!

Be assured that our heart beats with yearning likewise yours and be assured also that some magnetic attraction will be made felt (in a way of levitation like a feeling of sliding-up) the nearer we are approaching you.

Thus everything which belongs together will be undoubtedly joined together. Energetic levels are increasing daily too so everything will show up on the outside too which has been cherished for long in your inner heart !

Thank you Marix


translated by ContraMary

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