Down to Earth Again – The Warrior that I am

After many days when we were focused on a large-scale on our celestial family of the stars – it may be healthy and advisable for us all again to “Come Down to Earth” again as we all have still to live here – possibly as deeply rooted into Gaia as we can (so it is being advised by our starry family as well) . There are so manifold and multiple issues we have to face in the vast range of all the healing we have to do to our Planet and all life upon it.

In other words – we have to be careful not getting stuck in a spiritual rut of worrying only for the ascension of ourselves but to turn our focus also to do our part to all realms of Gaia living around us.

We have to make good to all our family on Gaia what has been done on damages to her so far … and not going along only by ourselves and our very own ascension – we may be able as well as ascending by dedicating our work on issues of work to be done around us.

This again is combined to some personal and private thoughts of my very own life:
Today is the birthday of my beloved father who was born 1898 and as I know now –
he was one of the few pacemakers of Starseed helping me on this path as well – a loving and teaching father to a single child that I was. Here at this occasion I want to shout it into the world:

“Papa, I love you for what you have been doing to me and our family: You have been a great soul coming to get us safeguarded through life against cold, hunger and all evil ! Here and now I want to express my deepest thanks to you –
I think I remember every word you once said to me.

Thank you, you great Soul and bless you from my deepest heart …I will follow you on the path you tried to show me.
Thank you !” 

And here is the translation of some other thoughts which I wrote down in German 1992 and which I translated today in dedication to my father as a birthday present:

Warrior that I am
I’m not a Brahmin
but a warrior of some kind
I am rooted in Earthen Power
and not always vindicator not even in mind.

I’m action and events on Earth around here
bound to the 3rd dimension of all Where,
of Growth and Death on Earth,
I’m consciousness arising from deep of my inside,
I’m in revolution of my Self,
and gather all my former Knows
hidden on some inside Shelf.

I am that one, laying shredded in bits in my very midst,
I am that one, forgetting all what I had ever been,
I am that one, now on a quite different road,
I am that one, affirming also my very own darkest night.

I am not the honorable one, which I wanted to be so far,
being deeply hurt and wounded in my past,
deprived and forlorn of all my inner strength,
which led to my cowardice and softness in length.

I am that I am – and I take it as true
looking into mirrors and reflecting in all of  you ,
looking and seeking myself so much awake.
seeing all self-lies hurting so long like an inner quake.

I pluck up my courage and go to war
in some different sense without any share,
watching my thoughts and action henceforth,
fight for freedom of inner insight worlds,
acknowledge nothing but power divine
for holding it up in God Belief of Mine.

I am going deeply into what I do
watch as observer all – from besides I go,
unravel the turmoil of patterns of Life.
and am the Warrior of today in my very own rule
battling against my former Self of tenses so passed –

Tear off old patterns and rules of my past life
and knitting myself a different cloak so completely new
to go through my future life in some other kind – so true.

I am still on the wheel of Life and I am consciously be
never ever running away from it again,
and note: thus is the world I am in the Now
take on all my work by my very own Free Will –
climb up the starry throne after paying my bill.

August 5, 2012
The original version in German I wrote also 20 years ago and it is only today that I am able to value its inner sense still true for us and our timeline. When I wrote it, it was true for me solely but now it has become true for us all and that is why I wanted to share it with you here in Love and Light as striving for ascension everyone is confronted with his/her only Self no more no less.

Light and Love to all of you — no — to all of us. Perhaps these verses may be of a little help ….in this our own and lonely battle to adapt ourselves to the increasing light ….

and here are the original German verses:


Ich bin kein Brahmane
ich bin ein Krieger ich bin aus Wurzelkraft und auch nicht immer Sieger.

Ich bin Aktion und Geschehen auf dieser Erde.
ich bin gebunden an dieses Hier im Stirb und Werde.
Ich bin Bewußtsein, steigend aus der Tiefe meines Sein,
ich bin im Umbruch und sammle früheres Selbst mir wieder ein.

Ich bin die, die ich verschüttet in der Mitte lag,
ich bin die, die ihr all ihr früh’res Sein vergaß,
ich bin die, die sich nun auf den Weg gemacht,
ich bin die, die “ja” sagt- auch zur eig’nen Nacht.

Ich bin nicht so edel, wie ich mich einst sah,
die tief verwundet im Vergang’nen war,
ich hatte nur meine Kraft verlor’n,
es war meine Feigheit, aus der meine Weichheit gebor’n.

Ich bin, wie ich bin und nehme es hin,
ich seh’ meine Spiegel rings um mich her
und seh endlich mich selbst mit wachem Sinn
und die lange Selbstlüge schmerzt mich doch sehr.

So nehm’ ich den Kampf auf im anderen Sinn,
schau auf mein Denken und Handeln nur hin,
ring’ um die Befreiung der inneren Welt,
erkenn nur die Kraft an, die sie erhält.

Ich geh in das Tun und stell mich daneben,
entflechte das Wirrwarr im Muster des Lebens.
Die Kriegerin bin ich heut und zieh gegen mich
selbst zu Feld,
zerstör meine alten Muster und strick
ein neues Lebenskleid.

Ich bin auf dem Rad – lauf nicht mehr davon –
Erkenne die Welt – wähl selbst meine Fron –
verlaß die alten Muster –
find mir den neuen Sternenthron.

ContraMary 1992

auch dieses Gedicht schrieb ich einst vor 20 Jahren and erkenne erst heute den
inneren Wert und die Wahrheit desselben. Es ist noch immer so wahr wie damals für mich. Jetzt betrifft es uns alle und darum wollte ich es hier und heute mit euch allen teilen mit viel Licht und Liebe, denn in unserem Bemühen um den eigenen Aufstieg sind wir jeder für sich allein und mit uns selbst befaßt. Vielleicht können diese Verse ein wenig helfen.
Licht und Liebe euch allen ..nein, uns allen !

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The Years of Life tell me that I am old - My Inner Heart tells me that I am young - it is proof that I still live in Duality and as I decided to outgrow this Matrix I am prepared to ascend into some other realm leaving all the old and shabby patterns behind me pluck up all my courage for the New Age with shining lights so Golden of Promise - And take with me nothing but love - peace - harmony and one only virtue of 3-D density : staying a pioneer all my lifes ... ready for another adventure ... with the Help of God Almighty...