Transformation Fire – High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius

High Vibrations from Sirius

Message from Marix from Sirius – channelled through Sarinah – dated July 31, 2012

Transformation Fire

While enormous purgating programs are running through your bodies it shows up on the outside too how everything not corresponding to the golden vibration arises to be seen, to be sensed as visible and finally to be transformed completely.

Again we are conscious that these are words only which are not able to express in the least how essential are all these inner and outer transforming upheavals since their meaning is healing on all levels!

Dear friends, we your Galactic family, we are much more on your side than you can imagine.

Again and again there are Council Meetings, in which we meet the Lords of Light, the Agarthians and “last but not least” our Allies from Earth.

This to find out in how far plannings of First Contact may be conducted as foreseen and also how this revolutionary experience may be felt from part of human perspective. This all we hold for essentially important since these are experiences which might be of immense help to others again.

Thus you will be able as sage and far-journeyed beings to assist many others from far-away-star-systems also to ascend! And thus rendering an immeasurable service of honor since, regarding the embodied ascension of your souls, you are now about to take with you your very own world and all human beings around you.

Still touching the very topic which has been the reason for our meeting here today which is the individual first contact. “First Contact in a gentle individual Way” : this was the title of our last interview and we ‘d like to extend our thanks to all those working with us mutually, all messengers of light who exchange viewpoints with their Galactic families in order to receive all news and thanking all translators and your team, what wonderful beings you are! Yes it is you too who you are reading these lines now! How these wonderful souls have settled on earth in order to bring back earth and all upon it to where they had been once – as part of heaven being one with heaven !

Service for and at Light is being done in a manifold way and all those acting “igcognito” are equaling those in working publicly – they all are Stars of History !

But still this is our topic finally to be dealt with: Individual First Contact !Many energetic invitations arrived here lately and this is immensely important since now we are allowed to take up contact as we have been invited to enter your life. Keep in mind that sometimes it may last quite a while until contact to star-siblings may be established completely. We are coming in tender waves what means nothing else than : we don’t want to shock you!

We are making ourselves shown, we are flying across your homesteads, we light up and blink to you to tell you: “Hi and hello, we are heeere !” Now, our scouts may look from far like some airplanes. However they are entirely noiseless and often extraordinarily deepflying.

So we usually send out our lightful radiant greetings every night in blue and silverblue – we are beaming with our laserlike lightstreams into the sky or better sai,: we signal distinctly: “Here we are” also in rainy nights when clouds are covering your sky.

Please note that we may not break human free will and thus our signals are for all which do not want to know anything about us that they may see us as airplanes or natural signs only. Nevertheless we let us make known in a distinct way and if only for one short moment.

Contact so much desired with our family of the stars, dear friends, has been the reason for most of you to undergo this incarnation on earth.This again explains the impatience and longing imbedded in all the waves of love arriving here.

The most essential is love and trust – for these are energies which effect a sort of pull on us and we feel undoubtedly being drawn to you. We keep our promise ! You are the director and we are those reacting to your emission and this naturally for the sake of all and in the most divine sense of it.

Dear Friends, we are in fact authorized and this from our Creator himself – to start alone from ourselves disclosure and all revelation! We are empowered too to prevent everything that might disturb this essential public activity!

Once again it is pointed out here again that all matters now have been unwound to be a roller-coaster and at this point nobody will be able again to stop this “Event of all Times” from unfolding at its own pace.

We are rejoicing so much and our heart jumps high up with joy! We are thanking you with our blessings and bid you farewell for this very moment.

Thank you Marix

translated by ContraMary

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