Greetings to you dear Siblings of the Stars

Greetings from Herak/Sirius
Message of Herak

channelled through Frank H.Scheffler
dated July 31, 2012

Source of German original version:

Greetings to you dear Siblings of the Stars,

today we should like to give you some additional pieces of information which have – as you name it in your realms – heated up the “Rumor Mills” considerably.
It is the matter of the present messages that the month of August will be one of revelations.

The following we shall like to comment hereto.

All energies manifested now in your solar system might be interpreted towards some opening with further big steps of Lady Gaia. Still as for known reasons we are not in a position to name exact dates and days since we are not dwelling in a linear timeline of events.
What is happening now however is the following.

Fleets of Spaceships in your solar system have been increased significantly and here especially in orbit of the sun.

Arrests and removal of the cabals from important positions have been started.

NESARA-Plans will be brought into effect within the next months.

Frequency of Gaia’s vibrations is short of a 19 Hz-level.

There will be no evacuations.

There will be nothing like three days’ darkness.

Sightings of our light-ships will increase.

So-called “False Flag” operations of the Cabals are being increased since they are pulling now the last rip cords.

As mentioned already in our previous channelings we endeavor – so you are willing too – to establish contacts also with smaller groups.These groups are presently now coming together on Gaia to express they are willed and prepared to open up to us .

As from the present situation we are able to inform you that there will be no “Bang”-effect as the adaption of your bodies has to be done in a gentle and careful way.
You have already presented such a great pace this we may note now already and light has become so powerful on Gaia that this is leading to an ever-increasing chaos among all individuals still thinking on basis of 3-D.
Do not let yourselves be impressed by such going-on, we always should like to tell you again and again:as long as you are staying centered in your core there will be nothing to be afraid of.
You always were and you are still divine beings there is no other way about it ! All what has been planned by your governments for your enslavement and practized on you will be dissolved in the next round and will never ever rise up again.

Finally we’d like to mention that plannings of our Creator and high frequencies of vibration will increase so much in Autumn that everything will be possible.

We too on our ships are given daily new duties which we have to come up to. This is why we are not able to tell you the exact day of our arrival which is also an arrival at yourselves.


Stay in unconditional love and walk along the very best way your intuition shows you and be overfloded from us with white-golden light.
So be it.
SELAMAT Herak Sirius

channeled by Frank H.Scheffler
translated by ContraMary

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