Some Thoughts of mine and a Channelled Message from “Richard Archangel”posted today 6.13 p.m.

Never I have heard about messages from a “Richard Archangel” – ever before.

Still I have been thinking and pondering since yesterday like so many of my fellow-alike-thinkers whether I shall trust this latest message about disclosure on August 4th at the Olympic Games in London although it is from reliable sources like Steve Beckow and allied friends of his – or not. (please read my update with regard to the latter note)

Here is an update to the above as per July 29:

I’d like you all to refer to the Blog of Steve Beckow where he has posted an article that this message has  n o t   come from him but from a certain “Micah” and great discernment is being advised by Steve. Please read the Article of “Snake Oil” since thus you will be guarded against another disappointment as this message too may turn out as just one of aSnake Oil 3“false flag” in order to sow dissipation,disappointment etc. between us lightworkers. So, we all are well advised not to look forward to the 4th August, for disclosure. Steve B. has only discussed this date with Neblina as a cross-point date for the Galactics since from this day they have to take matters entirely into their own hands and are not bound any longer to discuss anything and any planning with the leaders of our planet. This does mean that disclosure will not imperatively take place on this very date. Cave canem : beware of the dog ! dear fellow light-bearers ! This could be a big trap into which we – including me – were about to stumble ! As nice this would be – this is the very thing I was pondering about all the last few days..

At this very point I’d like to quote Steve Beckow :

Quote  “Micah (1) has made that statement but surely you can see that doing so is one more tactic of those who wish to cause havoc among lightworkers.  One of the tactics the dark uses to cause turmoil and chaos is to make predictions which then fail to come true and have lightworkers lay down their tools in disgust.

It may be that August 4 is the divine deadline beyond which the galactics need not take the free will of world leaders into account. But, even if it were, it does not say that Disclosure itself would happen on August 4.

If you believe Micah, I’m afraid you’re buying Snake Oil.  The likeliest possibility is that you’re headed for disappointment and the experience of discouragement.”

Here are some Footnotes of Steve Beckow which are well worth researching too:

“(1)  I hate to create a larger readership for a deceptive message, but I can’t see how to avid it. Micah’s message appears at a number of websites. Here is one:

So again it may be worthwhile to read my thoughts which I wrote earlier today  before getting acquainted with Steve’s article of buying Snake Oil

Shall I open up my heart once more like so many times before and being turned down again with all my upflaring hopes and enthusiasm? So far so good, I kept myself in an observing position and safeguarded my heart’s desire and delight.
And I know I am not the only one who tried to act in such a somewhat prudent and sober way after having read the article of Steve about the coming disclosure in a week’s time.

These last years when we all had to overcome many disappointments about a foreseen or announced disclosure or contact with our celestial family have had their imprints on us.
I have, like so many others seen and understood the reasoning why all these foretold events have been called off. But now with this issue it all arises again and not alone in my heart, I assume.

So, with all these thoughts – not that I’d call them any doubts because I believe strongly in ascension with the assistance of our Galactic Family – but guarded in some sort of way – I sat down again this afternoon to attend to my Facebook page (trying to put some sequence of order to it) I came just across this message… which at first I did not want to read through unto its end at all and all of a sudden …it got me and held me up to its end. Some of its vibration touched mine in a way and this is the reason why I made up my mind  to  share it with you.

It spreads something like a good feeling – and still,  in the very light of all the facts stated in my update I feel  some doubts arising, also with regard to that never-ever-heard name “Richard Archangel”! We might have been led up the garden path! And I confess that I too was so dumbfounded by my own wishful thinking that I overlooked many a thing which does not follow logical lines here.

This is just to share with you all how quick and fast we may jump to conclusions and overlook essentials because we want to see our wishes fulfilled.

So please read this message of “Richard Archangel” with utmost care and discernment and take it as a sort of testing yourself whether this message resonates with you or not.
I was at first quite pleased with this message although it did not reveal anything new and vital. And the video attached to it might be just another clever trick to attract attention and make the message all the more a most plausible one. Now – I confess after being trapped by the other message of this “Micah” which apparently turns out to be a hoax and false flag attack – I am not so sure any longer whether this message hereunder might not be counted under the same category !  Read it and be grateful – as I am – for this valuable test for our own ability of discernment …..

Read it and feel the vibrations and use discernment with your inner heart if this article resonates with you or not! Peace with you –

Om Shanti ContraMary

Richard Archangel posted in Global Ascension Voice 2012
P2 of 3. Seeing you again in whichever form…
Richard Archangel 6:13pm Jul 29
P2 of 3. Seeing you again in whichever form you currently hold at this time will be a joy for us on so many levels. In one way we will miss the fond memories of guiding you and coaching you, and even though we always knew nothing bad could ever really happen to you we worried for you constantly. We were, as you say, the nervous parents and you were a child, reckless and dangerous in your ways, in your risk-taking, in your destructive and gambling nature. We watched as you walked into certain peril knowing that we must allow you to experience the results of the choice that you were making. It has not made it any easier for us knowing that in the end you would be all right, for we always knew you would suffer in some way, even temporarily the consequences of your actions and choices.

We had wished so often to be able to step in and turn you around and give you a push in the other direction, but this was not allowed per our agreement with you dear ones, for you wished to do most of everything by yourselves and you asked for complete freedom of all of the choices you would make and the paths you desired to travel, even if these paths lead down a dark and dangerous road. It will be beyond a joy, but also a relief to be able to embrace you in the flesh again and not have to worry so about where it is the day will bring you and watch as another 3rd dimensional drama envelopes you and spins you around in the clutches of a whirlwind of pain and confusion, problem, turmoil, destruction and regret, even though we always knew that you would be released from these torrential winds to once again walk free down another path of your choosing.

We are so glad you are coming home and we have many stories to share with you just as we are so very eager to sit and listen to your tales of adventure and excitement from your journey through the jungles of this 3rd dimensional landscape. We will have all the time in the world to share these stories with each other, as time is eternal here on our side of the veil. You may have forgotten this, as you have been gone so long. Time does not move as it moves for you at this moment dear ones, as time for us here on our side is our friend, is our compatriot, is our ally, is a tool that we can use to our advantage, for our education, for our fun, excitement and adventure and even in some forms for mystery, as we have the absolute luxury and pleasure to be able to spin like a wheel time, and wherever it stops we could travel to this point in time behind us or ahead of us, if you will, though time is actually neither behind us or before us, but is somewhere within us, and this you will understand much clearer once time is no longer wrapped around you.

Namaste. In LaK’eSh aLa KiN. Your friend! xxx Richard Archangel

Richard Archangel posted in Global Ascension Voice 2012

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