Points – That’s what we are in the interwoven Net of Light

Good Day to all the “World Ado’s” of Now !

It’s me again, ContraMary, catching up with some moment of stillness here while the sun with its shine is lovingly embracing  the flowers around on my balcony and sunshine freckles are painted through the rose-bushes’ leaves deprived of their blossoms now but still bearing fruits in all their growth.

In this stillness of life – apparently in one of its rare and seldom breaks – I read my poems of 20 years ago again – and again I sensed this urge and nudge to settle down for one translation …which I did herewith ..

And pictures of that time so long ago came vividly again into my mind :

Professional life and existence wavered at that time and all around me – a formerly what so appeared to be a firm’s happy family – it fell apart pressure-wise by new bosses and none-whatsoever management – but we being watched all the time and judged for selecting to be put out of work …

And there I was – midway between new management and all the rest of personnel – watching too as they above me did – but all the time also pressed by them to spy on those which are to fall into selection-row and all the time being one of alike my fellows. I did not know what to do first but after I found out about myself that I was praying all the time and speaking with God Almighty I put up some self-guarding measures.
Sol I placed spiritually as I was – on my door of office big guardians – One leopard and one chaplan black – naming them
“Barack”and “Bardak”. These names came to me from my inner core -and it was only years later that I found these names were just some righteous ones.
So I got over these times and there was a plant in my office which I had grown from a tiny one into a huge sensation growing all around me on the window as if it was to safeguard me …and I became unseen from the door … hiding me with all its lovely green.
So I spent about two more years battling and struggling through all upset of minds around me, meditating in the breaks, always on the alert, and spending most of the daily hours in such human pressures on human beings lest to say the vibes and atmosphere was deep black there.

And this is what brought me near to the sources of my heart – keeping to eternal truths which  I believed in so long – keeping in line with my basic ethics of life although pressed Yes I now know what this was all about …it was me in the front row of fight – in crossroads of light and dark – and so much hurt was in my heart to see my friends all fall apart in their despair to keep up existence of former life ….

And such was the time which gave me this gift: of words coming up from my inner heart and core as I shovelled so deep into the realms of myself … rabbit holes to hide therein – and I came out again with the golden treasures of new thoughts which I wrote down
so fast as I could in order not to lose these gifts again….

And here it is- some other translation of my German verses of 20 years ago – as I know now – my Guardian Angels from enlightened spheres had helped me and the Felines to overcome so dire a time …And so my gratitude goes to all of them assisting me at those crossing roads of Life in the past 20 years ago.

These are some ot my truly lived our life-periods and how I came to make these verses:

Points –
that’s what we are in the interwoven Net of Light

Wow – that’s our timeline now
and points we are within all
interwoven network “Now of light..”

And each of us with our special shine
are beaming forth into the world so vast …

So it owns the sparkle in measuring size
to spray its light-sparks on to brothers’ road

Swing high and low in the net of lights
bringing forth all colors of this world
vibrating individually-wise
and conscious measure of one’s glow.

We are to join the multi-voiced choir
sing out the melody of One
arisen strongly of it’s own
when reaching out to spirit as a point
and binding us in ever glance…

All hurt and pain of former time
we change them into strength of light…
let go of this my former ” I ” (and human “Will”)
we, to be embraced of network-lights so grand
to still our never-ending thirst of souls.

Let us sparkle – let us shine
detaching us from former worlds,
being souls of new-gained light
let us fill all bowls with feed of bliss
to still the thirst of our fellow-ones.

We do own all the love and light
and our share means to increase
and help the neighbors find the path
while we return to our blissful home.

This world so beautiful is here for us
and our chance is manifold and unique
as only here my soul may easy learn
to ridden me of burdens fast
and to become entire light –
a point of HIM in growth is our Light
and Only Love of All-There-Is.

Imagine ! See!

The Sun above ! Dancing in His Song !
and Sparkling Greens the Grass will sing !
The Stars – Silver Points in Skies above –
When Silver Moon reflects on waters –
in myriads of silvr’y sparks –
His Holy Spirit’s crest and spray
enllgthens us in our “DO” !

26. July 2012

And these were the original German Verses of 20 Years Ago:

Punkte sind wir im grossen Lichternetz

Ineinander verwebendes Netz
bilden wir hier im “Lichtpunkt-Jetzt”
Und jeder Einzelne mit besonderem Schein
strahlt und funkelt in die Welt hinein.
Jeder Punkt, auf seine Weise,
blinkt in seinem eigenen Maß
Lichtfunken auf des Bruder’s Straß’.

Wir schwingen all im Lichternetz
in jeder Farbe dieser Welt,
und jeder glüht auf seine Art
im Wissen, das bewusst ihm ward.

Wir sind der Chor vielstimm’gen Licht’s,
die melodie ergab sich uns von selbst,
da wir als Punkt-im-Geist uns fanden
und strahlend unsere Seelen banden-

All den Schmerz und Kummer dieser Welt
wandeln wir in Kaft aus Licht,
und wer losläßt vom “ICH” und eig’nen Willen
fällt ins große Licnhternetz,
den ew’gen Durst seiner Seel’ zu stillen.

Laßt uns funkeln, laßt uns strahlen
als losgelöste Seelen dieser Welt !
Laßt uns füllen alle Schalen.
die vor Durst man uns hinstellt !

Wir haben so viel Licht und Liebe,
sie zu teilen, heißt vermehren,
And’ren auf den Phad zu helfen,
wenn wir ins höchste Licht heimkehren.

Diese Welt ist wunderschön,
Die Chance hier ist einmalig bloß.
Nur hier kann ich als Seele lernen,
Last zu lassen und ganz Licht zu werden
im “Punkt-Dasein”
denn: “SEINE LIEBE” macht uns groß !

Die Sonne dort ” Sie tanzt sein Lied!
und funkelnd strahlend spricht sein Grün!
die Sterne , Punkt un Punkt im Silberlicht,
singen uns von seinem Ruhm,
wenn Mondesglanz auf Wassern bricht –
in Myriaden Funken – seines Geistes Gischt ……

…Wir schwingen mit in unserem Tun ! ………………….

ContraMary 1992

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