Greetings to you dear enlightened Siblings of the Stars

Greetings from Herak/Sirius

Channelled through Frank H. Scheffler
dated July 21, 2012
Source of German Original:

Greetings to you dear enlightened Siblings of the Stars

On your way back to regain your full consciousness you recently entered cellularly a phase which will separate “Chaff from Wheat”.
What is the meaning of the above saying?

There are processes initiated into your development of fully conscious Galactical beings which are impeding every further fall-back of your development.
Once the crystal seeds are activated in your body there is no more any energy which may be able to stop this progress of development.

We should like to point again to the Book “The Key of Enoch” and here especially to Key 311.

Passage 14:
“The main target is the sowing of seeds from out the collective fields of the luminaries in order to unfold higher spiritual power in the delight of the eternal possibilities of the Father.”

Passage 15:
The enfolding programs of divine reason for the purification of Light-energy requires that divine seeds of light are constantly rebuilt and restored.
Thus entropic regions (less desirable worlds) are being restored again or they drop off as imperfect creations.

Passage 16:
In this way there are at any time line two creations happening simultaneously – which we shall name the “divine” (the spiritual one) and the “physical”one.

Passage 17:
The divine program of creation constitutes as a pre-existent blue-print planning consisting of light-seeds.

Passage 21:
It is for testing their creative impulses that the gods of creation need certain forms of mechanism. And this is the reason why they
created physical worlds.

Passage 22:
Physical worlds are sown by templates consisting of the blue prints for a stepwise evolution evoked by sequential biochemical stages. This is why the
physical worlds are running in some dimensional time-delay as they have to follow a divine program of conscious activity.

Passage 23:
In other words: The delay of time has been created by the form of seeds which is being expanded into the physical world. This is why the “Delay of Time” is a physical separation which may consist between the energy-branches of creation and human standpoint in ways of millions of light-years. From standpoint of higher spiritual realities however it is solely the consciousness separating God from Human Beings and from cognition and insight that at any time the divine template in immediate presence of mankind is only present on the other side of light.

Passage 29:
Connecting spiritual and physical programming is done by a consciousness break-off of our template touching light-seeds coming from spiritual worlds of thoughts in order to form seeds of material manifestations and to enfold in the physical layers of creation.
Bundles of photons transplant these forms of seed from the template of consciousness into the grid of energies for the activation of the physical layers of creation.
This key describes the procedure of activation and this is an entirely new orientation for the meeting with those beings which belong to you. You are bearing in yourself the informative energy of the whole universe.

As submitted to you already so often before you have been and you are in a mode of “standby” which you have laid down yourselves before your incarnation.
It was your wish to go through this enthralling part of soul-experience in order to rise again like a phoenix out of ashes in order to play anew the games of eternal life-cycles.

However there is a big difference to all incarnation-cycles before. This time, the play has been created and formed more extensively. Conditions for this dense and lower form of energies have been reinforced.

1) Willfully one cord of your solar system has been removed. Thus an imbalance has been created within the entire plasma region of your solar system with far-reaching consequences for the whole universe.

2) You have been deprived of almost all functions of your DNA/DNS molecular chain.

3) The entire range around your planet has been rebalanced under quarantine, we manifested the hologram as mentioned already in a recent message
(dated March 14, 2012 documented with photos).

Note regarding the Hologram:
We had to create this hologram as the sun was in danger to “topple over”.
This would have complicated the whole process if not made it impossible.
It this had led to such scenario that the sun would have exploded these imbalances of vibration would have gone through and been felt all over the universe.

We are hearing many of you now: But there are still suns transgressing into other stages of being. This is true however the higher intelligence states explicitly according to the blue-print of the Creator where precisely leaps of consciousness are to increase the process of dense experience.

This is why it was so essential to keep the balance of your Galaxy-Quadrant. Sorry to say that there are often some imponderables leading to irritations of all regulations. This has been the case with your solar system.
Besides there also have been some certain patterns of consciousness been altered in your cellular system which could not be connected any more with the blue-print of the Creator in a simple way.

However there were built-in systems of safety in order to accelerate the process of awakening.

1) During the last 13 thousands years by order of the enlightened Masters you were given once and again hints to dedicate yourselves to such process of awakening.

2) Certain accidental scenarios have been imported to you in order to remind you who you originally are. Still this is no accident but part of the blue-print.

Plannings of this evolutionary and conscious expanding process in these universes has been laid down in an absolute way.
It is you as energetic beings that you want to go through all kind of experiences and one of the last ripcord imbedded in the process is the end of this cycle of the last 26,000 years. This goes together with the incoming vibrations of the central sun Alcyone with all its energies which ignite additionally the process of awakening in your human body.

Frequently our channel-medium tells in various light-groups that to wake up it is not essential to convince the whole planet – one cellular seed will suffice to tell the other ones on a subconscious level to keep on moving on their own path.
Such as a wave of Tsunami will be created by a “tiny” nudge of energy without moving the whole ocean. Such also is the behaviour of the subconscious spirit.

Dear siblings of the stars: this too is what we are doing presently. We are re-aligning ourselves anew for we do not remain in stagnation.
We are preparing ourselves for the coming physical contacts and should like to notify you via our channel-medium about it.
What he gets to know now here,  has not been exchanged with him before.

Time is ripening to deal with these matters in some more distinct way. We have already told you that we – within the plan of our Creator – have to act as mediators between the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions. To make this connection to you more intense is part of our issue. Some people of this planet stay in contact with us already and for the most part this is done of course on the astral level. Also certain groups have been introduced to your governments. However we do not want to make contacts exclusively via governments.
Therefore it is important that you get connected to certain groups aiming distinctly at establishing physical and spiritual contacts to us.

As you are independent beings you may establish yourselves this “First Contact” with your own consent – if you so will – there will be no governmental directives given to you.
With the sense of your heart you are establishing the contact to us and at the same time from us to you. There is no-one waiting for “any directives from above” as you so often love to quote. You are fully conscious beings which do not need any order.
All you want to have is found in yourselves already, so do open all portals of sluices and you will discover whom you are going to meet then ….
So be it.

SELAMAT Herak Sirius

channelled through Frank Scheffler
translated by ContraMary


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