First Contact in a gentle-individual Way

High Vibrations from Sirius

Message from Marix
channelled through Sarinah
dated July 19, 2012

First Contact in a gentle-individual Way

We are very glad now being allowed to notify you that first contact will take place on a small-scale namely in some sort of testing phase! This will enable us to optimize the program of our merging due to practical experiences we shall gain from these tests.

Do not forget beloved ones that there has not been such an event ever before so it is important for us to see how far our plannings are in consent with reality. Such is the meaning thereof that we shall conduct First Contact on an individual scale with our Allies yet also with each one Lightbearer so he/she wishes it. Such is our irrevocable confirmation that the great event of meeting together of all of us will follow successively.

Why first of all on a small-scale and why with a foregoing phase of testings? Dear friends, our channel-medium may confirm how essential it is to accustom the human system to such mighty energies and impressions.

As otherwise there could evolve uncertainties just like with a child finding a present under the Xmastree which was longed for such a long time. Exactly with those which are wriggely awaiting that special one day of all days, it is imperative to accomplish this meeting in such ways as had been imagined by the lightbearer beforehand.

Yes you have perceived this in a correct way since the look of us, together with the arising quality of light and finally directly contacting us is nothing what could be described normal or often experienced before.

Again we feel as if words will not suffice to merely tell you how you will feel it with your emotional and human body system when confronted with all you have longed for these past times.

Now we have conducted this first contact with Sarinah almost to its final end and she knows now exactly why it is so important that the first half of First Contact is being decided upon by yourself and thus by the special way of your releases. And why it is so essential that some sort of training period has to be gone through for this return-entry into the Galactical Era as such.

Do you recall what it was like when having your first driving lesson ? Without training before it would not have been possible to do so many things at the same time : looking into the back-mirror, operating the clutch and be attentive to the traffic, accelerating and due to arising traffic to slow down the very next moment again.

Why do we quote this as an example? Just imagine your automobile is a giant lightship. You do not have to steer it however you may enter it meeting us, the crew, and the captain explains the functioning of this ship and more about it. There are much more of these new impressions and simultaneously, all the complete recalls of all what truly is, will flood in too.

Would all that not be a bit too much for you all of a sudden as from the prior state? Yes there are also the astral journeys, however most of you do not have a remembrance of them and you are not in a dreaming status but fully awake and embodied. Not to mention also that the earthen system of embodiment has to get used to the high level of energy and levitation, otherwise it may lead to short circuits of your body-systems.

Now beloved, this is only to clarify that especially when it comes to our allies, these have to be prepared in a particular gentle way for our mutual come-together.

The higher your expectations, the more will your own power of manifestations come to life and the higher will become the danger for lightbearers to overestimate themselves driven by their own impatience.

Do you know that you are living angels? And do you know that you are about to try out your “Wings”? and these “Wings” are your utmost and greatest assets even though you are not conscious thereof! Why is it essential that you stretch out your arms and hands to us by the impact of your transmissions (via your feelings, thoughts, speech)?

It is because First Contact with you will take place in such a way you are accustomed to and to what you have played through – being in safe waters – and you will be able to get used to it …

Why is it so essential to rehearse the First Contact with us in your own control and to approach us a bit more with each new day?

Well you are accustoming your body to the high vibrational frequencies and your Emotional-Body will be able to remember everything by and by and thus you will not lose so much power when the Galactical Portal opens itself to you.

Of course we may be able to help you by dimming our light and take your fear away from you ! But, please, keep in mind that even here you have to follow your very own soul contract and in this respect personal experience is highly valued and this we want you to present with.

We are not allowed to invade into your Life without you stretching out your arms towards us (Free Will) and this is why it is so vitally essential that you exert the necessary transmissions of yours.

We are very glad to take up our contacts with all of you who are jumping with joy when reading these lines and we’d like to say: “Now there are no more delays and if there are some – only because of your Free Will !”

We have come here in order to keep our promises and the Window of Time that Are You !

These lines are aiming at your preparation and stimulation and don’t forget after First Contact there will follow “The Complete Remembrance of All There Is” in sequence to it.

To become aware of oneself – what a noble wording – much better and suitable would be : “You are about to ascend in your alive bodies into your celestial dimensions of abundance and you are about to take with you many, many human beings.”

Blessings to you from us and farewell for the moment, We are reaching our hands out to you. We are awaiting you on “The Beginning of Being” or even better “at the first steps of our Gangway” !

Thank you Marix


Translated by ContraMary

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