Meditation : This is the structure of my socalled “Pocket-Short-Medi”

Posted by ContraMary dated 7.13.2012

After the world-meditation at the event of the Alignment of some Stars with the Moon and the Sun producing the awesome spectacle of the “Sun-Eclipse” a new Transition Portal had been opened and since then we are overshowered with another full impact of sunflares which are to change our DNA accordingly.

In order to avail ourselves of as much of these new energy-flares as possible and to transfer these also to the inner heart of Gaia we are repeatedly told to anchor and toground ourselves firmly to our Mother Planet the Earth.

But how will this be done in a most adequate way?
We are Lightwarriors, Lightbeamers, Lightholders and Starseeds.

Bound by our soul-contracts we are to take in as much of the new light-energy as possible and to spread it far and wide over all the world so that we nudge as many human beings still asleep out of their slumber.

This is our task and our issue at these times now.
With the great help of ArchAngel Michael we have drawn up a matching Meditation of Breathing for everybody in order to anchor him-/herself firmly to Gaia in the coming periods of unsettlement and turmoil and to spread the blessings of the the new light-energies to all around us.

Once you get the hang of the method hereunder it will be easy for you to practice this everywhere – be it outdoors waiting for a bus or train, queuing for something or stopping in a traffic jam – and naturally also at home or walking in always beautiful Nature’s environment.

Everywhere you may now disperse the healing blessings of our Sun – the Father of our Universe – onto our beloved Gaia – our Mother – and right into her inner heart and core.

Thus it is on us completing the circling energies between The Father (Sun) and the
Mother(Earth) as active agents and fulfilling also our promise once given before we came here.

How this is done:

Meditation of grounding yourself firmly to Gaia
How to ground yourself firmly to your Mother Gaia in times of full impact of sunflares

This Meditation is graded into 2 steps:

1. Step)
Take in your breath via your Crown Chakra from the Central Sun unto your inner heart …stop a little …count 1 – 2 sec.
let is spread through your inner heart on its own ….
and breathe out again but

downward guiding your breath down through all your chacras onto the earth
and vizualize it going through a brownsilvery coloured cord right into the inner heart of Gaia…..

2. Step)
Breathe in from the inner heart of Gaia guiding your breath upward to your inner heart and stop a little …count 1 – 2 sec.
let this breath from Gaia spread again on its own through your inner heart …..

breathe out but now upward through your upper chacras on to your crown chacra and up
to the Sun again.

Repeat these two ways of breathing several times …

End of Meditation
However please take note of one further explanation :

within the 1st step

1) it is the taking from the Sun and giving to the Earth—–
it is the taking from the Father and giving it to the Mother and

2) reversally
it is taking from the Earth Gaia and returning these energies changed in her heart again to the Sun

it is taking from the Mother and returning the gift of energies transformed by her again to our Father .

And our breath is the vehicle of transport by which these energies are being conveyed
to and fro.
This meditation may be done everywhere – irrespectively where you are …You have to breathe anyway and by the use of this method you may watch your breath guiding it consciously along the a.m. route.

Thus you firmly ground yourself to the Earth and not only serve yourself but also serve all your surroundings and spreading the light with your breath to everyone around you …..It is also a blessing of light for everyone, for all manifested matters, for all kingdoms of animals, stones, plants, fairies and for All-there-is!

This all can be done by you with this meditation of breathing which transfers the new light energy into the changing turmoil of outer life and you are the active agents within this
Circle of Light-Energy-Transport

You are conveying
The Blessings from Our Sun – the Father of Our Universe –
via your Chakras to the inner Heart of
the Earth – Gaia The Mother – and reverse from her again through your Chakras
way up high through Space back to the Sun – The Father – of our Universe.

Be Blessed Beloved Children of the Stars !

We all love you AAMichi and thank you so much.

Channeled with the great Assistance of AAMichael
through ContraMary on 24 May 2012

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