Power of Liberation is contained in the Quality of Light !

High Vibrations from Sirius
Marix channelled through Sarinah
dated July 9, 2012


As now the fog is thinning structures of the Golden Age are rising into the open – becoming visible.We do know that it is not easy from human sight to perceive matters behind the obvious ones. Still winds of the new age should slowly become felt by all earth citizens.

Sometimes we, the Galactic Family, are wishing that we could spill all our beans here, just to express colloquially. Everything we are revealing here is only a fracture of what you will learn at disclosure.

Often enough the Dark Gamers have tried to lead us up the garden path. They pretended to engage in negotiations with us as the old elitists presumed thus they could hold their posts and to change their black vests into white ones.

Surely it is unnecessary to explain that no-one can deceive us since despite our kind and polite manners we do know exactly what is in the mind of whomever and what is the matter with the so-called flawless past of certain people.

Please note that justice will have to be done and keep in mind that all those dark shepherds who have led their sheep into disaster – all those despots – will not be able again to persevere again with their dark activities!

All this said – we are far from trying to evoke in you anger, fury, hatred, or evaluation since all these feelings would reduce your own vibrations and thus support old energies and keep them alive.

We’d like you to know whatever has happened in the past – whatever had been done to your families, your friends, to other human beings there will be justice and still within this cycle of life.

As you know grief, pain, and mourning always open some portal to higher consciousness – and this is exactly what has has been led to the doom of the dark game As they have underestimated their own people. They would have never thought that people would be able to liberate themselves out of the clutches of such brutal despots.

This enlightened liberation swirling around the globe like a wildfire has shown you how great is your power ! And that there is too an immeasurable celestial backing of mankind …that you have known long ago!

Still, do you know too that your point of no return has been reached also long ago? Meaning that never ever we, your cosmic family will concede to any slavery on earth again as such was the plan of the shadow-gamers because they strove for a global slaveryof human mankind.

Keep in mind: those who have created such great extent of Karma – and never overlook – that those too originate from the same source than you.

And they will return – on which way ever – back again to the Divine Source. They will, probably, obtain some chance still in their lifetime to make good what they have done to their fellows.

Thus all depots are in a sort of vacuum chosen by themselves and there it is not even possible for them again to evolve evil thoughts let alone to act out! Thus they have to decide themselves since the light of our Creator does not reach them there. Without this light their system of Body-Spirit, and Soul is being turned down in a slow but persistent pace.

If the old team is set full of light, honestly, socially and peacefully, this vacuum space becomes more and more permeable so that the divine beam of light will come through to them eventually again. These settings are so powerful so that there is no reason for any further reflection of yours.

Everything out of 3-D-frequencies will be transformed – completely!

The quality of light on earth is raising its frequency by the hour – liberating the Blue Planet from evading greed and shadow and thus clearing the road for our First Contact.

Now is the time to speak about a very essential topic which is about the unearthly sounds to be heard on earth! They often originate from earth increasing her shift. There are also extraordinary sounds which are chimes of the coming D-Day (Day of Declaration),and more : they are announcing D-Day!

Every time you are hearing these sounds your consciousness is extending and you become all the more aware of yourselves and of All-There-Is!

Often we attend meetings with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spiritual Mentors and the Agarthan People discussing issues of our team and we all agree on one topic: “If we were in your place we should hurry to start up writing diaries so that all is commented and documented.

Thus this prescious and wonderful time when all the wonderful and amazing butterflies will leave their cocoons will never be forgotten .

It must never be forgotten …. never …. ever ….!

Blessings from us with our thanks and we bid you farewell for the time being ….how much we love you ….how much !

Thank you Marix



Translated by ContraMary

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