A Dream of First Contact

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 A Dream of First Contact

I had a dream last night …I knew we, numerous starseeds were in a sort of hall but with rows of chairs like in a big theatre and we were waiting to meet our galactic family members. I was sitting among them and saw above me that there was no ceiling but a vast dark blue space …it was like a sky but one through which one could see well beyond – in such a way as there were one sky after another – space as well and I saw many many tiny lights just flooding in or in sorts of schools of fish coming to this point…and someone said: look they are already coming and stop here. The Spaceships were tiny tiny lights appearing suddenly out of space and in ever increasing numbers. I looked for the cross as I recalled they- the spaceships are said to form a cross in the sky and I found it but it was not as big as thought.Then they came in like ordinary people, in groups or even single, and I could watch how joyful they were greeted by their earthenly Starseed belonging to one another.

One Galactic Member a tall blonde took the hand of her brother on earth and kissed it.
There was such an inflooding of joy and excitement and I was waiting for Marix as I was here on behalf of Sarinah to welcome him. I was on my own and I still waited….. while people re-united left the hall and there came some younger Man who said he was Marix when I asked him. But I was only a representative of Sarinah and told him he was meant to be welcomed by her and not by me actually. H e – in a way disappeared from my sight – and I knew all of a sudden whom I was waiting for …it was AAMichael … and so I sat down in the chair again waiting with some very few other people for Michael to appear …..I woke up …..but I think some part of me is still there awaiting AAMichael in the chair in the big hall with the several darkblue ravishing and brilliant skies above me and all the atmosphere so full of joy and blissful harmony !

I never had such a vivid dream lately and even could recall it with all my feelings and in clear sight. I think this will be a sign of them approaching earth…

I am waiting

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  1. This is super, another friend of mine for the first time met a Galactic in her dream this morning. I love it!

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