The Nature of God

Throughout human history, humankind has tried to define, express or otherwise understand God the creator (or gods in the case of some older civilizations). Let me begin by saying that in 3D words it is a futile effort, but while we cannot clearly express the fullness of God, we can express aspects as best can be defined in words. To truly know God, you must look within and set aside all expectations, and embrace the fullness of unlimited love and being.

Unable to understand the infinite, rather than understanding the creator within, humanity has sometimes sought to express their understanding of the creator through human characteristics and actions, often creating multiple gods for different expressions, or even when looking towards a single God, giving that God human appearance, expressions and failings.

For very long it has been the nature of humanity to bring God down to Human levels, rather than to lift themselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually to God’s level. It has also been humanities tendency to expect God to save them, and then cry in despair when the
expected salvation be it physical, mental or spiritual is not made manifest. This is perhaps the greatest lie that humanity or any intelligent life form can create. We are all children of the universe, children of our creator and exist to learn and grow and express the divine that lives within us. It is we, who must save ourselves, by recognizing and expressing our own divine nature, the Creator gave us minds with which to think and choose and make decisions. To fulfill this we must exercise wisely our freedom of choice, for you see it is the choices you make in the now, that impact your future, not the will of God. God gave all of us, his divine children the freedom to choose, it is what we choose to do that matters and defines our lives. So great is this gift that God will never over-ride it, but there are many, many souls and divine beings in the Universe who will help guide us to wise choices, if we ask.

So what is the nature God? God is the creative essence and mind of which everything in the Universe is composed. There is nothing that exists within the universe, NOTHING that is not born of the essence of the creator. God, the creator, is the universe, all that was before, is now or ever will be.

We can say that God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. All powerful (or more correctly the power of all that is), everywhere present (the essence of all that is) and all-knowing (aware of all that is).

The great masters of the ages, be it Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Bahå’u’llah, or the many thousands (yes thousands) of masters who have walked the earth, all expressed the divinity, the spirit or essence of the creator in their messages. No one message is absolute, but each was directed to the people, and cultures of the time that they served, each designed to lift up the people who heard their messages. If you could see beyond the veil, you would see all the masters and the legions of angels standing together holding a space for the spiritual ascension of humankind.

God is infinite essence, God is infinite creativity, God is infinite and unconditional love. Words and interpretations of religions cannot contain or express all that God IS. They can at best reflect aspects of our personal God experience, and inspire us to learn more and realize our relationship, our oneness with our creator, or at worse assign limitations of thought and fear in attempts to control or limit the thoughts of others to prevent expansion beyond religious control. Again, it is our choices that decide.

The conscious mind can not comprehend the infinite and loving nature of the creator and the universe that is built of the creator’s essence. But the subconscious mind can begin to and the superconscious mind (the soul) fully experiences and understands as it is never separate from the creator. Through right living and thinking we can begin to express consciously the essence and the purpose of the creator in our lives, and through prayer and meditation, letting go of our linear conscious mind we can begin to touch the essence of the universe and be inspired by the love and infinite knowledge of our creator.

We are each and everyone, a part, an expression of the creator, of God. Therefore wherever we go, God already is. Every person, awakened or asleep spiritually, is part of God. Every land, every nation, every people, every culture, every rock, pebble, grin of sand, creature great or small, every mountain, every ocean, every animal, every plant, every insect, every fish, everything we can perceive and everything we do not yet perceive (but someday will) is an expression and part of God.

WE are all part of the Creator. We are all expressions of the creator, learning to understand and to share with that creator. Our souls are like sands of the infinite, perfect in every way but when we commit to incarnation in physical form, we then focus our consciousness into a limited, agreed upon set of parameters called physical life. Once operating within this set of parameters we sometimes lose partial touch with our true infinite being, our soul selves as the conscious mind of physical being sees things differently, in a way more intensely but in a linear manner rather than the timeless infinite manner our souls are accustomed to. You might say that Physical life is like a grade in school. We are here to learn, recognize and connect to our true spiritual beings, even while we are in physical form. We are here to learn to express the infinite love and compassion of our creator in a balanced manner, to remember our spiritual selves and to someday ascend from this physical level of awareness. The law of the universe is perfect. When a soul understands its true divine nature, it is then free to ascend beyond the limitations of physical life.

While in physical form, the goal is to experience the focused or condensed physical form so that we learn to understand the fine subtle details of life and fully express our God nature, even within the “illusion” that is materiality. This is a choice that many billions, maybe trillions of souls have made. Most of us experience many lifetimes in the earth, learning to express our divine natures, our infinity within a finite framework of physical life. In the end though, the only way we progress is to learn to get in touch with our souls, our divine selves, that part of us that God within. Each life, like a grade in school, we learn a little more and advance a little further. Then and only then can we truly break the bonds of finite thought and evolve into our true spiritual potential. Even Jesus, the master of miracles who overcame all physical limitation and showed that death was the great lie said: “All these things that I have done, and greater things, shall you do”. It is our destiny to ascend back into the fullness of the universe. We are all God’s children, expressions of the Divine. Perfect expressions of love and creativity. As we think, we become, as we live so we create, as we love so we are loved. And amazingly, even as the masters before us, we can do this in the physical world as well as the spiritual world.

Of course, if a soul becomes so trapped in its concept of limitation, it may need to repeat its lessons, until it understands. This is what some call karma. As we sow, we reap. But no soul is ever truly lost.

The nature of God is Infinity. There is no place that God is not, and there is nothing that exists that is not part of God essence. Humanity should not confuse our own mental shortcomings as God and we should never try to bring God down to our own level for convenience. Rather we must each one realize and live the divine nature that is ours as Children of God. God is perfect creative, loving expression, living and moving through all of creation and all of life, including all human life. God is all of us, and we are all part of GOD. It is our nature to be infinite. It is our purpose to remember and express our divine selves as children of the creator.

We in physical form, in this world are here to learn, and the masters of the ages have given us the tools and the guidance with which to learn. The greatest of these tools is called “love”. Embrace it, learn to use it, to wield it generously, become a master of it. For from the love of the creator you were born and to the love of the creator we all return.

In Love, light and truth,
– Brother Dave