Returning Back Embodied To The Divine Source


High Vibrations from Sirius
Marix channelled through Sarinah
dated July 02, 2012
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Returning Back Embodied To The Divine Source

As Gaia carries into the celestial dimensions all human beings prepared to go there, it is not so easy to understand this undertaking for those which are still imprisoned in the misery of their daily issues.

Yes, earth is ascending with you which also means that your bodies have to cope with you ever increasing frequencies of energy. It is easier to grow mutually and consciously  out of one’s own aggravating vibrations – provided you are not being stressed too much!

Still, whom are we telling this, for you are such sage souls, having arrived here after a long journey from far away in order to be here when the change of cycle will come soon.

So when you are meeting people which apparently are trapped in their issues and in the surge of – for instance – to earn money or to achieve love….please, in such cases do not evaluate and do not look down upon them as they to are serving the light.  They are in places and keep on keeping their professions and all this within energies they wanted to have left long ago. They are feeling as if they were “hamster in a wheel” and it is difficult for them to get out of this wheel drive.

Now we are telling you, this they do for the light. How should it be possible to dissolve such old patterns of energy if not via those in the middle of such lives which will not exist anymore in the Golden Era in such way. For all of you, you are the Bearers of Light and you disperse your divine energies everywhere where you are!

We are in the know that there are those citizens too which are extremely busy at this time occupying themselves with addictions, fears, old patterns of thoughts and life which they wanted to have left a long time ago because they do not feel well with them. They do indeed suffer a lot from these occupations but apparently get stuck always again on this crossroad to their new way of living.

Beloved ones, please keep in mind that those having affirmed their embodied ascension had to pass through all dark valleys on their journey of ascension while those still in their former state of being sheep in a flock may do so swiftly like winds as they only have to follow your trails.

For you were the ones having built bridges of light when crossing the dark valleys and also anchoring divine energy on earth! Without you, Bearers of Light, conditions on earth would be much more precarious.

Don’t fear any evil Doomsday-Scenarios, these are attempts to lead you all into realms of fear as fear reduces high vibrations so that those in their views that they are still superior to you may still use you as their slaves. Even this will not be allowed by us, that beings, not having the best for you in their mind, will invade into the atmosphere of Gaia.

We came here not in vain with a huge fleet of ships and we are here also to prevent any intrusions which may impede the return of human beings in masses which are the living angels of the Blue Planet.

We are here, beloved friends and the Galactic Federation of Light is here in order to prevent this very matter which has been originally planned by the dark side.

All this we are telling you intentionally by the use of past tenses  as all Plannings of the Dark Game-Players have been cancelled.

For we have direct permission from our Creator himself to intervene and thus like flashes of lightning with the earthly happenings and thus has been our doing in past and present times.

Look, sometimes we are hovering and linger for hours above your cities, we are showing ourselves quite distinctly, not any more as tiny blinking lights in the sky and look, we are approaching to Gaia ever more !

We do come in peaceful intention and unconditional love. Don’t worry we shall announce ourselves in the mainstream media! There is no way to hush up nor to conceal us any longer.

The final lap to ascension is quite short and there is not much time left for us to prepare all human beings on Gaia for all their enlightened developments in their inside and also on their outward whole.

Just recently it seemed to you as if the whole system was about to break down and we are telling you that everything in correspondence to old times and to former 3rd dimensional matrix is about to implode. This will show off on the outside and will then disappear in

It is by no means an easy undertaking to be on Gaia at this time, that ‘s what certainly will be many a reader think now.

And this is why only the strongest of the most powerful ones had been elected when it was the matter to return all as living angels back into the former 3.D-world,

How much we admire you because of this “hussars’ride” and how much we love you, from our side of the Galactic family!

Blessing to you from all  Archangels, Angels, Spiritual Mentors and of course from your Cousins from the Interior of Earth too and we are calling out to you: “Won’t be long – dear Friends – See you soon !”

Thank you Marix
Translated by ContraMary

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