Greetings from Herak / Sirius

channelled through Frank H Scheffler
dated July 2, 2012
Source: for German Original Message

Greetings to you Children of the New Earth

Due to the great energetical wave middle of June after the Solstice in June all energies have been set free – in order to chime in the Summer

This will lead to highly energetical activations of electricity in your bodies which, as we told you already in our last message, will induce further
alterations of your cellular structures.

Yes, you are becoming galactic beings and as thus one fine day you will return again into the lap of your source. You are fulfilling the divine plan which is your issue here on this planet namely to hold the energy level on this planet. This had been shown to you already many incarnations ago.

And due to this you always have been integrated into the never-ending cycle of creation which however had been interrupted by the quarantined Gaia. In the range of this dense materialization this your issue was to be an experience of an absolute dedication since it were you who are and were everything that had lived ever in the universe.

The range of your experience reaches far beyond into the “Shekinah”Universes (Holy Spirit in its female essence) where you have created new formatting, sounds, and colours on basis of energetical waves of vibrations.

And thus you have created universes and became the “Creators of the Stars” in the very sense of this wording. Still by and by you will get aware of all constants of your former experiences and this remembrance will return to you one after another in order to set you furthermore free from out your heart.This is when you will learn which were the profund experiences that were given to you.These and in harmony with all experience on

Gaia will make you a Master resonating so much with the higher realms.

This is why shifts of transformations will further increase within the next 6 months.
Let go of everything and throw away all ballast burdening you which does not serve you anymore! You are already in the know now

that all attachments will make your road an extensively bumpy one. Thus all moments of your life freeing you from ballast will induce in you you so much delight and joy.

Live out your : I AM THAT I AM…….

So be it

SELAMAT Herak Sirius

channelled by Frank H. Scheffler
Translated by ContraMary