A Master Speaks!

Artwork from Aquarius Channelings 

A master speaks, and the council of spiritual masters of all time and all worlds bears witness:  Elder brother (in this is a mystery) speaks. “Whosoever would be the greatest among you must be the servant of all, for that which you have received comes not to you by your labors but by the labors of your brothers and sisters. Those who have benefited you, by their labors must also be benefited by you in return, as the laborer is worthy of that which is given.

No person may achieve joy, happiness, love and all the fruits of prosperity on their own. Only by that which you give and that which you receive back are you made prosperous. Only in the sharing, through the circle of life can be found eternal life, love and happiness. Only in doing for others and in receiving from others are you prospered, and it is that which you do, that you shall be judged and known by. Covet not that which you have received in abundance for in the coveting its value is lost, but share it back with all you meet, without judgement, for judgement belongs not to you but only the Lord God creator of all that is.

For though the false priests and prophets and those who lust after power have sought to corrupt the words of all the masters, that they may control your hearts and minds, I give to you again this.

For unto Moses was given the 10 commandments because you were a stubborn headed people. I give to you two commandments and in this is the whole of the law and there is no other.  1.) Love you then your creator, with all you heart mind and soul. And if you love the Creator, love also that which has been created, nurture it and sustain it, for there is not a single creature or plant or material of the universe that is not born of the Creator’s essence. What you do unto all things and all people, you do unto God, your Creator. While your world exists to sustain you and nurture you, abuse it not, neither take it for granted. For all that is created is formed of the Creator’s essence and there is not a place in the infinite universe where the creators essence and love does not reside. 2.) Love your neighbor, your brothers and sisters, even as you love yourself. But never forget that you cannot love any one more then another but all equally. To love others you must love yourself and as you nurture yourself, likewise nurture others in equal. You are infinite beings, not the material bodies you see with material eyes.

It is not by your words but by your works that you make yourself known unto the universe. I am your brother in light and love eternal and I have never left you. It is by the love that you live, that all may know you, and that creator knows you. And as promised I will return to you not in the earth material but in your heart, for it is there and there alone that you may know my coming. In truth I have never left you, but though I am with you, you see me not. Material eyes cannot see me but in your heart and soul your spiritual eyes may behold me, the council of masters and all our brothers and sisters that we my rejoice together in glory and love. It is not in the churches or temples or any place material that you will find us, but in your own heart and soul. When you have found us there, then you know us everywhere.

Though churches, temples and religious institutions have corrupted our words, for their own power and profit, we have never abandoned you. The way I and the all the spiritual masters have shown you, that we have given to you is not a religion or church, but a way of life for all people regardless of religion or temple or belief. It is the simplest of ways, a way of peace and love without judgement. Have we not told you that you are each and everyone each other’s keeper? For when one suffers all suffer.

When I said to you “I AM the way the truth and the life, none may come onto the creator but by me” I did not speak of the physical personage of my body. I spoke of the divine spirit of the creator that lived in that body and lives in all your bodies. Only when you know your true soul, your true spirit can you be free and embrace eternal life. Have I not called you my brothers and sisters? Have I not told you time and time again that we are equals. Have I not told you that “All the things I have done you shall also do, and greater things you will do? You are children of the Universe, of the creator, and I am your brother in spirit. Do not worship me, emulate me, become me. Live as I live with love in every essence of your beings.

I tell you that false prophets have abounded and they sometimes twist the earthly words of the masters for their own profit and power. Heed them not. The good priest or priestess is a good Shepard. They do not judge but they nurture, protect and inspire their flocks to draw closer to our creator and to realize our creator in their very beings for we are all one.

There are many belief systems throughout the universe but one Creator. Religions are institutions of material beings. The have no place in heaven and no one of them may speak for our Creator or for me or for the masters who came before me and after me. I tell you if you could see me, you would see my brothers and sisters, the masters of the ages as well. Not as physical persons but as spirits of the brightest and purest light and you would see us all together. There is no conflict, there is no disagreement, there is only love. We have never left you, and are always near awaiting your call to us in the temple of your heart for that is the only true temple.

Heed then my commandments and you will find your way. Love without judgement and remember that only the creator of all has the omniscience to judge, and does not judge, knowing you rather by what you live. You were given free will so that you may be children of the most high and soar with all of your brothers and spirits upon wings of pure spirit. You already have eternal life, not in body but spirit. You only have to remember who you are.

I tell you now that there are angels who walk upon the earth, some in spirit, some in physical body. You will know them by their works, by their gentleness, by their love and by their non-judgement. They live to serve and they are all around you. They give you their love and their healing and ask only love and healing in return. In this is a mystery many do not yet understand, but you will. For though you live a thousand lifetimes upon the earth, you cannot understand until you embrace the love of your creator in the temple of your heart and then share that love with all whom you meet.

You have known me and my brother and sister masters by many names, but the names do not matter. What matters is we are with you and will not abandon you. Meet us then in the one true temple of the heart. Remember who you are for it is written even in the texts and words of physical humanity… “Ye are gods.”


In these words, is but a reflection of all truth. Truth is infinite, life is infinite, the masters are infinite and cannot be contained solely in the material expressions of material earth. Their names are infinite but all can be known in the temple of the heart and soul.

Love and light inspire you always.

Brother Dave (Eaglechild)