A few thoughts on Channels and Channeling

Good day again my dear brothers and sisters of earth, planetary and the spiritual realms.  It brings me joy to again share with all, my simple thoughts on certain matters.   I expect none to agree but hope that in some manner all may be inspired to think beyond their current boundaries.

We see large amounts of information coming forth at this time regarding the expectations for the year 2012.   This information comes from many sources and with many expressions.  A large portion comes from spiritual channels that represents various non-physical or extraterrestrial entities or groups.

Whether you know it or not, most people are capable of channeling to some degree.  We find this often among creative souls who are not bound to strict structures of belief or expression who in their creative work be it writing, music, painting, etc, may channel information that comes from beyond their own selves.  They may or may not be aware of this process.

Throughout the ages, various spiritually oriented individuals have also channeled information, often referred to as oracles, sages, magi, etc they were frequent counselors to individuals of power, such as governmental leaders, and/or any individual with the means to seek their counsel.

But we must also acknowledge the existence of “fakers” those who merely possess exceptional ability to recognize people’s problems and to present information that the person may believe to be from beyond or from a spiritual or other psychic source.  These individuals may or may not have an actual connection to an alternate perception or wisdom, but their focus was more on “profit” then on truth and this will affect their message.

In essence anyone can be a channel, if they wish, but there are considerations.  The conscious mind can influence any information received from a channel in both the content and the wording used in expression.  Most channels are predominantly conscious channels.  That means that they are aware of and interact with and may even interpret the information channeled.   Some are partial awareness channels in that they are aware, but to a lessor degree and their conscious mind tends to be an observer rather than a participant.   Finally there are the unconscious channels where the information source be it superconscious (soul) or an external entity does not matter as the channel has no memory of the channeling and no conscious interaction.  Their information source is more related to their ability to express higher forms of consciousness.

The famous Edgar Cayce is an example of an unconscious channel and with more than 14,000 channelings or readings he was known for his incredible degree of accuracy in most areas, but even with Edgar Cayce there were a few instances where a somewhat negative entity appeared to come through and this entity (I don’t remember the name) was responsible for most of the “Earth Change” prophecies from Cayce which have since proven to be false or distorted.   It is these prophecies that while containing a bit of truth, also were among the most inaccurate in terms of time frames and factually stated happenings.   They were also among the most negative overall in tone and the most fear producing changelings.   Most of Cayce’s work came from unspecified divine connections and were very specific to individuals or situations.   He personally had always sought to help people so his underlying desire was also pure.  Even those readings not specifically for individuals or that were information given adjunct to a personal reading, were predominantly messages of hope or how we could create  our own personal connections to God through prayer, meditation, and dreams.    The A.R.E which carries on the work of Edgar Cayce, does have a page on their website where they briefly talk about 2012.   Cayce never specifically mentioned 2012 or the Mayan Calendar or other similar sources but he did speak often of a “New Age” and a time of greater spirituality, expanded consciousness, and understanding, a time when humanity cares more about each other, a time when humanity is more aware than ever before, not only of our world but of the universe in general.  A time when we are all able to more directly to God, to divine spiritual awareness.    He also spoke a lot about the “healing of humanity” physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as being part of this new age.

Today we find what seems to be an ever-increasing abundance of “Channels” coming forth with all sorts of information both general and specific.   I myself have channeled at times. It is prudent however to understand the nature of channeling and both benefits and the pitfalls.   As humanity awakens and our consciousness expands, our ability to receive information from sources other than material communications also increases.  This has been done for thousands of years by a few gifted individuals but we are moving more and more to the point in our growth where this will be commonplace among all humanity.   As we remember our true spiritual selves, we strengthen our connection to all aspects of the divine including the angels, spirit guides, and even extraterrestrial families.  (I will talk more about ET’s another time perhaps).    However if our consciousness remains mired in 3D awareness which focuses on time, space, absolutes, opposites and senses, and if we maintain a sense of absolutes and opposites, the information we receive will be limited by the very limitations we place on our consciousness awareness.   Distorted by bias, fear, and insistence on absolutes and opposites are contrary to the true nature of the universe and our spiritual beings and will affect our understanding of the divine information we receive regardless of source.    Likewise channels who also exhibit large amounts of fear, anger and senses of retribution in their personal or conscious lives may also carry this over to the information they channel.

We need only look at human history, where well meaning individuals have often placed their limited interpretations on the teachings of the masters and as such formed religions based upon fear, dictates of control and limitation.   In many ways these individuals were inspired either directly or indirectly but their insistence on phrasing things in terms of absolutes (good and evil, light and dark) and fear (damnation if you don’t believe as they say) has been the failing of humanity for too long.   These are false perceptions that we must all move beyond.

When dealing with channels, it is important to understand that in the greater universal and divine scheme of things, there are no absolutes (light and dark, good and evil, right and wrong, etc.)  rather there are merely greater and lessor expressions of light, love, and balanced being.  No opposites, just varying degrees of expression.   For instance, hatred is not the opposite of love, it is merely limits or expressions placed upon love which is by its own essence, infinite.

So to it is with channeling.   To know the truth, one must be willing to embrace all the truth, not just the convenient truth,  the comfortable truth, the religious truth or the truth that gives you a sense of superiority over others.    Spiritually, we are all equal, all of the time and it is only our choices that separate us or more correctly create the illusion of separation.

So in reading channeled writings of any kind, always keep in mind that information can be distorted or limited by the channel.  It does not mean all the information is incorrect but only limited in perspective.  Likewise, sometimes the source may not be of a pure, unlimited form, (i.e mental constructs or powerful souls/minds self limited by addictions to power, control, etc.)

All divine truth exists without opposites or absolutes.  Even time as we see it in 3D is in reality a fluid, ever-changing experience, multi-aspected, multi-dimensional without limits.   When reading, studying or channeling yourself, evaluate the material based upon its true essence not the expression of the words.    If it instills fear, anger or stress then it likely has been filtered through a consciousness whose state is in fear or anger or stress.  If it instills hope, love and inspires in a positive way then it comes from a consciousness that is based in positive hope and love.   If it inspires you to take action to change life for the better and to grow in consciousness without limitations then it serves a positive purpose.

Remember always that as children of the creator we are in truth unlimited.  We are free to make choices and no person or group or situation can impose their will upon us unless we let them.  We are children of the divine and we all have the ability to connect directly to our creator, to commune directly if we choose it.   We may also commune with others throughout the universe, the ascended masters, the angels, the great spiritual teachers even our families that have passed beyond the material experience.  We all existed before this world was formed, and we will exist long after our presence in this world.

We all have that innate ability to communicate beyond words and the only thing we have to ask, to measure,  is if the communications we receive are light filled, loving and unlimited in possibilities.   If we experience fear, consternation, judgement or dread, then that comes not from the source but from our own self-imposed limitations on awareness, from limitations imposed by the channel or from an “unclear” source.    All you need to do is to let go of the limitations, the judgements, the sense of opposites and absolutes, and then you can see truly with your spiritual eye and evaluate clearly with your spiritual heart-mind.

Remember there are no limitations except those which you (we) create.

In love, light and hope,  know that you are now more than you perceive in the 3D world.  And never fear for your heart, mind and spirit are growing, opening up every day to the infinite possibilities.   You are a child of the universe.  Perfect in every way.   You only need to remember who you truly are.  Your journey is a journey of remembering, and your choices are what enable you to progress or that which hold you back.   The choice is always yours.  Embrace those communications that inspire you to personal and spiritual greatness and set aside any communication that triggers feelings of fear, retribution or anger.   You can acknowledge even harsh truths without anger or fear.

Love and light always be with you in body, heart, mind and soul.

Brother Dave. (Eaglechild)