Times of Change

Good day my dearest brothers and sisters in spirit.   It is a good day.  All days should be and can be good days when your heart is open.

Humanity finds itself in a most challenging time.  A time of change, a time of illusions, a time of lies, a time disappointments and yet a time of hope, a time of dreams, a time of promise, but it is a necessary time that we might awaken and cast off the chains of material heaviness that have bound us for so long and ascend to our next level of growth.  Let me be clear from the beginning though, Ascension is not just an event, it is a process, a process that has been ongoing for thousands of years.   There are milestones in this process that are significant and we are approaching one of those milestones, but the process is continual, it does not end, even as we move on to the next level of our awareness and being, we don’t stop, immediately we begin moving towards the level or more correctly perception that is beyond that.

This does not mean we all stop being material, though some souls may choose to go to still higher non-physical vibrational levels but it means that the we will rise above many of the falsely perceived ideas of limitation and control.  It is always your choice  The consciousness of dualities, of limitations no longer holds sway over us.    It means ascension into the next level of our freedom a level where spirit and materiality merge in a greater harmony.  A place where money and power in the hands of a few can no longer control or hold sway over us, were prosperity is a frame of mind and nurturing of each other a natural state of being.   A place of freedom and where love is a reality, not a word but an active energy.  How far you ascend is up to you.  It is always your choice for freedom of choice is your greatest gift from the creative source, the great spirit, the great mother/father, or whatever symbolic name you choose to use, but that from which all life, consciousness, awareness springs endlessly.

When looking at the current world around us, you may see an overwhelming heaviness in the threat of war, of world contamination, of power struggles as the extreme and imbalanced wealthy seek more and more control over your life.   It may seem easy to feel overwhelmed by all the negativity, threats of war and more that are going on at this time.  The Political maneuverings, the constant greed of a few, the corporate struggles, the bank and financial issues.   These may continue for a little longer but there is also something you may not see clearly that is going on.   Humanity as a whole is becoming more aware and is starting to stand up against the power and control that a few exercise over their lives.  They are standing against the injustices political, financial, governmental and they are standing for a change.   Each day more souls awaken to their true nature and power and refuse to be dominated by a few lower vibrational minds.

Much of what you see today are the final struggles of those souls who have for so long controlled and manipulated the rest of humanity for so long, and they are losing their power.  They are desperate for you see, they are fearful, more fearful even then what you are feeling.  More uncertain, for all their power and control mechanisms are failing and suddenly people are awakening and challenging them in so many ways and from so many directions.   Do not be deceived by their outward demeanor, they are very, very afraid, because their traditional mechanisms of power and control are being challenged and even the very things they valued are losing their value.   These more materialistic oriented souls, while slow to awaken, are finding the very things they thought allowed them control over others are in fact controlling them.    They are realizing they are slaves to their ambitions rather then masters.   And they are very afraid.  So they are engaged in last ditch efforts to regain their perception of traditional control.  Unfortunately they will fail.   Worry not about this for their illusions are crumbling faster then they can rebuild them.

I tell you truthfully that there are greater forces at work in the universe.  Forces of love, hope, compassion and healing.  Forces that have labored for millennia, just for this time, this day when earth humanity will be set free from its concepts of limitation.

Beware the naysayers and the fear mongers.   Do not get caught up in their blindness but realize that they too are fearful, for they find it difficult to embrace hope and change.   False prophets of hope and doom abound,  but you will know them simply by their ways.  They either predict more doom and destruction or they predict a hope that is based upon some unnamed savior saving them from themselves.   My brothers and sisters, the masters have come and gone always seeking to awaken you.  They are here now, in spirit with you, but it is we who must take the steps up to join with them. They cannot save us from ourselves, only we can do that.    But they will lend a helping hand.   In the end though the choice must be yours.

Remember that the only true law is Love, give it and receive it.  The only true abundance is Love, give it and receive it.  The only true hope is Love, give it and receive it.  For whatever you give you will receive back in abundance.   That is the law of the universe.

In these times of challenge, rather then clinging to darkness and fear, shine forth the spiritual light that is within you.  Shine it to all, even those who have caused you harm. Forgive and give in return your infinite love.   And receive it back.   Shine forth your love into the universe, for your creator loves you and wishes to receive your love in return.  Yes dear brothers and sisters, God the creator is not a god of fear and judgement as has been taught but a God of love and forgiveness.   Know this, feel this and never doubt it again.   It is not God who will save you but you who will save yourselves in the way that the masters have taught you.  You see, they never came to save you but to show you the way.  They became like you and in remembering their connection to their creator and the universe, while like you, showed you the way.   By embracing their love, compassion and hope and shining it forth into all your world, you will create your own salvation and find your selves lifted up.

Your sojourn did not begin in this world, nor does it end in this world.   Gaia has graciously hosted us for a very long time but even Gaia must ascend.   Know this, you are children of the universe, and the whole of creation is your home.  This world/dimension is just a temporary residence.   What awaits us is all of infinity, a constant journey that never ends but grows in brilliance as we grow. Embrace these times of change for they are just one step in a great many steps of our being.  They can be difficult if you choose them to be or they can be glorious freedom if you choose that to be.

I will tell you truthfully, in my dreams I still remember a time/place/awareness before this world.  I remember soaring the universe as a brilliant light and I remember so many of you soaring with me.   I remember a love infinite, a freedom without limitations, a love eternal and the brilliant lights of your souls, and so much more…

Today is a good day, a glorious day because it is this moment in which we live.  What you decide now, in this instant is what you will create in the next instant, and so on and so on, and so on….

There are dark minds that seek to enslave you, but the truth is they can do so only if you embrace their fear, the fear that controls and limits them as well.   Embrace instead your true being, your goodness, your light, your infinite being and they can have no control over you. We all stopped in this place for a time, each for reasons of our own choosing.   But it is time to move to another place, another awareness and we move with Gaia, who has nurtured us for so long.   When you lift yourself out of fear, we are all lifted out of fear.

You are an infinite child of the universe, remember, remember, remember…. it is time to remember, time to love, time to be who you truly are.  There are no longer any chains to bind you but the chains that you have yourself created, and with a single thought you can be free of even them.

– Brother Dave (Eaglechild)

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