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channelled through Frank H. Scheffler dated June 21, 2012
Original german source

Greetings to you Dearest Siblings of the Stars !

Today we are sharing with you the Day of June-Solstice which will mark the History of Mankind for its two milestones :

The first one is for the ultimatum running out, set to the Cabal to finally close down the battle against mankind and all its entailing scheming which has endured for the past 13 thousands of years.

The 2nd milestone is the June-Solstice ( the Solstice of Summer within the Northern Hemisphere of Gaia) enabling the synchronization of the 26.000 Year-Cycle to the Central Galaxy.It also marks the huge wave of energy which has flown through the Central Sun Alcyone to the Sun of your Universe. The huge wave of energy will carry to you another further wave of high energy tomorrow.

We know from our channel-medium – that his body-system was over flooded by the first huge wave with magnificent energies and that these adjustments are still in procession until today.This will lead to feelings of fatigue, dullness, irritations of the body, pains in joints and head with one or another human being.

Here we ‘d like to quote some excerpts from the Book : “The Keys of Enoch” describing this procedure on the cellular level:

Key 306: Passage 2:
The Greater Intelligence – by measuring the interchanging emanations of light within the body of the Over-Self – may ascertain the exact chemical ignition of all living impulses in correspondence to each other. This enables the retransmission of new physical bodies founded on this Code of archetypes.

Passage: 3
In other words: On Ascension Day there will be a conjunct of the physical embodiment of the OverSelf and that of the Light Body in order to receive the encoding for the next following level of Soul Growth which will be founded on the harmonious convergence of the Over Self-Body within all of its molecular embodiments.

Passage 5:
We have to comprehend that each molecular shape within the human body and each molecular form of movement constructing the human thought will lead to some radiation of light. This code of light-radiation does not pass away but continues to exist in form of a unique spectrum of light which brings forth the entire harmony of light. This again will be pulsated into the restoration of life itself, into its own very reprogramming and the reassembly of its meta-material information.

Passage: 7
Thus each molecule within the body produces permanently impulses of light which build up a certain structure of light-codes beyond all physical relativity. This structural code is necessary in order to create the next programming for each evolution of consciousness.

Passage 8:
Each and every biochemical molecule has to radiate and pulsate again and again while the physical body is being pulsated in new envelopes of light.

Passage 9:
The light envelope of ours does the programming of all our light-powers into the human DNS/RNS.  However each light-envelope has been provided with that energy necessary for any progression into other cycles of creation. You will notice from these records how important this your bodily procedure of activation is. You are beings of light and at present you are about to reproduce this state again in your bodies as it had been there all the time.

On Gaia you are such limited human beings you have never even considered these options since you had forsaken your responsibility by submitting it to other entities. The Ascended Masters know all about this kind of ascension since they were able to reach their state of internalization which made it possible to journey into other leveled realms.

It is a pity that by all the increasing technology on your planet you have been deprived of this spiritual kind of journey into other dimensional realms. There were too many radiations during the last decades which have kept you away from waking up.

Still it is this infinitely paramount cycle of energy of Mother Gaia which qualifies you to go forth on this degree of illumination and prepare yourselves for the next historic graduation of Human Mankind.

You all are truly beings of light!  You all are about to hand on the manifestation of the energies of creation. And this all you will do by your infinite work of spreading the light.

This is why all these heralds of light are focussed on Gaia at present – also to substitute the missing cord in order to rebalance the constants of oscillation which have created such an imbalance in the universe.

We are sending you our love and peace which this universe so much longs for and wishes.

So be it.

Selamat Herak Sirius

Greetings from Sirius
Presentation of Frank H. Scheffler

Herak and I

Almost 20 years ago I experienced my awakening and since then I have been practising daily Kundalini-Yoga and go also into meditation .As I am feeling strongly connected and pledged to our Great Mother Gaia Iutterly want to be of service to her so that she may be cured and may ascend into 5th dimension. When I got the first messages in May 2011 and queried whom I was incontact with I obtained the response that it was Herak from Sirius who wanted to connect closely with me for a fruitful and mutual co-operation.

He told me that for about 30 years he has been in service within the solar system orbiting around earth. At present he is localized on a big spaceship in the sphere of the “ringplanet Saturn”. With his messages it is his intention to effect more understanding and clear knowledge for us lightworkers and all other humans which have not yet awakened to the light.

As we both have alike wishes deep in our hearts I feel greatly honoured totransfer all these sometimes very precise messages on behalf of the Galactic Federation to Gaia and all her human beings and thus serve to make the ascension a smooth and gentle one during this time of change. Our most prescious response to the whole universe at present is our Love deep in our hearts as we all are firmly connected with All There Is. We Are One.

Frank Scheffler


Translation by ContraMary

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